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Donald Trump, Cover Boy; Martin Shkreli, Future Prison Inhabitant: Today in Tweets

See ya, pharmabro!

By David Futrelle

In today’s Tweet heap: Donald Trump makes the cover of Newsweek but would perhaps prefer that he hadn’t, Martin Shkreli is convicted, a man is attracted to his wife even though she isn’t skinny, and some beavers want to tell you a really funny joke.


And yes, that’s a real cover:

Pharmabro is going to jail:

A dude gets a lot of praise for publicly admitting he’s attracted to his “curvy” wife. Then twitter says, wait what?

And in other news:

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4 years ago

Sqeeing over the beavers! Thank you Dave for posting twitter stuff because I don’t do twitter.

History Nerd
History Nerd
4 years ago


He was convicted, so any appeal will be an uphill battle. Hopefully he’ll get medium security at least.

I think there are lots of good people in the court system who share your concerns. More people are having to face consequences even if they’re rich. See, for example:

4 years ago

It always puts a smile on my face to see smug, rich assholes get what’s coming to them. Now if only Robert Mueller could speed up the proceedings a little…