BINGO! misogyny MRA

MRA Bingo is here!

OK, folks, here we go: Here, without further ado, are the Man Boobz MRA Bingo cards!

Click right here to get your very own randomly generated card! Print it out, or just keep the window open while you argue with trolls here on Man Boobz or peruse the various sites in the Manosphere. Or if you want to get aggressive about it and get a quick bingo, use Google to track down examples to fill your squares.

Click here if you want to play with two cards at once.

If you get a bingo, shout it out in the comments – and give some details of where you found each item! Everyone who gets a bingo gets an Internet! Whoever gets one first gets five Internets!

Heck, post each time you get a hit. And give yourself half an Internet each time you get more than one hit from a single MRA comment or post.

If you want to save your card between sessions, you’ll need to make a screenshot, as there’s no way to bookmark a particular card.

You’ll notice that the squares of the card go grey when you mouse over them. If you hold down the Ctrl key and click, the square you’re on will go blue around the edges, and you can use this to mark your squares. (Just don’t click outside the card, as this will erase all the blue on your card.)

If you notice any weird glitches or typos, let me know so I can fix them. And if you have more suggestions, either for the MRA Bingo cards or for the upcoming PUA, Evo Psych, and Man Boobz Troll cards, post them below as well.

If you get “misandry” more than once on a card, don’t worry — that’s on purpose. Just mark off one of them each time you get a hit.

Let the wild bingo begin!


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8 years ago


We were. Your first comment on this thread was in response to wordsp1nner’s “But you know, telling guys not to hit on women at 4 am in an elevator is just so much worse. Free speech, man! (Or at least free speech for men.)”

Also, it’s not just that men are on average larger than women. Depending on the study you read, between 6% and 12% of men will admit to having committed rape in an anonymous survey.

So, something to think about when you’re laughing about letting dudes creep on your friends:somewhere between one in twenty and one in ten of them have raped somebody.

You’re an ableist sexist who thinks that being opposed to ableism and sexism is an “orthodoxy.” You lost the right to ask for civility on this thread a long time ago.

8 years ago

The closest I have though is asking you to explain it to me. Would you please?

This blog is for mocking misogyny, not for educating people too lazy to read the copious amounts written on the subject already.

Go. Google. Learn.

8 years ago

One of my friends has a habit I don’t like much. When we get rip-roaring drunk, he picks up my rifle, asks me if its loaded, then dry-fires it at my head. I always had it unloaded before, but now I detach the bolt on it too.

Stop being friends with this person right now, or at least tell him not to do that anymore. Never point a gun at someone unless you want to shoot them, NEVER! Far too many people die that way.

8 years ago

Why do you doubt every story from my personal life? Its as if….you can only see the world for the way you are, and if people act differently than you’re used to, you have trouble reconciling it to your reality.

Haha, nice try, kid. There’s a simpler, more elegant explanation as to why I don’t believe you about your richly storied existence. You’re a troll. Trolls lie.

Oh, stop with the pleas for education. No one here owes you what you’re too lazy and privileged to find on your own.

8 years ago

I am not the misogyinist you are looking for. I’m pretty consistantly egalitarian.

Then you’re a dumbass wandering through the woods during hunting season while wearing a deer suit. As a Northern Midwesterner, I feel no sympathy for people dumb enough to do that.

8 years ago

Also, you might have an easier time seeing the world from other points of view if you, you know, did some investigating about those points of view instead of immersing yourself in the perspectives of wealthy, white, mostly dead dudes. I’m pretty sure we talked about this earlier; shoulda known it wouldn’t take.

8 years ago

Wow, that’s two really stupid gun-related comments so far from Diogenes (on two different posts). I’m not even a gun owner (because, you know, British), and even I wince every time someone breaks out the irresponsible gun owner stereotypes.

8 years ago

Diogenes the Naïf: I think its just harder for me, as a guy to think of other guys as threatening than women would.

Ding, ding, ding.

But you insist that your idea of what is threatening/creepy is the one they should use.

I’m pretty consistantly egalitarian.

News to me. You must do that elsewhere.

Not the most dickish move out there. One of my friends has a habit I don’t like much. When we get rip-roaring drunk, he picks up my rifle, asks me if its loaded, then dry-fires it at my head. I always had it unloaded before, but now I detach the bolt on it too.

So… tell me why you leave rifles lying about when you are getting drunk?

Tell me why you didn’t kick the shit out of him for threatening you (see other comments by someone in the bus-driver thread… some dude who thinks he’s a cynic).

Tell me how this is the same as laughing at a friend whom you are abandoning to the attentions of someone she doesn’t like?

You made fun of someone for using a on online dating site. Also, I’m not seeing where you are “taking these guys aside” (even if it is, “eventually”). I’m sure not seeing it in the post I was responding to. If you want me to give you credit for being a mensch, you have to give me menschlich, not schmucky, examples of your behavior.

If you want, I’ll address your second post.

Oohhh really?

Like really address it? I’m so honored. This will be one of the rare times you have done that for anyone.

I have to head to work, so I’ll address this vapid stupidity when I get home.

