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Spamming, Doxxing and Sockpuppeting: 4Channers' dirty tricks, straight from their IRC log

It's 4chan, come to play

[CORRECTION: See the section on sockpuppeting for a correction.]

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If you’re looking for evidence of just how carefully – and how duplicitously – the campaign of vilification and harassment now known as #GamerGate was planned, from the very beginning, there’s perhaps no better place to find it than in the chat log from the IRC channel #burgersandfries.

The channel, launched when the Zoe Quinn “scandal” first erupted in August, has served as a virtual meeting place for hundreds of 4channers trying to dig up dirt on Quinn and her supporters and spread this information/disinformation as widely as possible.

On Monday, I wrote a long post documenting a tiny portion of the misogynistic hate towards Quinn that fills the log, an almost bewilderingly enormous document of 3756 pages, in 10-point type, of overlapping IRC conversations. It will take me several more posts to even begin to report on all the nastiness that can be found inside.

Today I would like to focus on some of the dirty tricks that 4channers and others on the channel have been using in their attempts to ruin the life and careers of Quinn and her supporters, tricks that were discussed surprisingly openly.

The tricks I’ll focus on today are spamming, doxxing, and sockpuppeting – including impersonating women/people of color in order to make the #GamerGate movement seem less obviously a white male-dominated reaction to outspoken women in video games.

The quotes below can all be found easily in the log of the IRC chat using ctrl-F. IRC conversations can be hard to follow, with multiple overlapping conversations going on at the same time; in some cases I have removed some of these comments, as well as some others that seemed confusing and/or redundant, indicating all cuts with ellipses. If you have any questions about what I removed I urge you to check the original context of the quotes in the log itself.


Shortly after the Zoe Quinn “scandal” broke in mid-August, the 4channers on #burgersandfries were eager to spread the dirt, real and imagined, that they had on Quinn as far and wide as possible. One of their original tactics was spamming 4chan itself with posts and graphics pushing their anti-Quinn agenda.

Indeed, some of the board members organized mass spamming campaigns to make sure that 4channers saw their messages. Here’s one of the organizers sending marching orders to potential spammers on #burgersandfries.

Aug 18 19.16.08 <hresvelgr> at 8:36 EST MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT IT ON /v/at 8:36 EST MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT IT ON /v/
Aug 18 19.16.09 <hresvelgr> at 8:36 EST MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT IT ON /v/at 8:36 EST MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT IT ON /v/
Aug 18 19.16.09 <hresvelgr> at 8:36 EST MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT IT ON /v/at 8:36 EST MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT IT ON /v/
Aug 18 19.16.10 <hresvelgr> at 8:36 EST MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT IT ON /v/at 8:36 EST MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT IT ON /v/

A few minutes later, one of his allies offered this tip to get posts past 4chan’s anti-spam filters:


When the appointed hour arose, the spam organizers – including channel mod Cyberserker – fired the starting pistol:

Aug 18 19.36.02 <hresvelgr> 10 S
Aug 18 19.36.06 <Cyberserker> SHOWTIME
Aug 18 19.36.07 <hresvelgr> 5
Aug 18 19.36.08 <hresvelgr> 4
Aug 18 19.36.08 <hresvelgr> 3
Aug 18 19.36.09 <hresvelgr> 2
Aug 18 19.36.10 <hresvelgr> 1
Aug 18 19.36.11 <hresvelgr> GO
Aug 18 19.36.15 <goyim> POST!
Aug 18 19.36.23 <goyim> DID IT!!!! :DDDD
Aug 18 19.36.31  <Five-Guys> HERE WE GO FUCKERS#

A few moments later, the spammers happily announced that they’d succeeded:

Aug 18 19.36.50 <hresvelgr> ITS HAPPENING
Aug 18 19.36.52 <Carsh> Great boardwipe
Aug 18 19.36.53 <goyim> POST MORE!
Aug 18 19.36.57 <hresvelgr> POST THE INFO IN OTHER LARGE THREADS
Aug 18 19.36.57 <Bem> that was terrible
Aug 18 19.36.59 <JCTheDenthog> POST SUCCESSFUL BITCHES
Aug 18 19.37.02 <hresvelgr> POST INFO IN OTHER LARGE THREADS
Aug 18 19.37.04  <anoonynus> someone screenshoit it ll
Aug 18 19.37.08 <nullspace> epic win :^)
Aug 18 19.37.15 <Xempa> it happened
Aug 18 19.37.20 <synack> it’s over, we’ve won

