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Memeday Update: The Creepiest, Cringiest “Selfish Feminist” Meme Ever

Lucy thinks you're disgusting
Lucy is not impressed with your meme

Yesterday, we took a look at some completely ridiculous “Selfish Feminist” memes, based on the premise that women adopt feminism because that way they can reap all sorts of nifty benefits without having to work as hard as men, most notably the FREE DINNERS they constantly con poor schmucks into paying for. (Allegedly.)

For some reason, half of the memes involved actress/activist Ashley Judd, who isn’t really a selfish person at all.

You may recall that one of the memes was captioned “Why I need feminism? Sounds better than ‘selfishness.'”

Well, here’s another one using that little tagline that somehow manages to be creepier and cringier than all the rest of the “selfish feminist” memes all together.

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

Yep. In the mind of whoever made this meme, women not shaving their armpits is somehow a … selfish act, presumably because “ew, women with hairy armpits.”

Note to dudes who think this meme is somehow clever: What someone chooses to do (or not do) with their body is really only your business if you happen to own that body. Given that, you know, slavery is illegal and all that, the only body you own is your own body.

Women don’t owe it to men in general (or to you in particular) to shave their armpits or any other part of their body, pluck their eyebrows, keep their weight within the parameters you prefer, and so on and so on.

No, dudes, you are not obliged to find women with armpit hair attractive. The flip side of this is that women aren’t obliged to give a rat’s ass what you think of their armpits, or any other part of their body.

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Her Grace Phryne Purriosa Fisher
Her Grace Phryne Purriosa Fisher
5 years ago

@Chiomara, a couple days late but I added you to my prayer list. Best wishes for everyone involved.

occasional reader
occasional reader
5 years ago

> Chiomara
Best wishes of recovery for all of yours and yourself. I also hope your city government is going to help you (all) to quickly get a new home to live and recover.

> Tara the Antisocial Social Worker

So if not shaving armpits is “selfish,” that would make all men selfish, no?

I have not read someone answering to that, but there are men who are shaving their armpit (and not only that). With a bit of generalization, you can divide them in two categories : the ones who do it for efficiency, and the ones who do that because it is “trendy” (is this the word ?).
Efficiency : Athletes/sportsmen mainly (think about the swimmers, as an plain example). There are also those who genuinely believe it is more hygienic (i am not an expert, so i can not say if it is right or wrong).
Trendy : Bodybuilders, some models, and porn actors (for all, i think it is requested to present a “clean” image, “clean” in the actual trend meaning of the term, so hairless as possible). And those who are mimicing the former.
And thus, those men (especially the last of the second category) can not be selfish, because it is well known that selfishness is like an odor : it sticks to the armpit hair. It may be due to the fish part of selfishness.