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News Quiz: What is the “one thing” American women are good for, according to Return of Kings?

Woman (Artist's Conception)
Woman (Artist’s Conception)

Today, a news quiz!

Earlier this week, creepy misogynistic internet shitpublication Return of Kings posted an article titled “American Women Are Only Good For One Thing,” by Donovan Sharpe, described in his bio on the site as “a west coast resident who lives for objectifying women while keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees.”

The Question: According to Mr. Sharpe, what is the one thing American women are good for?

  1. Converting light energy from the Sun into “food”
  2. Producing a toxin in a specialized gland that is used to kill or paralyze prey via biting or spitting.
  3. Holding their breath for 90 minutes during deep ocean dives
  4. Jumping 100 times their own height
  5. Sex
  6. If you cut a woman in half, each half will regenerate into a whole woman

ANSWER: According to Sharpe, the answer is number 5, sex.

But it was a trick question! Numbers 1, 2, and 4 are also correct.

Apparently unaware of the amazing jumping, toxin-producing and photosynthetic abilities of women, Sharpe argues that

most of today’s women are bitchy, masculine, selfish cunts with inferiority complexes that make them think they want to dominate men.

The sad truth is that decades of feminism has reduced women to nothing more than three holes and a set of tits who are only as good as the orgasms they provide men.

I also think he’s wrong about the number of holes. Women have nostrils, right? And earholes? I mean, I don’t think they’re very good for sex, but they’re definitely holes.

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A Land Whale
A Land Whale
6 years ago


“most of today’s women are bitchy, masculine, selfish cunts with inferiority complexes that make them think they want to dominate men.”

And this fart gobbler sees no irony.

“They act just like me….but….like….when they do it….it’s all terrible n shit….”

6 years ago

Mr Sharpe’s ideal woman:
[Image of a bowling ball]

You called?

Busby Berkeley Bowling Ball Pr0n. Guranteed not to squick out any trypophobes. Uncontrollable laughter may, however, ensue.

6 years ago

Haute cuisine is an antiquated hierarchy based on rules written by men

I love that movie too! The calling-out of sexism is only one reason.

6 years ago

Only on RoK can you learn about how women are only good for sex and then read about how God does indeed exist all in one day.

6 years ago

He’s a ???? whole. Who cares what an insecure Neomaxizimdwebie thinks! I pity little boys with low self esteem.

6 years ago

Lol, they don’t warrant my pity. That would require my energy which they DEFINITELY don’t warrant.

6 years ago
Reply to  Tabby Lavalamp

I’m just picturing the aliens from “Signs.”

6 years ago

Dude, awesome thoughts; thanks for sharing your experiences.

6 years ago
Reply to  Robjec

DUDE I WAS THINKING ABOUT THIS THE OTHER DAY, like WHAT COUNTS AS A HOLE I WANT TO COUNT THEM BUT WHAT ALL DO I COUNT?? Lol. And are “recesses” holes? How deep does a hole have to go to be considered a hole?? I feel like pores don’t go deep enough to be “holes”; and are pupils holes?? Seriously this has been bugging me for the past 3days.

6 years ago

So, this is the usual misogynistic bullshit from the manosphere about how western women are the most wicked beings on the planet who aren’t good for anything except for sex (and of course, only if you are skinny, pretty, long-haired, virgin and without tattoos and piercings or any other misandric embellishments which disable the wonderful men such as Sharpe from getting an erection).

I wish fans of ROK, Vox Day, Dalrock, The Rational Male, Heartiste and other supreme douchebags of the manosphere would wear a badge letting us know they are fans of these pieces of human garbage so that you can avoid them straight away.

Also, I don’t know if you guys know, but the commentators on ROK once defended ISIS (as in Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) because they are, and I quote “pro-male, anti-feminist, for male supremacy and subjugation of women”. Just a reminder that these motherfuckers are literally going to defend a terrorist group if it’s as misogynistic as ROK readers.

Divya Aaloori
Divya Aaloori
5 years ago

@ kellyrtillson you’re kidding me right