Shortly afterwards, the spammers talked about expanding the campaign to other social media platforms:

Aug 18 20.04.57 <goyim> Do we go to facebook?
Aug 18 20.05.01 <goyim> Do we go to twitter? …
Aug 18 20.05.05  <goyim> …tumblr? …
Aug 18 20.05.14 <anonynous> Tumblr and Twitter need to be spammed hard
Aug 18 20.05.17 <VidyaBro> it’s already on tumblr, goyim

When many of their spam posts on 4chan were removed by mods, they settled in for the long haul:

Aug 18 20.26.17 <Roberts[OPEC]> I guess we have to continually spam threads?
Aug 18 20.26.33 <Roberts[OPEC]> ugh

Recognizing that if they too blatantly mentioned Quinn their threads would be deleted as spam, they talked about ways to get past the mods:

Aug 18 20.26.37 <hamburgerhelper> so if you want to keep spamming you have to obfuscate

I’ll have more on their attempts to publicize the charges against Quinn — as well as to spread her nude photos —  in a later post.


By the time #burgersandfries started up, much of the dirt on Quinn – including her nude photos – had already been revealed. But 4channers on the channel continued to try to dig up dirt on her and her supporters.

Some defenders of 4chan insist that there was no “doxxing” on #burgersandfries because no one there talked explicitly about hacking Quinn and others in order to uncover her private information. And, indeed, I have yet to see evidence that anyone on the channel was involved in hacking.

But this is a rather narrow definition of “doxxing,” and certainly those on the channel would be surprised to hear that there was no doxxing going on, because they quite openly talked about their doxxing, and use the word freely – some 646 times over the course of the time period covered in the log.

Here some of the channel’s doxxers discuss shelling out money for the personal information of one of the “five guys” Quinn allegedly slept with:

Aug 18 18.12.22 <Television17> Do we have dox on the bitch here? …
Aug 18 18.13.05 <Five-Guys> read topic
Aug 18 18.13.23 <Five-Guys> LATEST NEWS: Possible Dox on Josh Boggs found (needs someone to pay for them), …
Aug 18 18.13.50 <Geno_> Who has the possible dox?
Aug 18 18.14.00 <Geno_> And how much money does it cost

Here they talked about doxxing Boggs’ wife in order to get at him:

Aug 18 18.32.15 <SaladCream> The wife is the key …
Aug 18 18.32.36 <Xempa> Yeah the Wife is the main objective as of now …
Aug 18 18.32.52 <anonymoose_> Dox the wife, find her email/mailbox
Aug 18 18.32.58 <anonymoose_> and then send letters en masse

Here they added another name to the mix (I’ve redacted it from the quotes below):

Aug 18 17.34.56 <SaladCream> Any luck on the wife hunt?
Aug 18 17.35.04 <Cyberserker> Once someone buys the dox, yes
Aug 18 17.35.05 <Five-Guys> facebook yields nothing
Aug 18 17.35.12 <Geno_> Err pipl throws this on Joshua facebook profile …
Aug 18 17.35.12 <Geno_> Josh Boggs, [other name redacted by DF]
Aug 18 17.35.13 <cuteGamrgrll> The dox might not yield much.
Aug 18 17.35.16 <Geno_> Its that his full name?
Aug 18 17.35.19 <cuteGamrgrll> who the fuck is [name redacted]?
Aug 18 17.35.26 <OtherGentleman> has this info been brought to the game journalists for their comment/denial?
Aug 18 17.35.31 <Geno_> That page is his facebook profile
Aug 18 17.35.49 <BurgerKing> He’s deleting all his shit
Aug 18 17.35.54 <BurgerKing> Someone dox [name redacted]
Aug 18 17.35.59 <cuteGamrgrll> searching
Aug 18 17.36.14 <Geno_> You know, it might be his middle name or something
Aug 18 17.36.47 <Cyberserker>[name redacted]
Aug 18 17.36.56 <Geno_> Also his page is gone and the google cache throws back to his twitter
Aug 18 17.37.46 <cuteGamrgrll> looking for a chinaman is tough shit.
Aug 18 17.37.50 <cuteGamrgrll> their names are common as fuck.

Several days later they’re still discussing Boggs. (Again, I’ve redacted all info besides his name.)

