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The five worst comments about outspoken women posted on Reddit's PunchchableFaces subreddit … today


Reddit, what the hell is your problem?

So last night I discovered the PunchableFaces subreddit. That’s right, an entire subreddit devoted to posting pictures of people so that Redditors can fantasize about doing them bodily harm.

While most of the pictures in the subreddit are of boys and men – some targeted for being “faggots” – the recent posts (as of this writing) with the greatest number of upvotes and comments were, naturally, aimed at women. Specifically, at two outspoken feminists who’ve been singled out by Men’s Rights Activists and #GamerGaters for endless harassment: video game critic Anita Sarkeesian and Canadian feminist activist Chanty Binx, perhaps better known amongst her enemies as “Big Red.”


Here are five of the worst comments I’ve run across in the, er, discussions about these women.

Needless to say, TRIGGER WARNING for explicit threats of violence and rape.




1) This rapey comment about Anita Sarkeesian:

AkatsukiXeno 1 point 3 hours ago   I'd punch her face with my dick. Shit, for a colossal cunt she sure does have a fuckable mouth.2) This comment about Sarkeesian with more than two dozen upvotes:

hollander93 31 points 12 hours ago   Disregarding her shit and talks and whatever, she does have a punch able face. Expression doesn't help though.3) This comment about Chanty Binx:

iambecomedeath7 2 points 3 hours ago   I would probably be willing to go through the legal system if it meant punching this insufferable twat in a public setting.4) This other comment about Chanty Binx:

RogueHelios 2 points 2 hours ago   I predict her dying very young if she is still being the angry bitch s high she was in that video.5) And this other other comment about her:

I-NEED-YOUR-SKULLS 1 point 7 hours ago   I'd gladly punch this face into non-existence.

BONUS: Three comments about much-maligned game designer Zoe Quinn, the subject of another post on the PunchableFaces subreddit:

fuckyourteam 2 points 2 hours ago   Wtf is this cunt looking at?      permalink     save     report     give gold     reply  [–]edu_gon95 [S] 5 points 2 hours ago   Hopefully an incoming fist      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]ovenbutt 2 points 2 hours ago   I want to pretend it's a fist coming straight for her face.

One more BONUS Zoe Quinn comment:

NO3SCAPE 2 points 3 hours ago   Shes a fucking gronk. She isn't a feminist shes a psycho. I want to punch her so badly. Ill elbow the slut too. She will pay for what she is trying to do to le chan.

Oh, and as an ADDED BONUS, here’s another terrible comment, this one directed at a gay teen boy whose picture is the third-most upvoted one on the subreddit as of this writing.

FAP-FOR-BRAINS -1 points an hour ago   I would pretend to be gay so I could get him alone...tie him down, and punch the gay right off of his gay-ass face. Then, I would prepare his quivering anus for

Why exactly is Reddit providing a forum for hate speech and explicit violent threats directed at, among others, gay teenagers and women who are already the regular targets of widespread harassment and threats?

H/T: r/againstmensrights

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7 years ago

Is a phantasy when you dream about someone’s phallus (or your own)? Cause if so, sorry dude but I think that may just be you, not David.

kittehserf - MOD
kittehserf - MOD
7 years ago

“Notorious radical feminists” ROFLMAO!

What part of mocking misogyny don’t you understand, dude?

7 years ago

They have no idea what radical feminism is, do they? They seem to think it means “radical” in the 80s, Bill and Ted kind of way, like “radical, dude!”.

There are these things called books, guys. If you read them you can learn things. You should check it out.

kittehserf - MOD
kittehserf - MOD
7 years ago

These days anyone being a feminist at all seems to get tagged a radical feminist by the hard of thinking. It’s such a joke. Wonder how long before they call Emma Watson a radical feminist?

Be amusing if any of these infants met an actual radical feminist. They’d piss their pants in terror.

7 years ago

someone who is (considerably) gay

Does that bowl of word salad imply that if you’re only kinda-sorta gay you’d escape the subreddit’s wrath; or that dudes whose gayness is not “considerable” don’t count as gay for the purposes of demonstrating prejudice on the part of r/punchchablefaces?

I’m also curious as to how one is determined to be “considerably” gay. Is the level of one’s gayness judged on the number of same-sex partners, or do they use the Kinsey scale?

(And literalol @ Sarkeesian, Binx = radfems. Mmmhmm.)

7 years ago

(And literalol @ Sarkeesian, Binx = radfems. Mmmhmm.)

I’m shocked–shocked!–to find that ShluRaffa doesn’t know what radical feminism is!

6 years ago

i unfortunately commented on a photo of a guy with frosted tips saying “why the fuck do people think that hair is a good idea” before realizing it’s a fatpeoplehate spin off. ugh i felt so dirty.

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