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>QuoteOTD: I Love a Parade

>You know, I didn’t bother reading the whole thing, which has something to do with Carl Paladino, and apartheid, and elephant poking, whatever that means, but this little nugget stood out in the latest post on In Mala Fide, a generally retrograde Men’s Rights-ish blog:

“Gay culture” … has about as much cultural legitimacy as redneck jokes. A bunch of nearly-naked men marching down a major city street beating each other with riding crops and wearing makeup is not a legitimate expression of culture, any more than a group of married dudes finger-fucking their wives on a giant vagina float would be an expression of culture.

I’m not sure that’s really a good comparison, and his whole argument sounds a tad homophobic to me, but I will say this: I would totally go to that parade.

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11 years ago

>He forgot, "…while blasting Lady Gaga."He also forgot that lesbians exist.

11 years ago

>"He also forgot that lesbians exist"Which would be 98 percent of the feminist population

11 years ago

>You say that as if, were it true, it would mean something.

11 years ago

>I think it would mean something, actually. It would mean that Feminism is probably concerned not with females, but with lesbians. Certainly you can understand how the two may sometimes have different goals.

11 years ago

>Yeah, that must be why lesbians have typically felt left out of mainstream feminism.