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Why manly men and ladylike ladies must love dogs, hate cats

The true alpha
The rare super-alpha cat -lover/tamer, the exception to the rule

When I bring up the subject of cats on this blog, as I so often do, it’s party because, well, I’m a bit of a fan. But it’s also because I know it confuses and irritates the misogynists who read this blog, inveterate cat-haters all (or almost all). I’ve never quite understood the depth of the animosity the guys in the manosphere seem to have towards cats.

But now one of these cat haters has provided us with a theoretical explanation for his catphobia. In a post with the suggestive title “Limp-Wristed Cat Lovers, Beautiful Dog Lovers,” the guy behind the PUA blog LaidInNYC explains why real men — and real women — hate cats and love dogs instead.

Dogs are loyal, obedient, and affectionate.

Masculine men love these qualities in our companions, and they are qualities we want in our women as well.

Cats are selfish, independent, and alpha.

Masculine men hate these qualities in our companions.  This is because masculine men are the owners, not the owned.

Huh. It’s weird how these descriptions of “alpha males” often read like confessions of massive insecurity. So “masculine men” are so insecure they can’t stand being challenged even by their pets? They’re so threatened by the independence of other creatures that they can’t tolerate a pet that might sometimes wander off into another room to take a nap?

But according to Mr. LaidInNYC, it’s the cat-loving dudes who are the sissies:

95% of men who love cats are either gay or have sub fantasies*.  If you like cats, you like not being in control.

Well, all except for a small-percentage of super-alpha dudes who are so manly they can tame even the mighty housecat:

There are a small percentage of straight alpha seducers that like to own cats. The reason is they love dominating an already dominant living thing. They like to stare down and dominate their cats just because they can.

Welcome to my world.

Well, ok, sometimes the cats stare me down.

But what about the women? If masculine men love dogs, shouldn’t feminine women love cats? Then why do manosphere dudes so regularly hurl abuse on women with cats?

Well, LaidInNYC has an answer for that: it turns out that truly feminine women actually prefer dogs to cats, but for a totally different reason than men.

While men love the loyalty and obedience, girls are much more likely to coo over a dogs unconditional love, furry cuddles, and “look how cute he looks when he does that thing with his paw” type stuff.

Feminine girls love their dogs but they don’t enjoy training them, letting them run in an open field and feeling pride when the dog comes right back when called, punishing them when necessary, etc. …

Most of the feminine dog lovers I know already have strong male dominance types in their life, be it a strong father, boyfriend, or husband, and they just like the dog as another source of love. … cats are superfluous when you have a man to obey.

It’s a different story indeed for “the masculine, ugly, old, short-haired, barren feminists who end up being cat ladies.”

Ugly masculine girls, on the other hand, cannot find a male to dominate them in their social life because they lack the beauty. Since being dominated by a strong independent entity who doesn’t need her is so important to a woman, she must seek out that domination. Ugly girls find this in either a career, feminism, cats, or some combination of the three.

A job, a cat, some feminism: the holy trinity of MISANDRY.

I’m not not exactly sure how any of these things “dominate” women, but since Mr. LaidInNYC doesn’t actually seem to know anything about anything, I guess I’ll let that one slide.

In the meantime, I would like to treat you all to pictures of some of the evil independent creatures that make alpha males tremble in fear:

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6 years ago

If cat loving was on the X chromosome, men would still love cats because men have an X chromosome. Unless I suppose it’s a recessive gene and the cat hating gene on the Y chromosome is dominant. But why in Eddie’s mind, would men evolve to dislike cats when they are helped by the pest control they did?

Pseudoscience sure is confusing.

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
6 years ago

Cat domestication may have occurred as much as 9-10,000 years ago.

tl;dr – at this archeological site, which is on an island, cat burials were found. Cats couldn’t have reached the island without human help, and the people gave them burials when they died, so they were probably domesticated.

6 years ago

Feminine DNA…it wears little pearls, the better to clutch them when a big bad wolf — er, DOG — is around.

This dude should have seen me when I had a big dog or two (although I am a cat person, it’s not gendered; my grandpa was one too). He’d say I wasn’t feminining properly, or something. Bad DNA! Bad!

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
6 years ago

I went to the source material and it says that the species of cat was Felis silvestris cf. lybica which is the African wildcat. It says that the animal was somewhat bigger than domestic cats today, but that the remains of the wild animals that were also distributed on the island by humans were handled differently from the way the deceased cat was handled.

If the cat had not been intentionally buried, then the bones would have become disarticulated and dispersed. At the same site, animal remains associated with a collective burial (15) were composed of isolated antlers or bones, but not of any individual. The burial of a complete cat without any signs of butchering reminds us of human burials and emphasizes the animal as an individual. The joint burial could also imply a strong association between two individuals, a human and a cat. In addition, the young cat might have been killed, in order to be buried at the same time as the human.

The rich offerings suggest that the human in the burial had a special social status and, consequently, special relationships with the animals. This burial testifies that the close relationship between human and F. silvestris during the 8th millennium in Cyprus was not restricted to the material benefit of humans but also involved spiritual links.

This is located in the 9 April 2004 issue of Science, page 259, for anyone who may want to check. There are actually two stories about the cat in that issue.

6 years ago

One way domestic and wild cats differ is that domestic cats are more able to be conditioned.

6 years ago

Your website is evil, you cause unnecessary hate and tension between the sexes. That’s just going off of this article. Cats and dogs don’t want any part of this. I was just looking for cat stuff so i could talk about how i like dogs better elsewhere online. Its so unfortunate stuff like this exists.

Steven Dutch
Steven Dutch
4 years ago

The black thing clogging the pink sink! THE HORROR! Take it away!

Steven Dutch
Steven Dutch
4 years ago

weirwoodtreehugger: Domestic cats may be more able to be conditioned but the shampoo is impossible.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

I can’t believe this thread, of all things, attracted two necro trolls.

Edit: Actually, more necros than that

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