Not stronger. Intimidating. I’ve stared down felons, pet a shark (not my brightest moment), faced down a bear charge, etc. I don’t intimidate easily, so its difficult to put myself in the frame of reference to a person that does.

Suffice it to say… rigggghhht.

And completely irrelevant to the issue of Schr&oml;dinger’s Rapist.

8 years ago

@Diogenes thanks for mansplaining Schroedinger’s Rapist to me, I guess. It’s not like I already live it, being a woman and all.

I’m not sure if you understood it, though, since you’re now making my argument for me. You claimed that “creepy” guys might just be socially awkward, and when I (and others) pointed out that we might still feel threatened by them, you turned around and…agreed with us? If you understand that, why were you bringing up social awkwardness in the first place?

8 years ago

I should point out to mr. tougher-than-thou, that men, as a group, don’t intimidate me. Noticing when someone does something that is known to be the behaviour of a rapist (i.e. testing of boundaries and not taking no for an answer) and judging/punishing them for it is not the same thing as being intimidated. There is a difference between being cautious and being scared. (Not that I judge if someone is scared. Though I would wish that it wasn’t so)

But you would know that if you actually understood the concept of Schrodinger’s Rapist.

8 years ago

I’m home from work, and I’ve made dinner (pan-fried steelhead with homemade dill-mayonaise and sweet-potato chips), in the time of baking I’ve managed address the foolish comment of our dear Diogenes the Naïf.

Not stronger. Intimidating. I’ve stared down felons, pet a shark (not my brightest moment), faced down a bear charge, etc. I don’t intimidate easily, so its difficult to put myself in the frame of reference to a person that does. What with everyone seeing the world for the way they are, and all. It may be a defect in the English language, that just “knowing” doesn’t explain anything. In French I’d say I can connais something, but not sais it because I’m not a woman. You also could connais what its like to be a man, but not sais it.

The defect is that you don’t understand Schrödinger’s Rapist (that, or you choose to misunderstand it a-purpose. I shall be charitable and stipulate you are clueless, not mendacious).

I don’t intimidate much at all. I grew up in the fringes of E. Los Angeles in the latter ‘70s/early ‘80s. Kids were killed at the corner of my elementary school. A bullet landed on the roof of my Scout Leaders house, while we were having a meeting. I boxed. I took judo. I practice aikido. I fence. I studied knife fighting with Marc MacYoung. I spent 16 years in the Army. I’ve been shot at, I’ve been shelled. I was in Iraq in April of 2003, just behind the Forward Edge of the Battle Area (FEBA), and sometimes right up against the Forward Line Of Troops (FLOT). I’ve been homeless and I moved to New York City from East Palo Alto; where I had someone murdered for his winnings at a dice game about 50 meters from my front door.

I’ve been “jumped”. I’ve been stalked. I’ve been clubbed with rocks. I’ve had people try to pull me from my bicycle. I’ve stared down dobermans who wanted to chase me on a skateboard and rottweilers who broke the leash. I’ve looked bulls in the eye, and ridden stallions.

I’ve had life and death for people in the whims of the moment and 4 lbs of pressure on the trigger; once a former friend and sort of sometime housemate.

You list of “accomplishments” doesn’t impress me much.

Not because it’s a shabby list, but because you don’t understand shit about fighting, or about Schrödinger’s Rapist.

Why do I say that? Because for all that I’m not intimidated by much of anyone, I see pretty much everyone I don’t know as Schrödinger’s Assailant. When I see a cop, I look to see what side they carry their weapon on; and I do it by checking where they carry their baton. I give the troops and airmen at the Penn Station the fisheye as I go by. I assess everyone I pass for threat.

Why? Because they are. I know what it takes to win a fight; you, it seems, do not. If you did you’d not be so blithe. As I told Joe, in a previous discussion about fighting… what it takes to win a fight is simple.

1: Be prepared.
2: If at all possible, be the one who starts the fight.
3: Be willing to kill your opponent.

If you do all three of those, 9 times out of 10 you will win. If you do those, you will also (Thank God) almost certainly end up in jail.

Being treated like public property? How so? Men treat you as if they’re owed your attention? Hmmmm. If I could experience what it was like to be a woman for a day, I might be able to understand. The closest I have though is asking you to explain it to me. Would you please?

Why should anyone? When people have told you what they experience, you call them liars. We told you what we saw in the MRM, you said it was impossible to believe. All you had to do was follow the links, and you weren’t willing to do that. You are openly hostile to the subject, and expect us to believe that you will suddenly become intellectually (and argumentatively) honest.

Forgive me if I don’t believe you.

The 0 is a Zero (@0hourSuperpower)

You forgot to add “Feminazi” as one of the Bingo blocks.

7 years ago

I was inspired by this post to create Women Against Feminism Bingo. Enjoy!

7 years ago

Now, this is the kind of necro’ing of old threads that I can get behind.

5 years ago

Please please please tell me that “I can’t be a misogynist…I’m a woman myself!” is on the list! That’s a major talking point for FeMRAs