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Women cut their hair short for Facebook likes from other women who secretly think they look ugly, Red Pill doofus explains

Famous woman that everyone thinks is very unattractive, apparently

By David Futrelle

“Red Pill” dudes are forever baffled by women with short hair. Since these dudes consider short hair on women inherently unattractive — I guess it’s not traditionally feminine enough for their tastes? — they don’t believe anyone could ever prefer short hair over long hair on women, and can’t understand why any women other than man-haters, lazy moms or grannies would ever sport a short do.

One befuddled and somewhat angry Red Pill dude went to the Ask The Red Pill subreddit to get an answer to this strange puzzler from those best equipped to speak the truth on this matter — other befuddled and somewhat angry Red Pill dudes like himself.

“So, why do women cut their hair short?” rubenbrasilIs wondered.

Is it rooted in feminism? Are they falling for Buzzfeed articles about how women feel strong when they finally cut their hair? That they dont need the approval of men?

Apparently no woman ever cut her hair short before Buzzfeed.

Why would they purposely lower their SMV [Sexual Marketplace Value]? How is that ’empowering?’ That sounds like some hamster shit. Do they think theyre a special snowflake 1 in 1 million who can actually rock the short cut? I always see pictures of girls with short hair and they always look sad that they cut their hair. Sad that theyre not desired by higher SMV men.

Yes, that’s right. Every single woman with short hair literally spends every second of her day moping about how her short haircut has ruined her chances with the kind of dudes who give number ratings to every person’s Sexual Marketplace Value.

I really believe people do things that they perceive would benefit them. I dont see why someone would lower their SMV on purpose, especially women. I have never met 1 woman who has cut their hair short and didnt regret it.

Er, how many women have you met?

Exception: Theres some girls who cut their hair because its damaged from straightening it and dying it and they want to restart – I GET THAT. So Im not talking about this type. Its a rough 1 or 2 year journey for them – you can see it in their face. But once they look and feel feminine again they are happy again.

Yes, every woman who cuts her hair short spends every moment feeling miserable until her hair is long again.

Men need to feel masculine to hit their happy potential, women need to feel feminine. We understand this polarity and this is deeply rooted in why TRP is successful.

Yes, your theory is perfect. That’s why you guys spend so much of your time getting mad about people who don’t fit your theories and assuming they’re all secretly miserable and that you can see it in their eyes.

A Red Pill Redditor called RedSkeller (say that three times fast!) gave  rubenbrasilIs the answer he wanted. And it had to do with Facebook likes. From women who don’t like competition in the Sexual Marketplace.

“As a man with a couple ex’s who cut it, and were nexted because of it, they do it for validation,” RedSkeller explained.

Every time a woman cuts her hair and then posts it on Facespace, she’ll get hundreds of likes, women mostly telling her how ‘brave’, ‘courageous’ and ‘elegant’ she looks.

Oh, but these sneaky ladies don’t actually think their short-haired ladyfriends look good. Because how could they, when Red Pillers know that short-hair on women is objectively ugly?

Meanwhile the women who liked and commented would never do such a thing because they realize it is apart of their SMV and are congratulating the woman for essentially stepping down her SMV and creating less competition.

Those dirty little sneaks!

Not to mention women who cut their hair short are impulsive, attention seeking or downright in bad taste. It doesn’t look good compared to a woman with long hair, plain and simple. They either look like a mom, makes their face look fat or both. It’s a drop in SMV for no reason other than attention.

And this is how the Red Pillers defend their absurd theories against evidence that throws them into doubt — by coming up with even more absurd reasons why the evidence isn’t evidence after all.

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Katy Preen
1 year ago

I once went to a hairdresser who refused to cut my hair as short as I wanted it in case it “upset my boyfriend”. I’ve now found a hairdresser that’s not afraid to get the clippers out and doesn’t give a shit about patriarchal norms.

