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Pickup guru Heartiste launches innovative "well, you're ugly and you can't get laid" campaign against feminists

Psst, dudes, the sufragettes won.
Psst, dudes, the sufragettes won.

Fellas, make up your minds! Are feminist ladies wily seductresses out to entrap innocent men using the power of their sexiness? Or are they evil uggos who never get laid?

While the zeta males over at A Voice for Men lament their alleged victimization at the hands of an alleged undercover feminist honey trap, who allegedly lured them into skeezy behavior by, among other things, crossing and uncrossing her legs, our old friend Heartiste once again assures his readers that feminist ladies are icky fugs:

A powerful shiv to the bloated gut of feminism is to remind normal, attractive women of the gross, ugly, and deranged feminist women (and their effete male lackeys) who purport to speak for all women. Women are nothing if not herd followers, and if it’s made clear to the Normal Majority of women that feminists are unbangable fugs no worthwhile man would touch with a manlet’s micropeen, then the herd will change course and leave the losers in its dust.

Hate to break it to you, dude, but you’re not the first person to try to defeat feminism using the brilliant strategy of calling feminists ugly. It never works.

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6 years ago

I wonder what “over it” used to argue… Ah, no matter. It’s good to hear that he’s found a way to feel superior to both sides.

6 years ago

Okay? Well, bye Felicia I guess?

(((VioletBeauregarde))): Social Justice Necromancer
(((VioletBeauregarde))): Social Justice Necromancer
5 years ago

is scared of the Dark Wastelands of Spinsterhood,

Good, he won’t want me then. Even if I meet his beauty standards (while I am very pretty, I probably don’t…not that I care), I am not afraid of ending up in the Dark Wastelands of Spinsterhood. In fact, seeing as I’m Goth, that sounds like a cool place to live for me.