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The Men’s Rights Subreddit: A net exporter of hate

A new shipment of angry MRAs is on its way!
A new shipment of angry MRAs is on its way!

Oh, Reddit, not again. So about a week ago, a woman posted what seemed to be a heartfelt and sorrowful confession to r/confession with the self-explanatory title “I cheated on my sweetheart of a husband for 3 years with my violent, abusive ex. This is the one secret I am taking to my grave.”

Now,  r/confession purports to be a subreddit devoted to helping out those who confess their wrongdoings, and the sidebar warns potential commenters not to be abusive: “No personal attacks, we are not here to make people feel bad.”

But Reddit being Reddit – that is, a hotbed of resentful “nice guys” always looking for an excuse to vilify women in general or a woman in particular – many of the commenters attacked the OP as an evil “scumbag,” or worse. While the worst comments were deleted by the mods, many attacks on the OP remain, some with literally hundreds of upvotes. Those who expressed any degree of empathy for the OP found their comments roundly downvoted.

After a few days, the discussion died down.

But then, after several days of silence, a new wave of abusive comments started to appear.  Like this one:


And this:


Oh, but there’s more:


I’ve saved the worst for last. (I’ve also included the response from the confessor herself.) TRIGGER WARNING for violence.





So how did a dead thread like this come to life again, and so unpleasantly? Well, you guessed it: it got linked to in r/mensrights and later in r/redpill, a smaller and even more extreme “men’s rights” subreddit.  And indeed, if you look at the comment histories of the people I’ve just quoted, you’ll see that most of them also posted in either r/mensrights or r/redpill around the time they made these comments.

It’s a fair guess that many of the upvotes that these terrible comments got also came from visiting r/menrights-ers.

Back in r/mensrights, one commenter, disgusted by all this, chronicled some of the bad behavior of his MRA comrades:


A lot more people besides IBM2431 are going to have to stand up and speak out if they want to clean up r/mensrights’ well-deserved reputation as a net exporter of hate.

Not that r/confession is absolved of blame here. While commenters there piled on this woman, who seemed sincerely sorry for what she said she had done, the r/confession regulars found nothing wrong with the behavior of another commenter — a dude, of course — who confessed he’d “fapped” a number of times to cam footage he found of a friend of his sister’s masturbating — which was evidently recorded and put online without her knowledge or consent.

NOTE: By the time this post goes up, it’s possible and even likely that the mods of r/confession will have deleted the worst of the comments from the r/mensrights and r/redpill invaders. But they should still be visible in the comment histories of those who posted them.

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7 years ago

Why do men think that they can have sex out of a contract agreement and think that it’s not the end of a contract?
What would happens if they made a territorial contract and business and the partner went outside the contract? Would he want to do business with that partner anymore? There is no fixing, there is no allowing, there is no tolerance for breaking contracts. Either make them and keep them, or get out.

6 years ago

hmm…lets see… oh yeah, your looking at the trolls of r/mensrights, there are plenty like this in srs subreddits you fucking idiot.

6 years ago

look, this is only looking at the worst of /mensrights, there are plenty of members from feminist subreddits that are just as bad as the members featured in this article.

5 years ago

Thetalkingmushroom, this site aims to chronicle the worst of the men’s rights movements. If you start a site chronicling the worst of feminism you should post a link, many here would probably be interested

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