I’m wondering why these peculiar chaps spend so much time analysing women they’re not attracted to. I’m sure they could find a better use for their effort.

dazed and confused
dazed and confused
1 year ago

I wear my messy easy tangled hair in a behive it is the easiest and quickest thing to do with it (its volumus not to need back combing)

but what about the men who lower there smv by cutting their hair it is very difficult to find hot long haird guys in my small town 🙁

tim gueguen
1 year ago

I wonder how these guys would react if they found themselves in a culture where men are expected to have long hair of one sort or another, like pre 20th Century China.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

They wouldn’t do well in the vampire community.

comment image

1 year ago


Another piece of Red Pillock (thanks!) jargon that apparently came and went without my noticing (like “spangler”). What does or did it mean? (For the matter of that, what’s a spangler when it’s at home?)

Well, the hamster’s already been explained upthread, but I’m not so sure about what a “spangler” is. I’m assuming it’s not some kind of bedazzler-type hobby gun for decorating clothing and the like. I’m going to go ahead and guess it’s some kind of nerd, just not these nerds’ particular type of nerd.

Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit
1 year ago

@tim gueguen

Seriously. How would they survive in the 17th century? Louis XIV and Charles II were both complete and utter Chads, and wore wigs going doing to their nipples. Not to mention Louis’ red high heels.

Oh. Wait. They’d think Louis and Charles were wimps, and go for Peter the Great, who was alpha enough to forgo the wig and beat his own wimp son to death. There we go.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

@ rabid rabbit

Not to mention Louis’ red high heels.

Well at least he bought his, and didn’t just drop a house on a witch and steal theirs.

epitome of incomprehensibility

@Nequam – Oh, that makes some sense. It reminds me of the ghost character in Awkwafina’s “Green Tea” video, who’s maybe a parody of Samara from The Ring and haunts Awkwafina when she’s in a car and on the toilet.

As for haircuts and sexuality, I’ve had both of the so-called bisexual haircuts before I knew them as such: a regular bob with bangs and a diagonal asymmetrical cut. The second one has a story behind it: in 2013, as part of a Montreal festival called Nuit Blanche, a hair salon was offering free haircuts. The catch? They could do whatever they wanted with your hair, and it was sort of a show. I was surprised to be picked, but I went for it, sat down, and promptly had a cardboard divider put over my head. Two hair stylists worked on each side, neither seeing what the other was doing. Then they took off the divider and evened out the results. (I wrote more about the experience here.)

That was fun, but the cut was a bit expensive/time-consuming for me to maintain, so I’m back to long hair in a ponytail.

People in my immediate family sort of frown when I talk about getting my hair cut short again, but I don’t know if they think it looks better long or if they (parents in particular) are hoping that I’ll be more conventionally feminine and somehow less gay if I keep my hair long. (Which is weird, because I remember thinking when I was 12-13 that I was attracted to girls because I was too feminine, and that this was a problem.)

Anyway, for me the calculations are cost/bother of getting a haircut vs. money spent on shampoo. SMV ain’t a big factor (the liberal snowflake hamstered, foidally) 😛

1 year ago

Last month I had my boob-length hair cut to almost shoulder-length for my 5th donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. The program is ending in December and it’s the only one that requires less than 10 inches of hair (at my age I can’t comfortably grow my hair that long anymore), so this will be my last one for the foreseeable future. I was expecting that what was left would leave me looking like Diane Nguyen from when she was Blarn the barista. In fact, I was kind of excited for it since I never had my hair that before! But it turned out there was more left than that, and the hairdresser seemed uncomfortable with going shorter. So now I’m enjoying the decrease in weight, but now unsure whether I want to grow it long enough to tie back again (I find myself missing that) or go to another salon and get that Blarn cut.

Either way, Sexual Market Value by manosphere bone-o-meter didn’t even factor into the equation. In fact, if there’s anyone I’m trying to be attractive for, it’s my girlfriend 😉 . Yes, I have a girlfriend now! And she has short hair that her sister says makes her look like Poussey Washington, and that I find hella attractive.

1 year ago

Like reggie, the neighbour’s cat, I find long hair to be much less trouble. My hair is thick, coarse, and wavy; having a short style means lots of gadgets, heat, and styling product to wrestle it into shape. Plus, I have to get it cut every month. I do wear it up most of the time, though, either in a high messy bun or a twist held by a big barrette. Also? I have a long face and when I wear my hair down, it’s not even flattering!

