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David Gets a Root Canal Open Thread

I feel like this cat looks

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday; some dude was doing unspeakable things to one of my teeth, although to be fair the tooth deserved it. The tooth is recovering, as is the rest of me.

But hey we were overdue for another open thread anyway, so here you go.


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1 year ago


Thanks. The main limitation with handwashing, of course, is that once you’re connected you can’t exactly get up to wash until the exchange is finished.

Homemade masks should be viable for PD as well, since the main function is to keep us from breathing on the sterile connections during the few seconds that they are open at the beginning and end of an exchange.

1 year ago

In thoses bleak time, we sometime see covid-related news that are so ridiculously over the top that it’s almost comical :

Short answer : 7 men in their forties wanted to fly in France with their 3 (presumably) escort girls (~20 year each) despite the lockdown. The french police nodded and said “mmh, how about NOPE NOPE NOPE ?”

1 year ago

Thanks, Ohlmann.

And now I just heard some neonazi-related news that’s ridiculously over the top. Unfortunately, the source is paywalled and in Estonian:

It’s about the international online neonazi group named Feuerkrieg Division, founded in October 2018:


Since then, several members in US and Europe have been arrested for plotting bomb attacks. The members of the group are mostly anonymous to each other. The group’s founder, known as Commander and thought to be Estonian, disappeared online this January. He was a respected member, though not properly a leader, since the group does not have one.

Now, Estonian authorities have confirmed that “Commander” was indeed caught in January. He is also reported to be under 14, which is why they don’t disclose his name or exact age. In October 2018, he must have been 12 at most.

In Estonia, someone under 14 cannot be criminally prosecuted. This kid has reportedly been “taken care of”, which I presume means child protection intervention.

1 year ago

I heard about that one. That’s pretty terrifying.

That being said, it’s still good that he isn’t thrown in prison outright. While he probably is more mature than usual to be able to do something like that at 12-14, I prefer to think there’s hope for people young enough.