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Breitbart commenters somehow manage to use Colin Kaepernick as an excuse to attack trans folks

Breitbarties: Angry, as usual
Breitbarties: Angry, as usual

You might not think that a two-paragraph post about NFL ratings would inspire much, er, debate on Breitbart. You’d be wrong.

In this edition of Today in Breitbart Comments, we take a look at the Breitbarties who’ve worked themselves into a bit of a tizzy about Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd’s claim that it’s the election, not anger over Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protests, that is causing a notable droop in the ratings for NFL games this year.

The Breitbart rage isn’t itself all that terribly surprising. What is a little odd is that some of the most virulent comments — of the more than 1700 that have been left so far — are attacks on trans folks.

Consider this unhinged rant:

7nationarmy Longiron • 9 hours ago COLIN CUCKHERD. Most of the White Cracka Hosts (those who never played Pro ball) on Liberal Media Corporate ESPN/FoxSports/CBS are required to undergo secret tr*nny gender reassignment to fit in with their Hollywood/NYC bosses. Colin & Skip Bayless are the spineless gimps spooning together somewhere in a Hollywood basement.

Other comments on the subject are only a tad more hinged. Upset over the NCAA’s recent announcement that it will pull all championship games from North Carolina in protest over the anti-trans HB2 bathroom bill, Breitbarties fantasize about leading a counter-boycott — and exacting some kind of revenge upon their foes.

NeroFiddling Deplorable B52 • 7 hours ago That's why we should spend $$ in NC and boycott these snowflakes. 7 • Reply•Share › Avatar Tripper NeroFiddling • 6 hours ago We should all be doing that wherever possible. The homosexual/transsexual freaks are powerful, rich, and trying to take down NC's governor any way they can. Imagine the day after election day with a Donald Trump in the white house and the HB2 governor re-elected. Then it will be time to find our enemies and teach them some lessons.

Well, that’s a little creepy.

But don’t worry! There was racism as well. Lots and lots of racism. Here’s a small selection:

DudeLebowski • 8 hours ago Ratings are down because of negro fatigue. We're sick of Obama, sick of cop hating BLM savages, sick of blacks in TV commercials, sick of the Khardashians, sick of "teenagers" and most of all : sick of preening, holier-than-thou, ass licking anti-racists. • Reply•Share › Avatar DeplorableSnailmailtrucker DudeLebowski • 7 hours ago There is a lot I agree with in your post !

MozYorke • 9 hours ago The really sad thing is that viewership is ONLY down a measly 10%. Any self-respecting patriot should boycott this whole dindu dog and pony show forever and be done with it!

Guest • 8 hours ago National Felons League overpaid drug inhaling violent unAmerican black athletes that think we should listen to them

Lone Stranger ☆ Redneck • 8 hours ago Black Power...lolllllollllolll 2 • Reply•Share › Avatar Rich B ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ Lone Stranger ☆ Redneck • 8 hours ago The only black power that i know of is when it gets turned off cause they dont pay the bill on time ... 3 • Reply•Share › Avatar Lone Stranger ☆ Redneck Rich B ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ • 8 hours ago That's called White Power.

This fellow earned extra credit alt-right points by working some homophobia in with his racism:

the return of GREAT WHITE • 9 hours ago TURN IT OFF! Maybe when you stop watching it you will realize how much of a fairy you have been ogling black thugs dressed in tights fighting over a brown leather ball. If all you NFL fans aren't homosexual voyeurs, what are you?

NOTE: This post is part of an ongoing series on the comments culture at Breitbart. These are the people Trump was presumably trying to appeal to when he hired former Breitbart head cheese Steve Bannon as his campaign CEO.

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5 years ago

As someone who actually lives in North Carolina, it makes my skin crawl to see these ding-dongs crowing about their hopes for Pat McCrory getting re-elected. I know that living in the Triangle gives me a decidedly more liberal bunch of neighbors than elsewhere in the state, but there are a lot of conservatives here just as pissed with HB2. Even if it weren’t blatantly transphobic (which it clearly is) it’s wholly useless as “crime prevention,” impossible to enforce, and costing the state untold amounts of money. A whole host of companies and individuals who, y’know, see this bullshit for what it is and want no part of it have been pulling their business out of the state, and a great many of those who ARE still doing business here make a point of letting people know that they still think the bill is a load of junk. It’s done nothing positive for our citizens, our economy, or our reputation. And it never will, because HB2 was never about any kind of positivity or growth. It was and is solely about attempting to punish trans people for existing in public.

And these guys are actively rooting for the man who championed it to be in charge again? Pardon me while I go vomit forever.

On a more personal note, at a concert in Raleigh about a week ago, it was very heartening to hear both Joan Jett and Ann Wilson get on stage and take the time to tell us that even though they were happy to be here, HB2 is a bunch of garbage and they hope it gets thrown out soon for all our sakes. It was more heartening to hear how loudly the crowd cheered them for it.

TL;DR: Keep your grubby alt right money out of our state, please. We have enough problems without y’all stirring the freakin’ pot. Shoo.

5 years ago

Transpeople are rich and powerful?! They didn’t go over that at orientation it was more like “Prepare to lose your job, your family, your friends, your spouse and pretty much everything else.”

I don’t know what they smoke over at Brietbart but it’s some good stuff. Hilarious thing is this doesn’t even bother me any more, it’s just…too pathetic.

5 years ago

I keep thinking of this recently…..

5 years ago


Transpeople are rich and powerful?!

Well obviously! How else would you explain that one of “them” is a semi-succesfull tv-actress on that womens prison show. And another is Caitlyn Jenner!

Clearly, the existence of two transgender people who can manage public personas is a testament to the tyrannical power of the evil trans-lobby.

I mean, otherwise you’d have to entertain the notion that the alt-right is actually a radical fringe of mouthbreathers, who’s whining about the entirety of society not going out of their way to service the pet-peeves of bigots.

… And that’s just unthinkable in the sociopath echo-chamber.

Mish of the Catlady Ascendancy
Mish of the Catlady Ascendancy
5 years ago

@ Scildfreja

I don’t live in America, and I still hear a disturbingly large number of people saying “Well, Trump’s pretty terrible, but at least he’s not corrupt like Hillary.” Makes my blood boil – Trump is the source of the frickin’ corruption! Hillary’s as beholden to moneyed interests as any politician, but Trump is that moneyed interest. Why do they not see that?

Ah, thank you. Exactly. What makes my blood boil even further is that there are people here (Aust.) who spout this view from the left side of politics. Any Mammoth readers from Oz will know of Helen Razer, I’m sure. This has been her refrain for months now. To be fair (sarcasm) she does combine the whole corruption thing with ‘HRC is a warmongering murderer of brown people’, with the unspoken conclusion being that Trump … isn’t or wouldn’t be.
The fact that this is an avowedly left-wing writer is what astonishes me (little naive me, I know). Judging by most (thankfully not all) of the comments on Razer’s articles, people agree with her.

P.S. I hope that you’re ok until your lab gets funding again. As you say, more free time for other stuff – and how lovely of you to prioritise your colleague 🙂

4 years ago

Is it just me or is ‘the return of the GREAT WHITE’ so racist that in the last comment they take issue with not just the colour of the players but the ball as well.