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Reddit MGTOWs fight the real enemy: Fat chicks

Rebel Wilson offers her thoughts on the matter
Rebel Wilson offers her thoughts on the matter

The human race faces many dire threats. War, famine, disease, terrorism, giant asteroids, Donald Trump. But the ever-alert readers of the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit know that all these threats pale in comparison to the greatest threat of all. I am speaking, of course, of fat chicks.

In a post with the thoughtful title “Dear obese women I f*king hate you,” a Reddit MGTOW calling himself iamlikethewindbaby outlines his case against these horrible monsters. Speaking fluent SARCASM, he addresses fat chicks directly.

“Thanks for turning average chicks into supermodels and ugly chicks into average chicks,” he declares.

Thanks for filling up my newsfeed with memes about how beautiful fat chicks are. Do you even know how attractiveness is determined? The more healthy and fertile a woman is the more attractive she is. Being obese makes you unattractive, period. F*ck you.

Er, I’m pretty sure attractiveness is determined by whatever the hell people happen to think is attractive. Some people find skinny people attractive; some find fat people attractive; some people don’t pay much attention to weight. There are even a few perverse souls who find Donald Trump attractive, if you can believe that.

Thanks for making a generation of men feel bad about themselves because a fat chick is the best they can do, it’s not their fault 70% of you are overweight.

That’s actually not quite right. According to the most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, the percentage of American women classified as overweight or obese isn’t 70%; it’s 64%. The percentage of men classified as overweight or obese? 74%.

That’s right, fellas; there are more fat dudes than fat chicks in the US.

The percentage of American adults classified as obese? 36% — exactly the same for men and women.

Look, facts!
Look, facts!

Now, there may be legitimate reasons to wonder if these categories really make sense as they’re currently defined. But one thing is clear: for every fat chick out there fat chick-ing, there’s a fat dude to match.

Thanks for being 400lbs and yet somehow still unable to cook. That’s great. It’s a good thing we did away with those sexist home economics classes.

Dudes, given that you’re all devoted to GOING YOUR OWN WAY and all, shouldn’t you be learning how to cook your own damn dinner?

Thanks for being so fat that being 20lbs overweight isn’t even considered fat anymore. Nothing is sexier than a 5’3 150lb women.

According to some number I found on the internet, the 5’5″ tall Marilyn Monroe saw her weight fluctuate from 115-150 lbs at various points in her adult life. I don’t know why we know this, or if we should, but apparently we do. Here’s a picture of her at one of her more voluptuous moments, in Some Like it Hot.


What a hideous monster!

Thanks for having personalities that match your appearance. It’s important for people’s insides to match their outsides.

Based on iamlikethewindbaby’s personality, I can only assume he looks something like this:


I can’t wait until all your cold-giant-black-hearts explode.

What a lovely fellow.

Iamlikethewindbaby also blames obese women for rising insurance premiums, and snickers a little at the thought of obese women dying before retirement.

It’s true that obesity can increase health care costs and lower life expectancy. But you know what else increases health care costs and lowers life expectancy? Being an angry dickhead. 

“There is a direct connection between being constantly angry, competitive, and aggressive, and early heart disease,” notes an article on the “health costs of anger” on

[R]ecent research suggests that men who have poor anger management skills are more likely to suffer a heart attack before age 55 than their more emotionally controlled peers. A separate study indicated that older male subject’s hostility ratings (how hostile and irritable they tend to act towards others) predicted heart disease more accurately than other known risk factors including cholesterol, alcohol intake, cigarette smoking and being overweight. … 

The evidence from numerous studies is clear: constant chronic anger, hostility, and aggression raise your risk of developing various deadly forms of heart disease by as much as five times the normal rate. The more hostility you tend to express, the more prone to heart disease you are likely to be. 

And the lovely iamlikethewindbaby is hardly the only Reddit MGTOW who fits the angry dickhead profile, as a quick skim through the comments on his post reveals.

Indeed, the lovely fellow who calls himself lordjedi may have cut several weeks off his life expectancy with all the anger in this comment alone:

Not that I haven’t tried a couple times, but my policy for many years has been my bedroom is off limits to fats.

I’m sure the “fats” of the world feel just awful they don’t get to partake of lordjedi’s charms. He continues:

That means no easy money for fatties either. Get a f*cking job, Porkins, if you want to sleep indoors. Every dollar you spend in your short worthless life will be earned by you with your fine arts/wymyn’s studies degree and your $90K student loan debt, while stocking shelves on the 3 AM Walmart shift. Enjoy your Cool Ranch Doritos. Why don’t you f*cking marry them if you love them so much?

If you love your hatred so much, lordjedi, why don’t you marry it? Oh, wait, I guess you have.

MTGOStark, who has clearly never spoken to a woman in the real world, offers this thought.

If being not obese is literally the only thing they have to do in their life to succeed, and they still fail at it (and complain on top), it’s just truly pitiful.

Aanarchist apparently spends much of his Going His Own Way time scanning through profiles on online dating sites.

i see those online profiles where the woman is like 50 lbs overweight and she puts down average. a few extra pounds means 100 lbs overweight. big and beautiful means THAR SHE BLOWS. the funny thing is they want you to ignore their weight, like it has nothing to do with who she is. it’s like she wants you to watch her eat an entire f*cking cake with her bare hands, and treat her as if she’s eating salad and a water.

