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Raise a glass to all the MGTOWs owning themselves with this Leonardo DiCaprio meme

MGTOWs love making memes with this famous photo of Leonardo DiCaprio, sporting a slightly smug smile, raising a glass of champagne to toast, well, whatever it was he was toasting. In this picture, Leo seems to represent their platonic ideal of the MGTOW attitude, exuding the self-confidence they wish they had.

So they love to pretend that Leo is speaking for them.

You get the idea.

There’s just one little problem with the MGTOW appropriation of this meme: this is a still from the most recent film version of The Great Gatsby, in which Leo played none other than Jay Gatsby.

I can only assume that the MGTOWs using this meme never read the book or saw the film(s), because Jay Gatsby isn’t exactly a man going his own way in any sense of the term; he’s a man brought low by his obsession with a woman who just happens to be married to another dude. I’m hesitant to divulge any big spoilers, but at the end of the book, let’s just say he isn’t in a position to toast anyone or anything.

Or maybe this isn’t a self-own after all. Gatsby is consumed by his obsession with one woman; MGTOWs, for all their talk of going their own way, are consumed by their obsession with women in general.

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8 days ago

Although Jonatan’s comments are not very coherent, I find it interesting that he, like others of his ilk, switch to juvenile name calling and abuse IN AN INSTANT as if that is a winning strategy.
Future abusive commenters: save your breath. We don’t do abusive name calling here, so you are just immediately showing yourselves to be the equivalent of shit-throwing monkeys at the zoo. Sure, shit throwing gets people to back off, but it doesn’t help you to get out of your cage.

8 days ago

It’s because that’s all they know how to do. They’re unable to tread water when it comes to reality, because reality is a left wing/feminist/Jewish/whatever conspiracy against cishet white men. /s

Last edited 8 days ago by Naglfar
8 days ago

As if reality wasn’t enough to test their survival skills, they have to add so many mean spirited overlays that make their own lives worse…