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MRAs remain laser-focused on the truly important issues of the day like “how ridiculously easy women have it”

Typical woman enjoying herself at a man’s expense

By David Futrelle

While most Americans fritter away their time worrying about trivial nonsense like the coronavirus and climate change and the ongoing threat the Trump administration poses to democracy in America, it’s good to know that Men’s Rights activists continue to confront the issues that really matter, like for example “how ridiculously easy women have it.”

Yesterday a stalwart MRA called TC1827 posted a statement on this important topic in the Men’s Rights subreddit.

It just drives me nuts how ridiculously easy women have itSocial Issues (self.MensRights)

submitted 23 hours ago by TC1827

And unlike other issues, there is no real movement fighting it. No progress is being made. Because most people are blind to it and somehow think that it is the reverse.

Women really are the ones who get to enjoy life. They want sex, go online. They want money, sell some pics. They want a kid, knock someone up or visit a sperm bank. They want love, relatively easy to find. They get a stronger friend circle, get held to lower standards, and just get a lot more in life than what they put in.

Women are the privilieged class; men are the subjugated 2nd class citizens. And this discrepancy drives me nuts because there is no solution. Even if men revolt, the biological women are wonderful effect will make women dominant again after a century or so

As John Mulaney might say,

now we don't have time to unpack all of that

But I do have a few questions. Like, who are these women who can have endless, instant great sex with anyone they want? Sure, women get more come-ons than men on social media, but, dudes, have you seen the crude, abusive and just plain creepy shit these would be lotharios are sending women? I mean, at this point, straight and bi men should be thrilled that any women are still willing to date men at all.

As for the pics? Hey, fellas, nothing’s stopping you from selling your pics online. There are probably a few potential customers out there who have some sort of fetish for weird angry dudes who post on Reddit.

Also, I want to meet these cis women who go around “knocking up” dudes.

Naturally, TC1827’s little manifesto inspired other MRAs to set forth their own complaints about the evil gynocracy we all apparently live within.

RagingHardBull offered his thoughts on “women be shopping.”

Go to a shopping mall and look around. 85% of the products will be made specifically for women. Women earn less, work less, but consume more. Every woman is an aristocrat living off the production of a man who is getting a bad deal. That’s the fact.

DubsPAckage, meanwhile, offered an extremely limited defense of women, sort of.

No question about it, western society has way overshot the mark in providing luxurious lifestyles for women at the expense of men.

But I still don’t think women necessarily have it “easy” like, even billionaires have problems, they just have different problems.

Women have “woman problems.” Like “oh no some ugly guy tried to talk to me, my whole day is ruined.”

They still have problems but it’s spoiled brat problems, first-world problems, “the capuccino machine is jammed” problems.

Meanwhile all of society is engineered to serve women’s needs, women’s consumption, women’s expectations, and so forth, while they sell bathwater and take selfies of their ass for followers.

And men like a bunch of thirsty simps, trip all over each other trying to be a better provider to m’lady so he can get a whiff of her gash.

It’s obscene.

He continued on, ranting about the alleged decadence of the west, and wondering out loud why men don’t just go around murdering people.

I’m actually a bit surprised that the west hasn’t already imploded already like a pack of screaming bonobos, I’m surprised that people aren’t randomly getting axe-murdered in the streets.

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

The last line is a quote from H.L. Mencken. It’s from an essay on poetry. He wasn’t actually recommending this course of action.

MRAs are such excitable lads, aren’t they?

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

@ Kevin

‘simp’ was also used in a science fiction context around that time by at least one writer

Arthur C Clarke has superchimps (‘simps’) in Meeting with Medusa.

They’re on the airship that crashes in the beginning.

1 year ago

@ Alan

Thanks for the heads-up, I appreciate it.

1 year ago

“85% of the products will be made specifically for women. Women earn less, work less, but consume more.”

It’s like, this dude is so close to understanding that women pay what’s often referred to as the pink tax and then he goes completely off in the wrong direction, assuming that that’s somehow a privilege for women to have to pay more for products and get paid less.

It’s just. SO CLOSE.

Lumipuna (nee Arctic Ape)
Lumipuna (nee Arctic Ape)
1 year ago

superchimps (‘simps’)

The word “simp” just makes me think regular chimpanzees (Finnish “simpanssi”)

I’ve heard of the scifi trope “creating highly intelligent chimpanzees to be used as slaves”. I thought it was an odd idea, considering that humans already exist.

1 year ago

@ Lumipuna

I think the ‘superchimp/slave’ concept arose at a time when most people in developed countries believed human slavery to be a thing of the past, or an institution on its last legs. (Late 1970’s, early 1980’s I seem to remember, when genetic engineering was known to be just around the corner.)

FWIW ‘chimpanzee’ looks like a loanword whose spelling has been adapted to Finnish phonemes. ‘Simpanssi’ and your reaction to ‘simp’ has also reminded me that how the languages we speak can even influence the way we think. I’d certainly welcome your view on this as the only other Finnish vocabulary I have is a swear word that I prefer not to utter here.

1 year ago

Easy? For real!? What part is easy? There’s a massive protest going on in my country because of how many girls and women are showing up murdered by the men in their lives. They threw tear gas at us. They threatened to throw acid! I carried effing baking soda in my backpack so I could make sure my friends were okay! Friends have been raped and terrorized by their significant others. Friends have lost the women in their lives… but we have it EASY!?

And the ironic thing is that I am one of the lucky ones. I’m ridiculously priviliged. I’ve never been raped, just had my genitals touched in public transportation. I’ve never been hit or had to flee my home or been knocked up against my will. I just have panic attacks and anxiety and massive guilt after finding out how close I was to a rapist. I have it so easy compared to so many of the wonderful women in my life…

But I know I’m one of the few. This is not normal. This is not easy… what the hell!?

1 year ago

I think the ‘superchimp/slave’ concept arose at a time when most people in developed countries believed human slavery to be a thing of the past, or an institution on its last legs. (Late 1970’s, early 1980’s I seem to remember, when genetic engineering was known to be just around the corner.)

IDK, maybe the point was always to satirize the idea that non-human animals are automatically less deserving of rights, even if they are functionally equivalent to humans? (compare to historical attitudes about non-European humans)

Aside from ethics (and likely beside the point), considering the actual chimpanzee biology, I think intelligent chimp slaves would be likely highly unmanageable (or at least not easier than humans) and generally not very well suited for labor.

1 year ago

During the early 20th century some experiments were done with chimpanzee slaves and that was basically the result. Chimpanzees are not good at being slaves for any practical tasks.