WTF is a MGTOW? A Glossary

On this blog, MRA does not mean Magnetic Resonance Angiography

For newcomers to this blog, here’s a handy guide to some of the strange acronyms and lingo you’ll encounter here and in the “manosphere” in general. (For a definition of that term, see below.) I will update this entry periodically as needed.

First, the acronyms you’ll see most often here:

MRA: Men’s Rights Activist
MRM: Men’s Rights Movement

MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way MGHOW: Man Going His Own Way.

Ok, so what do those terms mean?

MRM: The Men’s Rights Movement: A loosely defined, but largely retrograde, collection of activists and internet talkers who fight for what they see as “men’s rights.” Unlike the original Men’s Movement, which was inspired by and heavily influenced by feminism, the self-described Men’s Rights Movement is largely a reactionary movement; with few exceptions, Men’s Rights Activists (or MRAs) are pretty rabidly antifeminist, and many are frankly and sometimes proudly misogynistic. Those who oppose the MRM are generally not against men’s rights per se; they are opposed to those who’ve turned those two words into a synonym for some pretty backwards notions.

MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way: As the name suggests, MGTOW is a lot like lesbian separatism, but for straight dudes. MGTOW often talk vaguely about seeking “independence” from western and/or consumer culture, and a few MGTOW try to live that sort of zen existence. But most of those who embrace the term have a deep hostility towards and/or profound distrust of feminists and women in general. Many MGTOW refuse to date “western women” and some try to avoid women altogether.  I think the Man Going His Own Way acronym MGHOW adds another layer of confusion to an already awkward acronym, so I use MGTOWer instead.

Some other terms and acronyms you’ll run across here:

Anglosphere: Countries in which English is the primary language, or, more narrowly, those countries that used to be British colonies. They are full of evil Western Women (see below).

Incel: Involuntarily Celibate. A term, and identity, adopted by some dateless guys (as well as some women, but it’s the men we’ll focus on here). While there is nothing shameful about being dateless, or a virgin, or having a really long dry spell sexually — most of us have been there at some point — the term “involuntarily celibate” seems to suggest that the world owes incels sex, and that women who turn down incel men for dates or sex are somehow oppressing them. For those (male, straight) incels who are genuinely socially awkward or phobic, this can be a self-defeating stance that can lead to bitterness towards women. And often does.

Mangina: Derogatory term used by MRAs, MGTOW, etc. to describe guys who disagree with them — e.g., me. You can figure out the various connotations of this term yourself.

The Manosphere: The loose collection of blogs, message boards, and other sites run by and/or read by MRAs, MGTOW, and assorted friendly Pick-up Artists. The primary source of material for this blog.

NAWALT: Not All Women Are Like That. Dudes in the manosphere make so many ridiculous and untrue generalizations about women that they’ve come up with their own little acronym to describe the most common reaction to their nonsense: “not all women are like that.” Remarkably, many seem to think that making a reference to NAWALT is actually some sort of clever rebuttal of their critics.

PUA: Pick-up Artist. PUAs are obsessed with mastering what they see as the ultimate set of techniques and attitudes — known as “Game” — that will enable them to quickly seduce almost any woman they want. There is a vast literature on “game” online, though PUA (insofar as it is not complete bullshit) is at its essence simply a male version of the age-old ploy of “playing hard to get.”

Western Women: Also known as WW. Evil harpies, at least according to many in the manosphere. Contrasted with “foreign women,” a term that (in the manosphere, at least) sometimes refers to all women outside the Anglosphere, but often refers to a subset of these women from poor and/or Eastern countries, mostly Asian, who are regarded as more pliable and thus more desirable to haters of “Ameriskanks” and other WW.

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  1. It’s great though that none of you are offended – just entertained and enchanted with me.

    You know, it’s clear I am a pretty attractive guy, I realize you have no proof you can just feel it. Believe me, if you had face to face evidence of how sexy I am, you all would be drooling. I could go to bed with any one of you – even the men up here are a woman if you’re in my presence. I’ll give you the ride of your life – but – to get on this jet – you gotta pay how you weigh.

    Uhm, WTF?

  2. @ Ally

    Dude is starting to creep me out, tbh.

    Same here. I wasn’t creeped out earlier, just amused – but the comment I just quoted from him is…wow.

  3. I get girls begging me, “please hunk, go away briefly so my desire can decrease to a more comfortable level”.

  4. Yeah, creeped out by that skyrocketing level of desire. Even dudes are coming up to me saying “I’m not normally gay but please go out with me one time”. If they got money then cool.

  5. LOL. Nothing like bigging yourself up and looking really stupid in the process. Is this your PUA style of getting the ladies? Hope so.