Aug 24 00.54.45 <DarkHiero> Yeah, we need to find Boggs.
Aug 24 00.55.17 <ZoeTheBurgerFiend> did we do anything with those numbers that were posted?
Aug 24 00.55.19 <Agent_Cooper> Yes Dox Boggs
Aug 24 00.55.28 <ZoeTheBurgerFiend> I know we have his sister’s info
Aug 24 00.56.09 <ZoeTheBurgerFiend> [link redacted]
Aug 24 00.56.12 <EvilBob> Boggs fucked right off- Shit is there a public wedding thinger for [location redacted by DF]?
Aug 24 00.57.07 <ZoeTheBurgerFiend> A wedding directory
Aug 24 00.57.13 <EvilBob> ZoeTheBurgerFiend: That’s the thing!
Aug 24 00.57.16 <ZoeTheBurgerFiend> I mean these records are public, but the problem is….
Aug 24 00.57.24 <ZoeTheBurgerFiend> they need to be accessed in person …
Aug 24 00.57.34 <ZoeTheBurgerFiend> a lot of these directories aren’t online.

Later on, when one of the most energetic doxxers – a YouTuber known as Cameralady – expresses her weariness, a new particpant offers his services in the dox hunt:

Sep 02 01.54.09 <Taman_Shud> Then let me take up your burden …
Sep 02 01.54.30 <Taman_Shud> I am an unemployed intelligence analyst with some of the craziest access
Sep 02 01.54.32 <Taman_Shud> I will do it …
Sep 02 01.54.36 <Taman_Shud> I will be your champion yo …
Sep 02 01.55.10 <Bub> Taman_Shud: access to what, where? …
Sep 02 01.55.33 <Taman_Shud> I have a lot of friends in various places and agencies.
Sep 02 01.55.36 <merricks> Taman_Shud, please don’t confusing “investigation” with “the d word” …
Sep 02 01.55.39 <Taman_Shud> with lots of connections

In addition to doxxing Quinn’s supporters (and alleged paramours), the 4channers have been digging deeper into her life and into her family history:

Aug 23 20.10.17 <Agent_Cooper> Off topic but I found stuff that ties Zoe’s family to lobbying President Woodrow Wilson over Tobacco and Oil

There’s much more there; I hesitate to post more because to do so would be a further invasion of Quinn’s privacy.


4chaners are widely known as enthusiastic users of sockpuppets, and they’ve spoken about this quite openly on the #burgersandfries channel, with some even admitting plainly that they planned to troll Twitter in the guise of women and/or people of color in order to make it appear that their crusade was not dominated quite so heavily by white guys.

The #burgersandfries crowd were quick to take up the #notyourshield hashtag on Twitter, which evidently originated on 4chan itself as a pseudo-grassroots campaign by women, people of color, and/or LGBT folk allegedly fed up with “Social Justice Warriors” criticizing gaming.

It’s clear, though, that at least some of the #notyourshield posts are being posted by white guys.

On #burgersandfries some of the sockpuppeteers readily confessed to their deceptive behavior:

Sep 03 00.56.24 <recursiveAnon> Hi guys, #notyourshield squadmember reporting in, seems like we hit a vital point …
Sep 03 00.57.15 <Albel> recursiveAnon: you’re doing the lord’s work
Sep 03 00.57.20 <DepressionFries> I already joined …
Sep 03 00.57.23 <DepressionFries> as a Latino
Sep 03 00.57.25 <DepressionFries> :3
Sep 03 00.57.41 <Bub> if I show up in blackface can I help #notyourshield …
Sep 03 00.57.48 <DepressionFries> lul

Bub returned less than an hour later to report that he had indeed posted in the hashtag “in blackface.”

[CORRECTION: Someone claiming to be DepressionFries has since posted a picture of himself on Twitter; he does indeed appear to be Latino.]

Another 4channer volunteered to do the same:

Sep 03 01.19.15 <AnimeJustice> I have a picture of me and a black girl i know …
Sep 03 01.19.19 <AnimeJustice> I could play pretend

Other #burgersandfries chatters talked about impersonating “Social Justice Workers” in order to win over – and exploit – the trust of Quinn and others:

Aug 25 03.10.37 <akiyuki_shinbo> wait what are we plotting
Aug 25 03.10.42 <sangria> i don’t even know
Aug 25 03.10.44 <sangria> but i like it …
Aug 25 03.10.52 <temet> to pose as a SJW that watns to game dev
Aug 25 03.10.56 <akiyuki_shinbo> oh
Aug 25 03.10.58 <Dudebrogamer> @temet I think the best way is the simplest way… have a pro dev reach out to the poor oppressed indie girl. easy to make friends, looks legit etc
Aug 25 03.11.04 <Shakes> Something about infiltrating SJWs I think …
Aug 25 03.11.23 <sangria> lol
Aug 25 03.11.34 <temet> but her defences are too high right now
Aug 25 03.11.38 <temet> so we have to check out …
Aug 25 03.11.40 <temet> like with our detaisl
Aug 25 03.11.45 <akiyuki_shinbo> whoever does this would have to dye their hair
Aug 25 03.11.49 <Shakes> That’s the great comedy of this situation
Aug 25 03.11.49 <akiyuki_shinbo> and grow out a jewfro
Aug 25 03.11.49 <sangria> lol
Aug 25 03.11.53 <sangria> get tattoos …
Aug 25 03.11.56 <sangria> and a septum piercing
Aug 25 03.12.02 <Dudebrogamer> lol temporary tats
Aug 25 03.12.06 <sangria> lol
Aug 25 03.12.07 <akiyuki_shinbo> henna

Another 4channer fantasized about deceiving Quinn while posing as a SJW:

Aug 26 03.06.40 <mib_ipe1yf> actually what you should do …
Aug 26 03.06.46 <mib_ipe1yf> is get close to her and pretend you’re SJWs …
Aug 26 03.06.55 <mib_ipe1yf> earn her trust and her favor …
Aug 26 03.07.04 <mib_ipe1yf> and then backstab the backstabbing bitch
Aug 26 03.07.07 <Keirnoth> i have too much pride in myself to do that mib

Still another arrived independently at a similar plan several days later:

Sep 03 23.36.41 <cosmicboy> GUYS GUYS GUYS!!! why don’t we pose as an SJW looking for help and see what ‘help’ she actually provides? …
Sep 03 23.36.55 <CreeperEsq> @cosmicboy Psyops? …
Sep 03 23.37.07 <cosmicboy> creepesq exactly …
Sep 03 23.38.59 <cosmicboy> sefam we could make a fake infographic about some random girl who got abused on 4chan …
Sep 03 23.39.17 <cosmicboy> and then pretend to be that random girl

While others debated how to pull off a convincing imitation of a girl on the internet:

Aug 26 13.22.36 <maximumtacos> be subtle …

Aug 26 13.22.46 <maximumtacos> these people are evil
Aug 26 13.22.49 <maximumtacos> but not completely stupid
Aug 26 13.22.57 <maximumtacos> i mean they’re STUPID on one level
Aug 26 13.23.01 <maximumtacos> but they’re also not retarded
Aug 26 13.23.10 <Guest17627> also, make the account more pretty, like you are actually a 13 year old just learning hte internet
Aug 26 13.23.21 <Cyberserker> ^
Aug 26 13.23.23 <maximumtacos> why
Aug 26 13.23.26 <Guest17627> use sailor moon wall if you ned to …
Aug 26 13.23.32 <Cyberserker> You should have put a lot of numbers in your name
Aug 26 13.23.33 <maximumtacos> no anime stuff
Aug 26 13.23.42 <maximumtacos> is MM actually trying to be an underage girl
Aug 26 13.23.44 <Cyberserker> Like anime_fan666xXx
Aug 26 13.23.47 <maximumtacos> and then catch a dev hitting on her?
Aug 26 13.23.50 <Csiko> Sailor Moon stuff is good, numbers isn’t
Aug 26 13.23.56 <maximumtacos> why is sailor moon stuff good
Aug 26 13.23.59 <maximumtacos> im losing the plot here guys
Aug 26 13.24.08 <maximumtacos> i thought the idea was to infiltrate them on twitter
Aug 26 13.24.11 <Cyberserker> I don’t know how girls think
Aug 26 13.24.12 <Guest17627> maximumtacos, then bratz the fairy stufff, Mlp or something
Aug 26 13.24.13 <maximumtacos> not pretend to be a fedora anime fan …
Aug 26 13.24.21 <Csiko> trust me
Aug 26 13.24.22 <Cyberserker> Girls can’t be fedoras
Aug 26 13.24.26 <anonCo> I think this is fueling them, tbh.
Aug 26 13.24.28 <maximumtacos> you are useless at pretending to be a girl
Aug 26 13.24.31 <maximumtacos> bratz?
Aug 26 13.24.37 <maximumtacos> theyll see right through it all
Aug 26 13.24.52 <maximumtacos> i was a 14 year old boy on the internet once
Aug 26 13.24.54 <Cyberserker> I remember that shit
Aug 26 13.24.55 <Guest17627> maximumtacos, I can be, since I used to be one…
Aug 26 13.24.57 <maximumtacos> i know how to properly pretend to be a girl
Aug 26 13.24.58 <Cyberserker> Uncanny Valley
Aug 26 13.24.59 <Csiko> if you don’t go with Sailor Moon go with bishounen shit
Aug 26 13.25.08 <maximumtacos> all the anime shit will just make them assume 4chan

