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A Voice for Men: How dare you accuse us of being male supremacists! Also, God wants women to submit to men

Men’s Rights Activists have rich fantasy lives

By David Futrelle

Writers for Men’s Rights shit site A Voice for Men regularly denounce feminism as a “female supremacist” hate movement, while insisting that they themselves harbor no male supremacist leanings.

Indeed, a recent post on the site by one Australian Man Going His Way managed to include both of these assertions in short order. Attacking feminists for allegedly “want[ing] female supremacy and … want[ing] to impose their agenda on everyone else,” Peter Ryan insisted he and other MRAs are all about equality.

I do not hate women and I am not a male supremacist or a Nazi. I am not a racist or a bigot. All the feminists could do was throw these labels at us and strawman to the max. They have no argument and no defence for their appalling behaviour.

So imagine my surprise — well, not really — when I recently ran across this lovely article posted on AVFM less than a month after Mr. Ryan’s indignant assertions. And yes, this is the sexualized, 50-Shades-style graphic they chose to illustrate the piece.

Women must submit to men for successful relationships September 19, 2018 By Contra Mundum 109 Comments

Apparently the straw men are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

Mr. Mundum’s post is a muddled attempt to provide both a “scientific” and Biblical justification for his male supremacist views on heterosexual relationships. “To be successful,: he writes,

long-term, pair-bonded relationships between men and women must enhance the man’s independence and authority. They must feature male and female in proper evolutionary alignment, with the man leading and the woman following.

This is pretty bog-standard male supremacy. But Mr. Mundum ‘s argument quickly gets a lot weirder after he reveals that he still holds some sort of grudge against his mother for gestating him in her womb for nine months.

A boy is formed in the body of a woman, is born into the world of women, and there he remains until he matures. During this time, he is completely dependent on his mother and other women for everything — at the beginning even for the food that sustains his growth. 

Damn you, mom, for literally making food for me with your own body!

As males grow older, Mundum writes, they are ultimately able to extract themselves from this evil woman-world. So why don’t they just keep running away from women for the rest of their lives? As Mundum sees it, it’s because penis. 

Once a boy completes the rites of passage, the trials, and the necessary lessons to become an independent man, why the hell would he want to return to the world of women, to once again be subject to them? The only answer I can find is heterosexual desire. If it weren’t for that, I think 99% of men would have nothing to do with women.

If men give in to these heterosexual desires, Mundum warns them not to fall into bed, much less marriage, with evil feminist man-haters. He cites his own allegedly happy marriage as proof that men and women can settle down together fruitfully as long as the women are willing to “submit” to the paterfamilias.

I was looking to fill a void that I decided could only be filled by being the head of a family. I went looking for a woman to do that with, and my wife and I found each other. … She was not interested in emasculating me; to have her feminist way with me. In fact, we decided beforehand to follow the very traditional path of me providing for the family both spiritually and physically, while she raised babies.  …

Husbands love their wives, and give their very lives for them, with the intention of making them holy. Wives fully submit to their husbands in all things, and they must show respect at all times for their husband’s sacrifice. This is a great arrangement for both. 

Naturally, Mundum is convinced that God — yes, the God — has his back on all of this.

When it comes to alpha [f]ucks and beta bucks, the scriptures are right on the money. Women love to have sex with the bad boy, but they want the provider to take care of them and their children. Well, nothing drives the dominance that a wife loves in her husband like her willing submission to him, and this in turn helps the husband resist becoming beta-male, emasculated cuck, which is the distortion that occurs when the husband sacrifices and the wife greedily abuses him.

So, to wrap it up – if men want to be fulfilled in their relationships with women, they should look for women who are going to submit to their will, and take their leadership.

Is it wrong to hope that his wife ultimately gets sick of his arrogant ass and files for divorce? I don’t think it’s wrong.

In any case, it’s sort of refreshing to see an A Voice for Menner just straight-up admit that he’s a male supremacist instead of pretending oh-so-unconvincingly  he’s some sort of “egalitarian.”

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2 years ago

Might be my imagination, but the women whose pictures they use for these illustration seem to radiate “strong, confident woman more likely to whip him than the other way around”.