  6. Wankers, wankers everywhere!

  7. I congratulate the honesty of the person who admitted they’re creeped out.

  8. In this case maybe we should call the process “icking yourself up”.

  9. I am creeped out by you too.

  10. (Passes ophelia some Purell)

  11. He’s obviously just trolling to make people upset. It’s pretty tiresome.

  12. Only bleach will do for this one I’m afraid.

  13. Purell? You use PURELLL!??? Purell’s for fat girls. HELLLO!!!!

  14. Oh, trolling to make you upset. I do all this typing FOR YOU, and this is how you thank me for it.

  15. So at this time of night, where’s your bird then?

  16. Well that’s shut you up for a while.

  17. I’ve emailed the Dark Lord. This is starting to sound like a certain blog herpes drunk posting again.

  18. CTRL-V comin at you

    I’m beyond PUA, I’m a gigolo bay-bay, straight or gay, it’s pay how you weigh,
    I’ll make you smile all day, that glow ain’t gonna ever go away,
    it’s more than a lay, that new natural you gonna be here to stay,
    damn good investment’s what your friends gonna say.

    I do full service, I do tuxes, biker clothes, rocker clothes, punker clothes,
    nerdy guy clothes – but I don’t do Purell girls – very often.

    I do luxury hotels, cheap motels, motorbike trips, boat trips, parking lot trips,
    behind the dumpster trips – I may scare ya – but I won’t tear ya – and I won’t marry-a.
    I’ll tie you up, soften you up, butter you up till you can’t get enough.
    I do erotic hypnosis, sensual massage, tantra, dirty talk, phone sex – I lick toes –
    my tongue touch your toes you be ripping off your clothes.

    I do braids, I’ll color my hair if the pay is fair,
    I’ll wear wigs, I’ll do convincing crew cut, show me a pic and you got it trick,
    I do temporary tattoos, I do clip on tongue rings,
    I DON’T DO small biceps or soft abs or yellow teeth.

    I am a phenomenon all to myself, make my voice high or low,
    seduce you any way you want, I do Mystery, Tyler, Nice Guy, Jeffries 1 and 2, Bishop style,
    I can be myself – but I’m a gigolo – but I can do regular guy and you would not know.
    I’ll give you Shakespeare, Zan, cocky funny for the right money, shocker style,
    even Darth Vader style – but I don’t do no Roosh the Wanna Be Douche.

    I ain’t no pimp, I ain’t no mack, I ain’t no psycho just a demon in the sack.
    I don’t want gifts but I will take tips, don’t tattoo my name, save your money
    for another dose of my gigolo game.


  19. PMSL

  20. it’s pay how you weigh

    So if I give you 135 pounds, will you go away? Because that’s what would do it for me.

  21. Well, if we’re gonna post random shit on the internet, this is much more entertaining:

  22. Long video, good bits start at 2:40.

  23. That was cute, ophelia.

  24. Well my creep alert is going off. I could fuck pretty much anyone I wanted, except for that whole consent and boundaries think that prevents me from just telling random strangers that I could totally get them to fuck me. Something creepoid here clearly lacks.

    (FTR, while I probably could, there’s exactly one person I want sexytimes with and a small problem of 500 miles between here and there…does that make me incel?)

  25. Well, OH is annoying. So that’s enough of him.

  26. Thanks, David – and nicely put! :)

  27. When was the last time you got laid?

  28. About an hour ago actually as I have the day off and live in Australia. An early morning delight if you will. Thanks for asking. When did you last get laid then and why is this so important to you? Are you hoping to play the ‘We’re all dried up, old hags’ card or something lol.

  29. I’m assuming Tim is a teenager. Can’t tell why.

  30. Who’s Tim asking, anyway? It could be an existential question he’s asking himself, though I doubt it.

    How’s this relevant, Timmy boy? Do you measure your worth by whether you get your dick wet? And how is anyone else’s sex life your business?

  31. When was the last time you got laid?

    Stop talking to yourself, it’s pathetic.

  32. RE: Tim

    When was the last time you got laid?

    Sorry, Tim, I’m a monogamous man. You can’t join us.

  33. ::second snicker::

    Same answer here. Only one man gets in my pants, and no creepy little teenagers.

  34. None of your beeswax, Timmy.

    When was the last time you had an original thought?

  35. When was the last time you got laid?

    Right back atcha, kiddo. If you’re gonna go around measuring everybody by your yardstick, you could at least give us a sense of the scale involved.

  36. An early morning delight if you will.

    Morning sex is the best if you don’t have work.

  37. Morning sex is the best if you don’t have work.

    Gods yes.

  38. So the response to a post about MGTOW is, “you aren’t getting any sex”? Seems self-defeating.

  39. David,

    You have a typo here:

    WTF is a MGTOW? A Glossary
    “I the the Man Going His Own Way acronym MGHOW adds another layer of confusion to an already awkward acronym, so I use MGTOWer instead.”


    Misandry: the hatred of men
    Misandrist: one who hates men
    Feminist : defender of women’s rights
    Feminist = Misandrist
    Hey guys, Misandry is a real word and in case you aren’t up on current events, misandry is being practiced in Western Society right now. Feminism and misandry are two words that are joined at the hip. If you are a man who feels uncomfortable and can’t quite place the reason why, try checking out some men’s rights sites. Hopefully you will begin to understand that men are being systematically marginalized in our society which contributes to you living in an ever increasing hostile world. Hostile to men.