1 year ago

What’s funny is that when I think of women with long hair, it’s inevitably the Kim Davis, fundie-evangelical types. Their hairstyles, whilst long, are really a lack thereof. I’m not familiar with why they are sporting the long hair, but it always, always, looks very plain – which might be the intent? I wouldn’t call those hairstyles as adding to a woman’s “SMV”. They’re not flattering styles to most women (or men), which is why you don’t see actresses wearing their hair down to their bums. Most women aren’t wearing their hair much past elbow length, from what I see. I frequently see women with short hair, and it looks great on them. For what my beta cuck opinion is worth, Keeley Hawes, Gillian Anderson and Keira Knightley are women that I feel look *worse* with longer hair.

Full Metal Ox
1 year ago

I see your flappers and raise you this 1864 portrayal of a short-haired heroine; presenting Cigarette from the proto-Foreign Legion adventure Under Two Flags by Ouida, neé Marie Louise de la Ramée:

She would eat a succulent duck, thinking it all the spicier because it had been a soldier’s ‘loot’; she would wear the gold plunder off dead Arab’s dress, and never have a pang of conscience with it; she would dance all night long, if the had a chance, like a little Bacchante; she would shoot a man, if need be, with all the nonchalance in the world. She had had a thousand lovers, from handsome Marquises of the Guides to tawny black-browned scoundrels in the Zouaves, and she had never loved anything, except for the roll of the pas de charge, and the sight of her own arch defiant face with its scarlet lips and its short, jetty hair, when she saw it by chance in some burnished cuirass, that served her for a mirror. She was more like a handsome saucy boy than anything else under the sun, and yet there was that in the pretty, impudent Friend of the Flag that was feminine with it all – generous and graceful amidst all her boldness, and her licence, her revelries, and the unsettled life she lead in the barracks and the camps, under the shadow of the eagles.

(Of course, given the period, an androgynous and possibly mixed-race Action Girl who smokes. drinks, has casual sex, and gives no fucks is narratively doomed; she winds up taking a bullet for the hero, who then proceeds to marry the demure, virginal, and conventionally-feminine Lady Venetia.)

1 year ago

This hair length obsession is so weird, because even IF (big if) you’re super concerned with being attractive to lots of popular ”Chads”, it’s not like men outside the manosphere tend to have a problem with short hair.
I alternate between long and short. I’ve had short for a while when I was swinging single in my youth, and that did not seem to ”lower my SMV” as far as I can tell.

1 year ago


I never understand people (usually men) who think there’s one kind of hairstyle that is attractive

Ditto. More than that, I don’t understand people that hate on hair length or colour as a dividing line between “attractive” and “not attractive.” It’s as if these people have internalized all their stereotypes about the “ess jay dubble-yew” (short dyed hair, hipster glasses, tattoos, yelling) and internalized them so much that any woman that has even one of these has to be criticized for not catering to their concept of the ideal woman.

It calls to mind something I think it was Chapo commenting on when Hugh Hefner passed away, which was for as much as the media went out of their way to shower him with credit for the “sexual revolution,” his magazine was as stodgy and conservative as Hefner’s own sexuality, which was the same bleach-blonde, airbrushed, ruby red lipsticked woman coyly hiding her naughty bits with, like, a man’s tie or something, over and over and over and over again for sixty years. If you were lucky, they might feature a brunette, even a stray latina, but it was always what Hef found attractive, which was Marilyn Monroe.

Although it must be said that “attraction” isn’t quite the word to describe how Hef felt about Monroe. “Creepy obsession” is probably more fitting.

Meanwhile, adult entertainment just went right on diversifying beneath the surface of the mainstream. Look out guys, there’s stuff on PornHub with women who have… *gasp* armpit hair!

I can’t wait until these people define themselves by their opposition to drinking water or breathing air. They’re just angry and credulous enough to do it.

1 year ago

TBH I think a lot of the men hating on women with short/dyed hair, tats, etc find that look very attractive, and resent what that says about them and/or their worldview. So instead of trying to reevaluate, learn more, and make themselves better people, they go for the typical male buffoonery of trying to fix their cognitive dissonance by destroying the people who caused it.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
1 year ago

Damn, a woman friend of mine must be *really* miserable since she started shaving her head a couple of years ago. I’ll have to let her know that reddit dipshits think so at least (and probably hate her even worse since she got the back of her head tattooed too)