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Equal pay: A Secret Lady Plot to Steal Men’s Money and Make them Fight Lions, or Something

Eventually, women won't have to do anything, and men will just carry them everywhere.
Eventually, women won’t have to do anything, and men will just carry them everywhere.

These women clamoring for equal pay — what’s their game? I mean, obviously they don’t want anything as straightforward as equal pay for equal work. What woman wants to work?

Happily, the smart lads in the Men’s Rights subreddit have it all figured out.

HilscherFarms 33 points What's the end game of "equal pay?"  What happens if a feminist's wet dream comes true and the 'pay gap' is closed through legislative fiat, with men working 25% longer hours and never taking a day off just to make the same salary as a woman? Not all men can or ever will drop out, so where does this inverse pendulum fall down and settle at?  I can't see how that works, but it seems like it's going to happen even on this side of the pond with the destabilization of American politics. The SCOTUS, Senate, and Presidency are now probably permanently out of the grasp of one side of the political spectrum and feminism has a heavy dominance of the remaining party. We could be in for another 'era of good feelings' in which those good feelings trample the rights of men even more than they already have.  I don't see how such a state of affairs could even be economically possible, but if it's attempted anyway, what happens? IcarusLived 51 points The end game is to force men into the difficult and dangerous manual labor jobs because they've been discriminated against heavily in education. Then when women are working the easy and safe air-conditioned jobs they will demand that women receive the same pay for the easy jobs as men get for the difficult jobs.  This will effectively transfer men's labor and resources to women without women having to give anything in return. This was the goal of Feminism all along.

Clever girls!

I do feel bad for all the fellas in the Men’s Rights subreddit, none of whom presumably work in air-conditioned offices. They probably all have to wrestle lions for a living, with their bare hands, in coal mines, blindfolded. (Them, not the lions.) It’s kind of amazing they find time to post on the internet at all!

h/t to TheBluePill for pointing me towards this manly wisdom.

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8 years ago

So heavy, so worth it. (I always overfill boxes of books and have to force myself to repack them. 😛 )

8 years ago

FWIW I lust after Neil Gaiman’s library.

8 years ago

Over the course of my many moves, our library has been decimated. We now have… six shelves of books. And a nightstand, which mostly contains our spirals and sketchpads.

Only the best of the best books make the cut!

I do feel bad though, since I know other pro artists and writers who have TONS of art supplies and books and fancy desks, and I always feel a little like a poser, with my tiny stock. One day… ONE DAY, I shall have one of those fancy drawing desks and lamps! One day, I shall be a TROO ARTISTE.

8 years ago

omg, I would love one of those lamps. I have about a dozen sketchbooks and a bunch of supplies, but it’s all pretty much strewn around my house… and I need more bookshelves, I have about two dozen books just sitting on my living room floor because they don’t fit in my shelf and I can’t bear to prune anymore…

8 years ago

RE: SittieKitty

I’ve pretty much scavenged all my art supplies, and make my stuff SPECIFICALLY to be as cheap to reproduce as possible. It’s worked for me so far!

8 years ago

You should troll them with articles about female coal miners and women in other “dangerous” lion slaying type jobs. You know, the sort of women they don’t seem to think exist.

“James said women did not understand why another woman would choose to work in a coal mine. It was dangerous and dirty, the women argued. She said some women reasoned that her motivation for working in coal mines was to steal their husbands.”

“The worst part is working with the guys. Some will want to protect you and watch over you. Others want you to quit and will make it hard. I had a guy that quit because I took over his job. I became the chain hand and he was demoted to worm, he always let the tail loose to fly around and almost hit us. He didn’t always throw it right either and miss getting it tight on the upper pipe. I tried and did it perfectly, just the right flick of the wrist. It didn’t take strength to do that, just finesse.

Then there is always that guy who thinks you are his personal little girl toy. I had the derrick hand always after me. He followed me down to the lower doghouse when I was to repaint it and he tried very hard to get into my pants, against my will. I got away and tried to stay away from him. He still said nasty things to me. I never told the driller because I didn’t want to be a problem on the rig as a girl. Later, after I quit, I told him and he was mad. But the guy was his friend and the only one who would work the derrick because our rig was considered a jinx.”

Yeah, no way women are actively dissuaded from picking up such jobs. Of course not!

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