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Sarkeesian Effect Breakup Videos vs Tiny Puppies Struggling with Stairs

Not all puppies are adorable
Not all puppies are adorable

The things I do for you people.

Over the past few days I’ve been catching up with the small flood of Youtube videos that have come out that deal with l’affaire Sarkeesian Effect Breakup. The result is that I’ve spent so much time listening to Davis Aurini explain his terrible side of the story that he’s invaded my dreams.

And I mean that literally:  the night before last, I dreamt I ran across a grouchy and dispirited Aurini sitting alone at a table in McDonald’s. When he saw me he declared “don’t even think about trying to sit with me!” As if, dude!

Later in the same dream I was performing improv theater dressed as a hippie, but I doubt you’re interested in hearing more about that, so I’ll keep it confined to my dream diary.

Anyhoo, so I thought I would share a few of the more watchable Sarkeesian Effect videos.

I am aware that not all of you will have the time or inclination to watch all or even any of these videos, so I’m interspersing them with videos of tiny puppies trying to navigate stairs that are bigger than they are. Enjoy!

In this video, am angry Sarkeesian Effect supporter and Reaxxion writer laments that the implosion of the project might (gasp!) lead to Anita Sarkeesian having a good day. Well, her and “all the other SJW shitheads and all their little degenerate fucking beta cuck army of white knight assholes.” Skip ahead to 4:25 for that nugget. I’m tempted to make “Degenerate Beta Cuck Army of White Knight Assholes” t-shirts.

The videomaker later posted a lengthy interview with Aurini. So if you’re into that sort of thing — I don’t judge — you can take a listen. He followed this up with an exasperated and disillusioned third video in which he declared that the Sarkeesian Effect exes look like a couple of “squabbling children.”

Speaking of children, here’s an assortment of dog children — that is, puppies — facing stairs for the first time.

Here, Matt Forney, a leading contender for worst person on the internet, also interviews Aurini at length. The first seven or so minutes of the video, originally streamed live, are derailed by technical difficulties. So if you’ve ever wanted to hear an irritated and incompetent Matt Forney awkwardly try to avoid dead air while repeatedly trying and failing to connect to Davis Aurini on Skype, this is the video for you! (Next time, maybe get your interviewee on the line before going live?)

Here a tiny army of tiny puppies launch a tiny assault on a tiny set of stairs.

Here the clownish far-right pontificator Bernard Chapin suggests that the real lesson here is “never trust a leftist.” Because in his mind the libertarian Jordan Owen is a “leftist.” In other news, night is day and fish are birds.

Here a leftist six-month-old puppy teaches an 8-week-old puppy how to go down stairs.

Here, someone who supports the “messages” of The Sarkeesian Effect blasts both Aurini and Owen, declaring that “neither of you are qualified to do [this] project” and that Aurini is a “pseudointellectual windbag that spews word salad in an attempt to make himself sound sophisticated and intelligent.” As pleasurable as it is to hear a #GamerGater type launch into the two, there’s also some nasty stuff about Sarkeesian and some viciously transphobic crap about Brianna Wu, so be warned.

Here one fearless puppy and one nervous puppy tackle a set of stairs, with the help of an older dog.

Let me finish off with a little poll.

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6 years ago

I was discussing my family medical history with my doctor (stroke runs in my family, among other things) and he commented blandly, “Well, everybody dies of something.” Love that bedside manner, doc.

Working in a VA hospital, I became acquainted with several of the ways old age and accumulated wear and tear can destroy human bodies. I’m still hoping to live long enough to die of something besides AIDS.

6 years ago

Here is a little light mockery to brighten everyone’s day.
The Sarkeesian Effect – Leaked footage!
Shamus Davis

5 years ago

I’d like to thank you, David, for affording me the ability to not spiral into a deep, inescapable pit of depression when I am critiquing anti-feminist videos in the form of TINY PUPPIES ON GIANT STAIRS! ^.^

5 years ago

Dear gods that is one ugly-ass puppy! On the other hand that might be Aurini at his smartest. Thanks for the puppy videos!