Huh. That actually sounds like a fun date. Who doesn’t like cake?

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Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
5 years ago


I’m privileged so I don’t get to have an opinion or get offended?

I want you to remember this sentence. The filled to capacity passive aggressive bullshit. How identical you sound to every menzer asshole who’s ever trolled here. Just how undeservedly thinskinned you are. The utter lack of self awareness on display, or the fact you just don’t care. I’m done explaining. Here’s rule #6: Fuck. Off.

Joekster-bearded beta
Joekster-bearded beta
5 years ago

Perhaps so.

Live long and prosper.

5 years ago

Could you stop inferring things I did not say, please? I recommend against posting, as a privileged person in this discussion, while you’re angry. I would recommend the same to a white person posting angrily in a thread about Black Lives matter.

I honestly don’t see any use in continuing this discussion and as I mentioned before it’s emotionally draining on me and I have very little energy these days due to fuck-if-I-know, it’s not like my doctors care to find out. I’m all out of fucks to give about teaching anyone anything about fat phobia or thin privilege right now.

joekster-bearded beta
joekster-bearded beta
5 years ago

@Kupo: I said a few weeks ago that when the community wanted me gone, I would go.

I go.

Good luck.

5 years ago

Oh, FFS. No one is asking you to leave. I’m opting out of having this conversation. That’s all.

I’m sorry you’re upset and I’m sorry you feel like you’re not wanted. That’s not what I’m trying to convey. I hope someone else is still paying attention to this thread who can help you understand what is being asked of you and why. If you want to go, then that’s your choice, but we’re not asking you to do that; we’re only asking you to try and understand our perspective and not get angry at us when we try and explain that perspective to you. Crys got angry but with good reason. She felt gaslighted, which rather than focusing on why she felt like that you focused on whether it’s the correct term for how she was feeling and, more importantly, you focused on how that word made you feel. Think about how the words ‘fat’ and ‘obese’ make us feel. Think about how you might feel if you were describing a situation where someone you loved deeply died from negligence and when you try to explain that to people they try to come up with reasons why it was your loved one’s fault or even just why it probably wasn’t negligence.

Don’t turn this into us chasing you off here like we’re being mean and unreasonable, though. We’ve been beyond patient with you.

(((VioletBeauregarde))): Prominent Misanderer of the Gynocracy
(((VioletBeauregarde))): Prominent Misanderer of the Gynocracy
5 years ago


And the BMI can go fuck itself. According to BMI, my ideal weight is something like 130lb. If I weighed 130lb, I’d be missing organs. Or bones.

A-freaking-men! My “ideal” weight is 135 lbs. I weighed a few pounds less than that when I was in college and I constantly got skinny shamed. (Mostly the “go eat a sandwich” comments and assuming I don’t eat). Even now, seeing that I weigh 225 pounds and look roughly 150 pounds, can you imagine how small I’d look at 135 pounds?

joekster-bearded beta
joekster-bearded beta
5 years ago


I did not mean to imply that you had wanted me to leave. Axe did, and reading through my posts, I think Axe had reason to. This isn’t my house, and any of the regulars have the right to withdraw my invitation. Without being mean, and without being bad people.

I am not trying to imply anyone is mean, or trying to chase me away.

I am sorry if my comments acted a trigger for you. I did read everything you’ve been good enough to share with us about your condition, and it sucks. Its terrible when you have a problem and nobody can figure it out.

@Crys T: If you’re still reading this, I apologize for my comments about your father. They were truly out of line on my part, and something you did not need to hear. Going back through the posts, I noticed that, while I admitted I was wrong, I never ‘actually’ said ‘I’m sorry’. I do so now. I am sorry for denigrating your father’s experience, and I am sorry for attempting to shift the blame.

We disagree on some of the science involved with weight loss, but that is allowed. In the absence of good data, your experiences are as valid a guide as mine.

@Everyone: I meant what I said about gaslighting. It’s a real form of abuse (and I’m glad to be introduced to the term, BTW), and I’ve seen for myself just how damaging it is. My mother in law says, ‘I’m just crazy’ as part of every other sentence, and my wife still seriously doubts her own sanity because of her father’s gaslighting. Please don’t trivialize their suffering by tossing the term around on the internet. Please.

This is my last post. Not because you chased me off (most of you have been quite patient with me), but because I don’t think I’m ready for chat-rooms. It wasn’t part of my upbringing, and I don’t seem to do a good job expressing myself. The experience has been quite educational, and I will continue to research the intersectional issues you fine people have introduced me to.

My apologies to everyone I may have triggered. You are a fantastic group of people, and do not deserve that.

Be well.

5 years ago

@joekster-bearded beta, As a point of advice on the landmines of message boards and forums;

This was one bad conversation. Worthwhile for most people involved, I think, but bad. You yourself said that you’ve learned some things worth knowing here, and that’s despite the mistakes that were made.

You also said that this place has good people in it, and that your interactions here have been good for you. It’s been incredibly good for me, too – all of you lovely people have made me a better person, in spite of all of my flaws.

Accept the bitter pill of this conversation, and move to a new thread. Let this conversation sleep. There are new things to learn in other places here; don’t lose the good that might come from those new experiences for stung pride or fear of making a mistake in the future.

These ways teach one to walk mindfully. It’s a worthwhile skill to learn.

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