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Return of Kings explains how videogames will make you a man

Do you even life (your head out of your torso)?
Do you even lift (your head out of your torso)?

Over on Return of Kings, one brave gamer dares to ask the question of our age: What will the world look like after the inevitable triumph of GamerGate?

I know, I know, just humor him for a few minutes. Because he has a rather, well, revealing notion of what triumph will look like, and it’s not one that’s compatible with the #NotYourShield propaganda that GamerGaters use to disguise its retrograde goals. Greendestiny, a veteran of TheRedPill and KotakuInAction on Reddit, sees in the video game “war” a new opportunity for gamebros to become Game Men:

It is my personal belief that, after GamerGate, video games will evolve to become a tool for raising a new generation of men. Our current education system fails horribly at providing real information on how the world works, what motivates people, and how to get laid.

Our education system is a disaster! Can you believe that not one college in the United States offers a major in Getlaidology?

More importantly, it pussifies men and turns them into starry-eyed believers in the Disney variety of life and love.

Huh. You know, there’s a cultural critic who’s made some interesting videos challenging the sexist tropes you can find in Disney movies and elsewhere in popular culture. Her name is Anita Sarkee… oh wait. Never mind.

The entire concept of sitting quietly and reading is meant for girls. Boys need the fight, the challenge, competition, and a test of their strength.

So why exactly are you trying to convince guys of this in a post you expect them to sit down and read? Shouldn’t your blog post be a video game or an arm-wrestling contest or something?

Games were always learning tools. Now they can become a tool for learning greater masculinity.

If by masculinity you mean “the proper sequence of buttons to push that will enable you to pull off an awesome combo.”

To become real men, boys must overcome challenges and find the true strength in themselves. Whether this is done in a virtual or real arena is irrelevant. By creating games that are consciously aimed at presenting a proper challenge, we can collectively make the world a better place for the next generation of men. And possibly help them get laid more.

“Hey, babe, I bet you didn’t know you were sitting next to a Level 90 Fire Mage.”

But seriously for a second: Yes, video games do teach gamers certain skills, and even something about the value of persistence. But why are the skills involved in, say,  shooting dudes with maximum efficiency in Call of Duty any more intrinsically valuable, or “masculine,” than the skills involved in doing this?

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6 years ago

Relevant to our interests

6 years ago

Darth and Droids ( makes the only sense of Jar Jar Binks there is. It’s a younger sister dragged along to a tabletop rp sesion.

6 years ago

Man, stormtroopers have the worst weapon discipline ever. No wonder they can’t hit things; their sights are probably off because they wave their guns around and bang them into things.

I admit I was happy with Ep I until my parents watched and went what the fuck is this shit, and then I realized I had no taste. I think I got better.

Near as I can tell, the prequels are Palpatine manufacturing crisis after crisis in order to seize more power every time. I can imagine him sitting in his private chambers going, like Prince Humperdinck, “I shall refuse the crown once. Twice would be gauche.”

@gilshalos: I love Darths & Droids

Michelle C Young
6 years ago


Thanks! I have a Mac. I did, for a while, have some Windows emulation thing going on it, but it completely died, and my IT guy can’t get it back.

That’s why I’m hoping Beamdog will do an Enhanced Edition for it, like they did for Baldur’s Gate I and II, which allowed me to load it directly on my Mac.

Someday, when I’m rich and famous, I will have both a Mac AND Windows.

6 years ago

Turns out GOG’s version works on OS X (10.7.0) and Linux, too.

And anyway Beamdog’s done Icewind Dale Enhanced, so I should say Torment Enhanced is fairly likely.

Big Bill Haywood
6 years ago

Video games are their “test of strength?” Just confirms my belief that most MRA’s, Red Pillers, etc., are not really suited to live in a world with those archaic forms of masculine they claim to long for. I’d love to see one of those writers get heart checked some time.

Tina S
Tina S
6 years ago

Gaming teaches about the real world and how to get laid? Do these folks think ever of anything other than getting laid?

Tina S
Tina S
6 years ago

Let’s bring back jousting!

6 years ago

Unless there’s a console version of say, “Leisure Suit Larry Learns Interpersonal Relationship Skills,” I highly doubt that spending MORE TIME gaming will help anyone get laid. At all. Ever.


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