Others fantasized about creating a robot army of fake SJW Tweeters:

Aug 18 22.44.39 <yetsturdy> i want a social botnet …
Aug 18 22.44.56 <yetsturdy> yes
Aug 18 22.45.01 <yetsturdy> augmented trolling. :)…
Aug 18 22.45.10 <PEANESS> using neutral language processing to create realistic & generic SJW posts, creating reputations for many accounts …
Aug 18 22.45.17 <PEANESS> which is something that i specialize in
Aug 18 22.45.28 <nullspace> make it happen …
Aug 18 22.45.35 <PEANESS> i don’t specialize in english very much
Aug 18 22.45.35 <yetsturdy> PEANESS: that first part is a little silly …
Aug 18 22.45.46 <yetsturdy> people will catch on to markov bots pretty quick
Aug 18 22.46.00 <yetsturdy> they can be used to maybe generate initial followers, but not for long-term psyops
Aug 18 22.46.23 <PEANESS> which is why it wouldn’t be original content, mostly
Aug 18 22.46.26 <yetsturdy> if there were tools that made it really easy to manage many sockpuppet identities, then we’d have something good
Aug 18 22.46.38 <yetsturdy> and better than sockpuppets: stolen accounts
Aug 18 22.46.41 <PEANESS> it would be old stuff from old bloggers, repurposed with the words switched around
Aug 18 22.46.49 <yetsturdy> mind-control, in a very loose sense.
Aug 18 22.47.01 <platonicSolid> big dreams dude …
Aug 18 22.48.05 <PEANESS> if you’re working with stolen accounts, you’re working on borrowed time …
Aug 18 22.48.28 <PEANESS> they have their place, but if you’re going to annhilation instead of irritation then you need more
Aug 18 22.48.57 <PEANESS> plus sjws have pretty strong friends groups that exist outside of tumblr; account stealings will be caught onto quickly

It’s a good thing that this is a bit beyond 4chan’s capabilities at the moment, because I have no doubt they’d do it.

In later posts I plan to talk more about how 4channers generated publicity for what became the #GamerGate campaign, as well as to delve more into their motivations – which in many cases have nothing even remotely to do with the “ethics” they like to pretend that their utterly unethical campaign is about.

EDIT: Due to some WordPress glitch involving the angle brackets, some of the names of posters were stripped from the quotes here. I’ve manually added them back in.

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6 years ago

You’re just cherry-picking. XD

Cthulhu's Intern
6 years ago

So… finding as much public information as you can isn’t doxxing? That’s kind of funny, because just today in my Cyber Security class, we had an assignment due where we had to “footprint” (basically, dox) this one corporation and a local community college, find as much information as we can without using anything such as ping or nslookup. Some even managed to find information on the really strange interests of the executives. Then, in class today, we had to discuss exactly how we could use this information if we wanted to commit a crime against either institution, and we found a lot of things we could do.
Compiling publicly available information isn’t doxxing, my ass.

6 years ago

There’s no bottom to this barrel, is there?

Cthulhu's Intern
6 years ago

And also, to continue that, some of the methods we came up with are very similar to some of the plans they discussed in those IRC logs, like the one in which they said they’d pose as an SJW to deceive Quinn was very similar to examples we gave, like finding the executives’ interests and talking to them about them.
There is also a term for that a lot of you probably heard of, social engineering.

Real Kim - accept no imitations
Real Kim - accept no imitations
6 years ago

Aug 26 13.22.49 but not completely stupid
Aug 26 13.22.57 i mean they’re STUPID on one level
Aug 26 13.23.01 but they’re also not r*****d

They so want to believe feminist etc are stupid, and they can’t stand to say anything nice, but it’s being forced out of them if they want their plans to have any chance of success. I hope having to admit this was literally painful to this jerk.

6 years ago

sjws have pretty strong friends groups that exist outside of tumblr

Translation: feminists have actual friends in the real world.

