“The Red Pill” documentary wins prestigious “World’s Greatest Grandpa” award

“Red Pill” star Paul Elam: Not actually the world’s greatest grandpa

Good news everyone! The Red Pill, director Cassie Jaye’s completely objective documentary about Men’s Rights Activists that was funded in part by these very same Men’s Rights Activists as well as by a guy best known for convincing a large number of voters in the final days of the last US presidential election that Hillary Clinton was so sick she could pretty much die any minute, and with the help of a right-wing celebrity “journalist” who was later thrown off Twitter for his role in a racist harassment campaign against comedian Leslie Jones, and … wait, let me start this sentence again.

The Red Pill, director Cassie Jaye’s completely objective documentary about Men’s Rights Activists, has won what I have been assured are “Some of the highest honours in the [motion picture] Industry.”

The film has won not one but three such awards: The highly coveted Chuck Washington Best of Festival Award at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, as well as the Mary Austin Award for Excellence In Producing A Documentary at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, and did I mention the Mary Austin Award in Excellence In Directing A Documentary which was also, in a remarkable coincidence, given out at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

“The Whatsit Internatonal Whoosiwhatsis of Whatchmadangy?” you may ask. The Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, silly, held every year for eight years now in Idyllwild, California. Despite being the smaller of the two annual film festivals in the Palm Springs area, it nonetheless is the film festival that shows us “that within the Film Industry ‘The Red Pill’ is being seen as the best film of the year.”

Or so says the noted film expert and anonymous Redditor who calls him or herself Imnotmrabut in a pinned post on the Men’s Rights subreddit that I just noticed today:

At the Idyllwild International Film Festival, a festival set up by film makers for film makers, the red pill has blown away the barriers. It is the first documentary film to win the prestigious Best In Festival Award.

The film also was recognised for “Excellence in Directing” and “Excellence in Producing”.

Apparently these three WORLD SHATTERINGLY IMPORTANT awards are going to be an absolute NIGHTMARE for whoever has to paste a mention of them into the DVD packaging for the film.

There is going to be a frenzy updating the artwork for the 07 March 2017 release of the film on DVD and BluRay. I’d hate to be the one having to wrangle that puppy with the current deadlines. The Print Bill is going to be high and nerves will be frayed.

Never before in cinematic history has a graphic designer ever had to tweak the DVD cover art several weeks before the release of a film on DVD!

It’s plain obvious that people need to start mentioning that within the Film Industry “The Red Pill” is being seen as the best film of the year.

All Tugg material for any and all events now needs to make it clear that this is not just as Film – It’s an Award Winner, and the people who make the films say so.

Well, not literally ALL the people who make the films. ALL the people who make the films AND WHO ARE ALSO the judges at the smaller of the two film festivals in the Palm Springs area.

As for the reference to Tugg, I don’t know what that is but frankly I’m not sure I want to know.

Don’t just tell folks that It’s a film about men’s issues – it’s now a certified Best Film, Awarded Some of the highest honours in the Industry, and it just happens to be about men’s issues.

While we’re talking awards, I’m going to award Imnotmrabut the prestigious Amanda Huggenkiss Memorial Award for Excellence In Inappropriate Capitalization at the world-renowned David Futrelle’s Apartment International Festival of Reddit Posts I Happened to Read.

Role on Friday 07 March 2017, and don’t forget that 08 March is International Women’s Day. I wonder what questions the media will be asking this year?

The question I would start with would be “er, what?”

Surprisingly, the regulars in the Men’s Rights subreddit are not quite as excited about the awards as Imnotmrabut is. “Let’s not get carried away,” one cynical soul who clearly does not understand the magic of International Cinema writes. “Most of use have never heard of these awards before.”

Naturally, Imnotmrabut offers a lengthy rebuttal to this poopyhead detractor.

So many think that things like the Oscars and Razzie are about excellence in film making, when in reality they are about money and power.

Er, I’m pretty sure no one but Imnotmrabut thinks that the Razzies ‘are about excellence in film making” given that they are in fact about the complete opposite of excellence in film making.

Sundance and Tribeca are all about political luvvies and virtue signalling …. and then some professionals decide that they want a festival of Film where it’s about the Films, the technique and art of making film. They don’t give a tinkers cuss for your politics, genitals, age or bank balance – just your skill and ability in the film genre.

Well, they care a little bit about your bank balance, in that they require all filmmakers to pay an entry fee.

In any industry and endeavour, having your peers telling you that you are the best generally beats all other external validation into a cocked hat. P¬))

Cassie knew she was good – now her peers are telling her she is – and all the others are wondering how they missed the Diamond in the Rough and how much it has cost them! If nothing else, one should be laughing at the Industrial Scale Prat Fall.

In a weird coincidence, Industrial Scale Prat Fall is also the name of my Nine Inch Nails cover band.

Another defender of The Red Pill argues, apparently seriously, that the relative obscurity of the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema actually proves that the award is worth more than one of those silly Oscars. Someone called StrixTechnica writes

If this is a ‘fest for fellow film-makers first and foremost, it’s unsurprising it garnered little press and it hints at a very high standard of both entries and judging, making the ‘best of festival’ award even more significant. It also lends some credibility to the claim that it’s an industry award rather than a politicised celeb-fest like the Oscars has become (or always was).

Also, did you ever consider that maybe all of those who vote for the Oscars actually really really like The Red Pill but were afraid to stand up and say so because the stormtroopers of political correctness might round them up and put them in some sort of Hollywood-based re-education camp?

It turns out that StrixTechnica has entertained a similar scenario.

I’d love to know what the Oscars’ judges privately thought of it. There is more support in Hollywood for this sort of thing than you might imagine, but nobody dares say anything publicly for fear of reprisals and risk to livelihood. You’re going to have to take my word for that, because my exact reasons for saying that were disclosed in confidence.

This is probably the same reason why my short film “The Sarkeesian Effect Trailer” didn’t win the Oscar for Best Picture, or even Best 43-second-long YouTube Video With a Cat in It.

Screw you, political correctness!!1!

Anyway, big congratulations to Cassie Jaye, for winning some awards from a festival that’s kind of small but that is not, as far as I can tell, widely considered to be a money-making scam!

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

Continuing the post truth theme…

Has anyone seen #spicerfacts ?

People are posting silly quotes in the style of Trump’s press secretary. I love the idea of making him an international laughing stock; and people here have shown a bit of a talent for this sort of thing with previous Trump piss-takes. Is it worth asking David if it might be worth setting up a thread for contributions do you think?