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Saruman Vs. the Sh*tlords


Today, something kind of amazing that’s been making its way around Tumblr: a recording of Saruman — well, someone doing a pretty good impersonation of Christopher Lee as Saruman — doing a dramatic reading of an MRA-ish rant from a Reddit shitlord.

You’ll have to listen closely, because the rant is a bit convoluted and concern-trolly. Also, the commenter comes back with a couple of edits after he gets benned from whatever subreddit this took place in, apparently SRS.

Listen to it here.

Thanks to MollyRen for bringing this to my attention.

EDITED: Definitely not Mr. Lee.

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8 years ago

Oh my god, that audio is hilarious.
Just listening to Saruman/the voice of Death using the kind of words and syntax you find on the internet, but saying them in this deep, refined, booming voice…lol I can’t even

8 years ago

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8 years ago

Ha ha, porn spam bots have ARRIVED! (But why this thread?)

8 years ago

Even a porn spam bot makes more sense than most of our trolls, so I’ll give it a pass on necroing an irrelevant thread.

8 years ago

When placing hankies, scarves, and so on over lamps, remember to keep your phone close to the bed for those super sexy “please come rescue me, I’m naked and my room is on fire” 911 calls.

8 years ago

AKA “a really bad way to get teh sexy ambulance/fire brigade types to come to my house”!

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Lamp shades people, put colored things on the OUTSIDE of them! Seriously though, why this thread?!

8 years ago

Why any thread, lol. It isn’t exactly relevant anywhere!

Also am I the only person who doesn’t think of red lighting as sexy?

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