A Wolverine
A Wolverine
6 years ago

they have a new CT where Conde nast (owns reddit and a mess of different publications) is trying to make them look bad for some reason I cannot fucking understand

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
6 years ago

New bingo cards for the inevitable trolls:

http://imgur com/ahXy5xv
http://imgur com/kZA2kQJ
http://imgur com/iIRreyF
http://imgur com/y9bmQV4
http://imgur com/j8RTtI5

Pick one, they all come off the same word list.

6 years ago

The friends of feminists and other social justice types exist only as a barrier to successful raids! Curse those women for being actual people with friends, lives, and so on.

friday jones
friday jones
6 years ago

There’s nothing BUT bottom to this barrel, is there?

6 years ago

I was impressed a year or so ago with how effective a few emails to Conde Nast were in shutting down a reddit rage fest.

6 years ago

Did 4chan just try to insult “social justice warriors” by saying they have lots of friends?

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
6 years ago

I have to wonder what goyim thinks “spamming twitter” is going to accomplish. Twitter reports an average of 5700 tweets per second. A couple of dudes “spamming twitter” would not even register.

However, spamming a person on twitter might be effective. If one’s goal were to harass a single individual, then “spamming twitter” and pumping that person’s mentions full of vileness might engender a reaction.

Tell me again about how this has nothing to do with ZQ?

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
6 years ago

The “how do I girl on the Internet” conversation is fairly hilarious.

6 years ago

Yeah, PoM, the IRC logs state one of their tricks is to mob a “SJW” to make them feel alone and outnumbered. Rinse and repeat a few dozen times and it could actually be a fairly effective silencing tactic if people are intimidated into shutting up.

6 years ago

It’s like a barrel that’s just filled with bottoms and each time one rots through, you find another damn bottom even more scummed up than the last.

6 years ago

Periods and shoes and I love it when men tell me that I’m pretty, amirite, ladies? I am totes a girl. You can tell because of how I stole a stock photo.

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
6 years ago

@ strivingally

Yes, but this appears in the context of a spamming session on 4chan. I glanced over the appearance in the log – I didn’t go back for hours, but it looks like they were spamming 4chan forums in order to be nuisances. I suppose they thought they were bringing attention to their “mighty cause” but the goal seemed to be to completely flood the channels with the same message over and over with is a nuisance no matter how you slice it.

Then this dude goyim starts panting and salivating over their wild success in mildly irritating other 4channers, and asks if it’s time to take it to twitter. ??? “Threadbombing” Twitter is not a thing that is possible. That’s why I’m confused. Maybe if I read more it would make more sense, but I have better uses for my time and sanity.

David deserves an ovation for going through this … mass of bile.

6 years ago

Bleep blorp romcoms beep boop shopping! whoop whoop bra sizes buzz click housework…

Am I doing it right? Do you all believe I’m a woman yet? 😀

(side note: when these guys are talking about their hamfisted attempts to impersonate women or PoC all I can think of in my brain is something like the above, done in the manner of the Solenoid Robots from the old Roger Ramjet cartoons)

6 years ago

I…. like JacquesCuze’s handle. I wish I’d thought of it first.

6 years ago

Also, since spermburgling my babydaddy I use his monies to buy SHOES and CLEANING PRODUCTS and SCENTED CANDLES and BRASSIERES!


6 years ago

Probably. I wonder what length his pants are. Or if Mr. Esmay received the offer for a pair of long trousers I sent him.

6 years ago

“I know all about women and know how to be one! They love anything with pink in it, right?”

Oh I would love to see more conversations like this. And ‘girls can’t be fedoras’ what does that mean? Some of this doesn’t make any sense to me.

A Wolverine
A Wolverine
6 years ago

The threads on /v/ are falling apart, most of the posts are just crap to keep it from falling off the first page

6 years ago

Is anyone here actually on 4chan, or used to be? If someone knows the place well enough to participate they should go pretend to teach those guys how to successfully impersonate women.

6 years ago

My sister’s cat slept in a fedora for a couple weeks, vomited in it one day and never returned to it.

Cthulhu's Intern
6 years ago

@cassandrakitty: I used to go. That wouldn’t work, since they already KNOW how women ALWAYS think. Any exception is the exception that proves the rule or something.

6 years ago

@marinerachel, that’s probably a sign of cats’ innate superiority.

