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A Great Male Human Being: A Voice for Men remembers Nelson Mandela, in its inimitable way

Apparently some of the folks at A Voice for Men are afraid that, amidst all the eulogies for one of the greatest freedom fighters of our age, people may lose sight of the fact that Nelson Mandela was, in fact, a man. Not a man in the fallible human being sense, as he was and all of us are, but a man in the not a lady sense.

So AVFM Managing Editor Dean Esmay felt it necessary to remind the world of this fact:

A great male human being, a great unbending unyielding nonviolent human rights activist, and an inspiration.

The Horseless Hun decided to rub it in a bit:

Yet another masculine man, yes a male, someone of that evil, inferior sex (which is upon reflection oddly enough the same sex so many women have had something of an obsession with imitating, or rather trying to imitate, in twisted ways) passes into the annals of history. Without doubt up there in that legendary ether where all the great men of history reside.

Kukla, meanwhile, wasn’t all that impressed.

Meh, don’t really care much for him.

This, again, is a site that thinks of itself as the locus of the “Men’s Human Rights Movement.” It’s  also a place where the death of a real human rights icon becomes just another excuse to talk shit about women.

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7 years ago

Thing like hair texture impact how race is read too. I think the fact that my hair is curly as well as very dark is part of the reason I’m often read as not-white.

Ally S
7 years ago

Passing privilege doesn’t make someone not a PoC, Ally.

I suppose, but I feel like that contradicts what the woman said in that video. Maybe it’s better to say that I’m a WOC with some white-passing privilege.

7 years ago

I haven’t watched that video; I’m thinking mostly of people I’ve known or known about. Saying passing privilege excludes a person reminds me of the racist types here who say X can’t possibly be Aboriginal because their skin’s too white, and they shouldn’t get all the Wonderful Benefits(TM) that go with being Aboriginal.

7 years ago

Also it’s very common for passing privilege to apply in some situations but not others. It’s rarely a blanket thing.

7 years ago

Just in case any VfMers are lurking here, hi!:

7 years ago

Apologies if this has been posted before:

Mandela: The Ultimate Male Feminist