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Do these sweatpants make me look like I’m supporting WHITE GENOCIDE?

Hey, those prices aren’t bad!

Most of us, when we hear the word “genocide,” think of things like gas chambers, mass killings, ethnic cleansing.

But for the white supremacists of the world, “genocide” has a somewhat, well, broader meaning, encompassing anything and anything that might possibly, in any way, put even the slightest dent in the efficient production of white babies.

A white person marrying a not-so-white person? #WhiteGenocide! A white person living in the same neighborhood as a not-so-white person? #WhiteGenocide! A white person living in the same country as a not-so-white person? #WhiteGenocide!

As far as I can tell, practically the only thing that white supremacists don’t consider genocide is the actual Holocaust. 

The latest thing that is #WhiteGenocide?

Ads for sweatpants.

No, really. Some of Twitter’s white supremacists have noticed a new promotion for Hanes, the underwear, t-shirt and sweatpants giant, that – gasp! – features INTERRACIAL COUPLES!

Cue racist heads exploding.

The prices look pretty good. I might have to buy myself a hoodie. AND DESTROY THE WHITE RACE.


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Arctic Ape
Arctic Ape
5 years ago

I meant to make a joke on “Medium Brown” in reference to Katz’s comment.

5 years ago

Some people would have the talent of a medium, and some people would be named Brown. Those features would pop up randomly all over the world, and occasionally unite in the same person.

True. And if such a person was also short and escaped from prison, they would be a small medium at large.

Aris Boch
5 years ago

Can I buy them in Germany? I want to rile up racist scum, too!!

2 years ago

I at first assumed Skip to be sincere, but see the cogency of the doubts, so I will step where I thought he was. Nearly fifty years ago I heard about feminism and thought it was baloney. Over the ensuing years encounters with feminist writing, and with actual living feminists, opened a whole new world. I am certainly happier, better, and more free since learning to ditch the assumptions of male supremacy, though I would not claim to be completely cleansed of the effects of my past. No doubt many men have had a similar experience. Perhaps Skip still will. (I am not holding my breath on that one.)