Buttercup Q. Skullpants
Buttercup Q. Skullpants
6 years ago

Rule #1 of feeemale impersonation: establish credibility right off the bat. Start every comment with “As a woman…”

6 years ago

No doubt.

I’m going for a paddle and a swim.

In case anyone hadn’t notices, Reality is here. He’s got pretty terrible diarrhoea. He won’t accept any offers of help though and insists are continuing with the ranty public behaviour despite all the diarrhoea. In fact, he thinks it is we who have the diarrhoea. Poor child.

6 years ago

Enjoy the water. Beware of sea monsters. I’m pretty sure they’re a thing. *is a landlubber*

Thebarton Gamer
6 years ago

We’re way past the bottom of the barrel – we’re exiting the underground carpark underneath the sub-basement. We’re well on our way to discovering oil.

blahlistic (@blahlistic)

David booted Reality..seriously bad handle for the guy, he didn’t seem that close to consensus reality.

6 years ago

re: barrel bottoms

There’s this riddle in Spanish that goes “Redondo, redondo, barril sin fondo” (round, round, a barrel without bottom)”

They taught me the answer was “a ring”, but I’m actually going to replace it by “4chan”

A Wolverine
A Wolverine
6 years ago


Yeah I still go there. (Mostly not /v/ which is one of the worse boards)
Got called a troll for making the suggestion that If they don’t want to be called misogynistic, maybe they should try to avoid associating with MRAs and be more proactive at shutting up the more cranky people

Save The Queen
Save The Queen
6 years ago

Seriously, are these people (4channers) incredibly stupid or just supremely arrogant? Did they really think this wouldn’t come out talking about it so openly?

6 years ago

I am not surprised in the least that they have no idea what real women/girls sound like.

6 years ago

I also would like to thank David, yet again. I am amazed and grateful every day when I come here and know you’ve been doing this for years. All my love to you.

And while I’m at it, thanks Policy of Madness for the bingo cards, I hope I’ll have chance to play soon (hope I said? I’m <i<certain!)

And thanks everyone else for being awesome and funny and mostly for being decent human beings.

I don’t seem to run into a lot of people like you in my life lately and it’s great to know I can find you here any time.

6 years ago

Now the Italics Mammoth is chasing me! Do I smell like Mammoth food or what?

6 years ago

“Dudes, dudes Sailor Moon is a bad idea. You are useless at pretending to be a girl, they’ll see right through you, I was a 14 year old boy on the internet once.”

Hopefully, he was a 14 year boy recently or this Keystone Hackers slapstick comedy is even more pathetic than it reads. I didn’t know nude photos were involved so this post first depressed the hell out of me, but I was cheered up by seeing mostly adult men hyperventilate over Bratz as IRL girl bait and the thrilling prospect of “mind-control, in a very loose sense”. The sense is very loose through out this whole “OP”.

The last 4chan SJW sock puppets were incapable of fooling anyone other than conservatives, including JudgeyB, who gleefully bashed the clownishly unbelievable fantasy SJW speak. They seem surprisingly aware of those past failures since they seem to realize that they need to plagiarize someone who knows what they’re talking about in order to get anyone outside the circle jerk to buy their nonsense.

It’s over, we won

I love how this guy took his victory lap after they successfully spammed 4chan for less then one minute. Way to aim high dude.

6 years ago

Aug 26 13.22.36 be subtle …

Aug 26 13.22.46 these people are evil
Aug 26 13.22.49 but not completely stupid

Alas, maximumtacos, I cannot say the same thing about you and your friends. You all completely showed your bums when you released these logs. You all might be evil, but you are also completely stupid.

Also, brooked, I think that he’s admitting to having pretended to be a 14 year old at some point during his internet history and that he wants to offer up his expertise on impersonating a young teenager.

6 years ago


The logs themselves and their release does show that they do very strongly believe in the magic of free information and scapegoating.

Good thing they’re white dudes, because otherwise this whole mess would make them look… irrational.

6 years ago

This gets totes meta when a sock puppet snaps at David when he tweets about this post.

@JacquesCuze @DavidFutrelle So I’m a sockpuppet account now? Please, tell me more about what I am. Just know that I’m #notyourshield

Kinda, unless you’re a real person who barely tweeted, other then some attacks on Quinn, then suddenly felt the need to feverishly pound out #notyourshield for the last five days. Throwing in a couple of Richard Dawkins tweets doesn’t quite create the illusion of being a real person the same way having friends and other interests would.

