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Hatemongering Bigots Are All Alike, Misandrist: The Dean Esmay Story

Sometimes it's hard to decide whether to go with "hatemongering bigot" or "bigot hatemonger."
Dean Esmay choosing his words: Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to go with “hatemongering bigot” or “bigot hatemonger.”

It’s Twitter Thursday here on We Hunted the Mammoth! Which is my way of saying that I spent last night poking around in the Twitterings of some of the A Voice for Men crowd. And I’ve decided that, as much as I enjoy Judgy B’s passive-aggressive evasiveness and schoolyard taunts, I think I like Dean Esmay’s tweets better.

Why? Because he tweets as if at any moment his head might literally explode.

Let’s take a look, shall we, at this selection of tweets from Mr. Esmay I gathered up last night. I have taken the liberty of highlighting some, well, let’s just call them recurring motifs.





I was sort of thinking that “Bigots Usually Laugh When Their Hate Is Shown” could be the title of the second volume in the Dean Esmay Story.

deanhatefulbigotrydeanhatemongdean4inarowdeanhatemonger2 deanhatemongerinbigotsdeanhatemongerliedeanlyingbigotdeanhatemongfabdeantroll

U mad bro?

Oh, one more. I just like that in one tweet, he talks about “gendercide” being committed against men. And then two tweets later he calls someone a bigot for saying that violence is gendered.



I would also like to point out that all of these tweets were tweeted in the last ten days. I can only wonder how many hatemongering bigots he says bye bye to in a year.


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7 years ago


Well spotted!

I thought it was a highlighter or fancy marker or some sort.

You just saved my brain from obsessing until I figured it out.

7 years ago

*of…FFS, I give up on typing today.

7 years ago

You are most welcome 🙂

7 years ago

So THAT’S what e-cigs look like?

7 years ago

Oh, is that what it is? I’ve seen one or two e-cigs on telly and they didn’t seem that elaborate. I’d never even have thought of that.

7 years ago

I reckon the earlier variety were made to resemble tobacco cigarettes. It appears that model has been abandoned in favour of optimising functionality.