  41. Misandry: the hatred of men
    Misandrist: one who hates men
    Feminist : defender of women’s rights
    Feminist = Misandrist

    Because defending woman’s rights is hating men.

    You don’t logic, do you?

    And yeah, I’m pretty well cought up on current events, and what I see in the US? The majority if legislators on both state and federal level are men. Women are paid less than men of comparable experience doing the same job. Multiple states placing more and more restrictions on women’s reproductive freedom. Women are routinely blamed for getting raped. Women get rape and death threats from anonymous strangers on the Internet for such infractions as telling a man to shut up or making videos about videogame tropes or just being a woman.

    So tell me again how the world is so hostile to men and not women.

  42. [Let's try this again. David, if you read this, please feel free to delete my previous comment.]

    If you are a man who feels uncomfortable and can’t quite place the reason why, try checking out some men’s rights sites. Hopefully you will begin to understand that men are being systematically marginalized in our society which contributes to you living in an ever increasing hostile world. Hostile to men.

    I’m a man and I feel uncomfortable. You know why? Patriarchy and the rigid gender roles that it enforces on people — or have you never studied sociology?

    Do you know what else makes me uncomfortable? The incessant, brazen misogyny that passes for “thought” and “analysis” at your “men’s rights” sites.

    Misandry: the hatred of men
    Misandrist: one who hates men
    Feminist : defender of women’s rights
    Feminist = Misandrist

    You’re not even *trying* to conceal your hatred of women, are you? “[Defending] women’s rights” = “misandry”? Well, at least you’re an honest misogynist.

    Get back in the tractor, or whatever equivalent to “get back in the kitchen” there is for men — oh wait, there IS none! But, of course, this is a misandrist world ’cause baby isn’t happy that his having a penis doesn’t grant him any more of a right to have everything given to him on a silver platter than having a vagina would.

    Life is hard. Get a helmet.

    PS: If you’d put one iota of thought into your post rather than just plugging the “manosphere” as a whole, you’d have structured your little… thing… better. While the opposite of “misandry” is “misogyny,” the correlate you were looking for up there is “feminism,” where it would’ve equaled “the defense of women’s rights.”

    So, fail again.

  43. Add another male to the MGTOW movement. You women and manginas suck.

  44. What, you decided to take your toys and go home because of this thread? What a baby!

  45. “Add another male to the MGTOW movement. You women and manginas suck.”

    Awww, poor baby.

  46. Another male…what?

    A male poodle? A male tarsier? A male platypus?

  47. Add another male to the MGTOW movement. You women and manginas suck.

    You’re free! Go! You don’t have to stick around here!

  48. What do commenters here mean when they talk of teal deer?

  49. tl;dr. Too Long; Didn’t read.

    TL = Teal
    DR = Deer.

  50. @taiki, Are you a MGTOW? If so, there’s really no need for you to hang around here and answer questions, although I’m sure Rea appreciates the answer.

  51. Hell no!

  52. Your first comment was a tad ambiguous, is why I’m asking. I guess it was a blockquote problem? Sorry if I didn’t recognize you; I”m terrible at names.

  53. emilygoddess

    Cloudiah, yeah, I think he was just replying to what “foook yoooo” said.

  54. Indeed I was. Block quote problem. I started posting here about 5 months ago when I took umbrage to David’s definition of “Incel” which I’ve now come around to. Been subscribed to this thread ever since.

  55. This individual still looks like he’s 25. Amazing.

  56. MGTOWs are extremely unintentionally funny. They profess that they are “going their own way”, and yet spend their entire time talking about women. Have you seen their forums? Really, really amusing. I’m a member of a couple of them and the poor thickos haven’t figured out yet that I’m a woman. Their attitude is – I can’t get a girlfriend therefore I’ll pretend I hate women and don’t want anything to do with them, whilst at the same time spending my entire life on forums telling other inadequates that I hate women and Go My Own Way! :)

  57. [CONTENT NOTE FROM DF: Linked post contains graphic photos of male survivors of abuse.]

    Hi, I have just written the first of three articles about this and other men’s issues on Please visit and read the article. The next 2 are Men’s roles within society, what exactly are we supposed to be and how are we supposed to behave? Also a female privilege checklist. The first article is here: I hope some of you will read it and the following articles. Yes I have been both physically and verbally abused during an 18 year marriage, so I do know the helplessness.. Regards – Shaun –

  58. emilygoddess - MOD

    Promote your blog somewhere else, champ. And if you’re so worried about male survivors of abuse, how about not plastering pictures of said abuse all over your “articles”?

  59. The definition of the Anglosphere does not work. A lot (!) of countries like India used to be British colonies, but English is not the main language there.

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