She retweets Steven@Riddle1965, who may be the hardest working sock puppet in Twitterland. Slow your roll, fella. Go take a walk or do something not-gamergate tweet related, the internet isn’t going anywhere.

Many, if not all, these notyourshield stalwarts seem to love Breitbart, TFYCapitalists, Adam Baldwin shout outs, anime profile pics and anti-Sarkeeeesian truth bombs. And, hilariously, they passionately defend 4chan while denying it’s roll in this mess. Clever.

Finally, they all continue to do an amazingly poor job explaining why they are conflating corruption in game journalism and internet SJWs, but, hey, this hashtag “movement” is still young.

6 years ago

Yeah, I can usually take a 10-second look at the timeline of any of those self-appointed warriors against “journalistic corruption” and have them pegged. Trolled #EndFathersDay? Retweeted thunderf00t? Subscribed to trolling videos? Yeah, you’re totally not in this for the sake of pissing off feminists.

IMO, I think far too often those on the “SJW” side of things feel the need to indulge these assholes by engaging with them, because we’re so committed to the idea that changing minds is the way to ultimately change society. It’s pretty telling that most of the trolls have exactly the same bag of tricks to try and guilt/antagonise/cajole/offend/patronise the troll-ee into continuing the conversation when they attempt to disengage, and often get quite hostile when people refuse to play along. Most of the time you can tell within three replies whether someone’s actually interested in a discussion or trolling – after that any time spent on them is wasted.

Not counting here of course. I would never want to lose the Troll Pinata Party here. 😀

6 years ago

I just want to thank you all for this comments section.

Even the summarized/edited excerpts make my brain bleed. Being able to digest their content filtered through your mockery is both a time and a happiness saver 😀

6 years ago

So… how is the “target and threaten outspoken defenders” thing not a retread of the KKK’s worst behaviors in the 50s through 70s?

6 years ago

Now I can understand why folks like Zoe & Anita were scared off the web. I wish there was a counter campaign for when these things happen. There’s got to be a better way to fight this. Is there any software that bloggers & whatnot can use to block hackers who attempt to dox? I don’t want to hear about another female blogger successfully scared off by some inferior cowards.

I was hoping that these young women would’ve stayed online in defiance, as strong women, never giving in….but I guess that even this campaign by the 4chan freaks would have been too much for even Rambo.

But I doubt these women have given up. They have a mission in life. They’re just re-grouping and taking a break to regain peace of mind.

What they needed was support & counter-attacks against 4chan by allies!

We need to “GET” 4chan.

We need to teach them a lesson. We’re the good guys, right? Call me old-fashioned but the good guys should win!

Dave, I think this blog is great and I really commend you for your hard work. We need more guys like you. You are awesome!

What we need is a list of tips for folks like Anita & Zoe that teach how to block, thwart & resist these cyberbullies. Since it’s next to impossible to police cyberspace, it’s best to teach cyberspace self-defense. My philosophy is, if the authorities can’t or wont protect you or provide justice, you have to protect yourself.

There’s anti-virus/anti-malware software, right? It’s about time someone would invent good anti-doxxing/cyberbully software. There should also be a push for a law requiring ALL messageboards/social networks/video sites to have a “Block & Hide” feature.

6 years ago

4chan is truly a terrible, terrible place inhabited by terrible, terrible people. What interested me was their qualifier of “evil” for the women THEY are harassing and threatening. They genuinely see themselves as the good guys in this?? Talk about cognitive dissonance, holy shit.

What’s even more fun is I bet you anything these people who think Quinn should suffer for the rest of her life for her mistakes in a private relationship that never should have been anyone’s business are the same losers who argue that abusers shouldn’t have to suffer for their “one little mistake” of beating their partner unconscious.

Providing the abuser is male, of course. Women should suffer for every last imagined insult, but men are precious little snowflakes who can’t be at fault for anything.

6 years ago

@ Save The Queen – They’re the kind of people who are smart in one area, and think that means they know everything about everything. Like all the engineers and small business owners on the Internet who know just how to fix the immigration crisis.

And yes, I think they really didn’t think this would come out. I think they have this image of themselves as unstoppable super-hackers, and all the rest of us as weak, stupid, passive victims. They can’t imagine anyone other than themselves being smart enough to figure out what they’re doing, or think of some way to counter it. For a lot of them, this is probably the first time someone has turned around and punched the cyber-bully in the nose, and like a meatspace bully after the same experience, they don’t quite know what to do.

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