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MRA: The National Rifle Association needs to stop talking about video games and fight the real enemy: feminists.

Video Games: Super Serious Man Business
Video Games: Super Serious Man Business

Our old friend over at the Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology blog is angry again. This time he’s mad at a legitimate target: National Rifle Association president Wayne LaPierre. But not because LaPierre is the head of an organization that has stood athwart every attempt at sensible gun control, making tragedies like the one in Newtown an all-too-predictable side effect of the easy availability of semiautomatic weaponry.

No, Mr. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech is made at LaPierre because he thinks the NRA big gun has turned into a feminist. No, really. Noting that in the wake of the Newtown shootings LaPierre launched a transparently opportunistic attack on violent video games, Mr. PMAFT accuses him of doing the work of the grand feminist conspiracy against men and manhood:

The most important reason why LaPierre is wrong is because what he is doing is feminist.  Video games are an activity predominately enjoyed by men.  So are guns.  Both activities are under attack from feminists (just like other predominately male activities like science fiction are) because men are interested in them and women are mostly not interested in them.  LaPierre is shooting himself in the foot (pun intended) by alienating allies among the video game community and helping out feminists in their war on male activities.

Never mind that nearly half – 47% — of those playing video games these days are girls and women, according to the Entertainment Software Association. (I await the inevitable comment from a troll telling us all that whatever games these women are playing just don’t count because blah and blah.)

What LaPierre should have done is form an alliance with the video game community.  While the Newtown shootings are being used against gun owners right now, the next target will be video games and other mostly male interests and activities.  Both the video game community and the gun community are fighting the same enemy, feminism.  They should be working together to point out facts like how the Newtown shooter was raised by a single mother and how homes where the father is kicked out lead to more violence.

Never mind that the shooter — like virtually all mass shooters — was a dude; a woman is always to blame.

The NRA is in a position of weakness now because they are attacking video games and not the real causes of the Newtown tragedy, single motherhood and feminism.  The NRA is in the same boat as the Republican Party where it needs to become an explicitly anti-feminist and pro-mens rights organization to survive.   (Lots of conservative and right wing organizations are in this situation.)  Guns aren’t the problem here, but neither are video games.  The NRA needs to realize this and realize that its only way forward is by fighting feminism.  Anything else leads the NRA to irrelevance.

So one of the most powerful lobbies in American politics needs to team up with a Men’s Rights “movement” that can’t organize a single event that draws a crowd bigger than 8 people, or else it will fade into irrelevance?

I dearly hope the NRA fades into obscurity, and I am hopeful that public opinion about guns is beginning finally to shift in the right direction, but I’m not sure the NRA needs any pointers from MRAs on political relevance.

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Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

If you say so? I’m lazy, just give me the “add boiling water” quick oats.

And she’s neither right thinking nor a man (lol, she’s as nuts as I am, I have no fucking clue how she tours and writes and shit — my respect for her isn’t just about the music)…and I can’t recall her ever mentioning religion, other than to complain about the Church of England’s views on women in the Victorian era, so I’m guessing she doesn’t give many shit about the “in the sight of god” part either.

Love how that appalls you, not the boiling over and going “oh no, oh no, OH NO” until EA has to stir!

8 years ago

I was appalled that she didn’t use cut oats. Rolled oats (we do not mention “quick”) are, “an abomination in the sight of god and all right-thinking men.”

Different preferences, schmifferent preferences.

8 years ago

Rolled oats make good cookies. Making cookies with steel-cut oats would be quite a production.

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Lol, seriously, oat preferences aside, she went “OH NO” at the pot boiling over. (Note, Captain Maggots is my favorite Bloody Crumpet, but damn, that is not how to oatmeal!)

I do love how absolutely anything can turn into a technical discussion around here though.

8 years ago

Argenti: The not stirring was small potatoes. The meal was ruined ab initio. 🙂

I am, actually, not quite that adamant. I will cook rolled oats for others, but it’s boring pap as far as my taste buds are concerned.

Cassandra is also correct, cut oats in cookies are a bit of work, and texturally cannot be used as anything other than an accent.

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Lol, maybe the boiling over gets me because I’m hoping to finally get to see her fire show. They let her play with fire!

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