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Rape culture deniers: Genuinely confused or just pretending?

Rape Culture deniers: Genuinely confused or just pretending?

Rape Culture deniers: Are they this confused about everything?

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So yesterday I posted about the repulsive, rapey banners that some frat guys hung from the balcony of their frat at Old Dominion University in Virginia. Banners that were so obviously problematic that the school administration immediately suspended the frat to investigate.

Here. as a reminder, are the banners in question: Read the rest of this entry

This is Rape Culture: That Virginia frat and its terrible banners

They ruined three bedsheets for this?

They ruined three bedsheets for this?

The We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive is on! Please consider donating through the PayPal button below. Thanks!


So the Sigma Nu house at Old Dominion University in Virginia apparently decided last weekend to reinforce the not-exactly-unjustified popular perception that fraternities are basically giant petri dishes for growing rape culture by hanging these lovely banners out for all incoming students to see.

People have already come out of the woodwork to defend the banners as “politically incorrect” humor, as Amanda Marcotte points out on Pandagon, and suggesting that they can’t possibly be referring to rape. She quotes one Washington Post commenter, who claims that while

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5 Untrue Things I Learned from AVFM’s 8th Post Defending Bill Cosby

Cotton Mather: He came in liketh a wrecking ball

Cotton Mather: He cameth in like a wrecking ball

When you have nothing to say, say it about Cosby.

Yesterday, Men’s Rights garbage site A Voice for Men doubled tripled quadrupled quintupled sextupled septupled octupled-down on its Bill Cosby apologia with an overwrought, overwritten, often barely comprehensible 3000 word opus titled “Why I despise Mass Media and love The Coz” by self-described “libertarian/market anarchist” B.R. Merrick.

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Among the Sea Lions: A Case Study in Twitter Futility

Actually if Internet sea lions were this cute I wouldn't mind them

If Internet sea lions were this cute I wouldn’t really mind them

So a horse-loving, feminist-hating Roosh V fan popped into my Twitter mentions today, defending Roosh against accusations of rape by noting that he’s never actually been charged or convicted of rape. Which is true, though not actually proof of his innocence any more than OJ’s acquittal in criminal court is proof that he didn’t murder his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend.

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Roosh V apparently gives talk to small group of men ashamed to show their faces in public, declares victory

Roosh V: Either he's just given a talk or he's being held hostage by a couple of dozen dudes

Roosh V: Either he’s just given a talk or he’s being held hostage

Almost universally despised pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh — you may know him from such hashtags as  and  — is declaring victory after apparently giving a talk in Toronto to a couple of dozen guys who are too embarrassed or cowardly to show their faces in public.

Yesterday, Roosh posted the picture above to his Twitter, complete with a newspaper to prove the date, black censor squares over the faces of alleged attendees who evidently don’t want anyone to know that they were part of Roosh’s great victory, and weird dark lines around his legs that make it look like he’s been pasted onto a random pic of some random dudes in a hotel conference room, but whatev, sometimes crappy pics are just crappy pics. Read the rest of this entry

Are Roosh V’s “Bang” books how-to guides for rape?

Roosh V explains the mechanics of sex

Roosh V explains the mechanics of sex

If the almost universally despised pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh is able to deliver his planned talk tomorrow at some as-yet-undisclosed venue in Toronto, he won’t just be talking about the unoriginal blend of warmed-over misogyny he perplexingly calls “neomasculinity.”

He will also be selling his infamous “Bang” books, a series of pickup guides aimed mostly at North American tourists hoping to score easy sex in an assortment of countries in Europe and South America. These guides seem to have been Roosh’s main source of income for the past several years.

So it is worth asking what exactly Roosh is selling here. Read the rest of this entry

What happened when A Voice for Men’s News Director tried to publish an anti-Cosby post on that terrible site

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's all true, you piece of shit.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s all true, you piece of shit.

A Voice for Men, the World’s Greatest Grandpa of Men’s Rights sites, prides itself on the intellectual and political diversity of its writers.

The site has published articles by Holocaust-denying marital-rape advocates — and from dudes who think that the Holocaust happened and that marital rape shouldn’t happen. It has published articles lauding the rape legalization proponent and “pickup artist” Roosh V as a deep thinker” deserving nothing but respect — and articles denouncing him and other PUAs as excessively chivalrous flatterers engaging in “a scripted game of women-worship.” AVFM publishes articles attacking “bitches” alongside articles dissing “whores.”

What they won’t publish? Articles suggesting that Bill Cosby probably is guilty of some or all of the rapes he’s been accused of. Read the rest of this entry

Bill Cosby’s deposition shows he “loves beautiful women, and they love him right back,” explains A Voice for Men writer

This is a real thing that exists

This is a real thing that exists

Earlier this month, A Voice for Men published a post by its founder, the reliably odious Paul Elam, with the lovely title

Bill Cosby’s victims? Or just a bunch of drug whoring star fuckers?

In it, Elam suggested that Cosby’s 46 (so far) accusers were nothing “a bunch of greedy women who commoditized their bodies like groupies” in order to get drugs from the comedian, indulging in an age-old transactional sort of sex that Elam referred to, with his customary delicacy, as “gash for stash.”

I didn’t think AVFM’s ongoing, er, coverage of Cosby could get any more ludicrous than that. Then yesterday a post by Jonathan David Farley appeared on the site with the headline: Read the rest of this entry

The Daily Stormer defends its hero Donald Trump against the Elders of Zion (and the Daily Beast)

Trump waves hello to his growing army of neo-Nazi fans

Trump waves hello to his growing army of neo-Nazi fans

Andrew Agelin, grand wizard of The Daily Stormer, is given to, well, colorful headlines. Notable recent ones include

Devious Jew Vermin Abe Foxman Finally Steps Down as Anti-Defamation League Head

Jew Flood: 150,000 Ratlike Parasites to Apply for Spanish Citizenship Following New Law

Fed Jewess Janet Yellen Refusing to Share Documents with House Committee

He also has, as you might have noticed, a teensy bit of a preoccupation with Jewish people. Indeed, he’s something of an expert at working the fact (or the fantasy) of a person’s Jewishness into stories in which said person’s Jewishness is not really the story at all.

But Anglin’s attempts to inject a Jewish angle into the story of Donald Trump’s alleged rape of his then-wife Ivana deserve some sort of award. A terrible, terrible award. Here’s the headline: Read the rest of this entry

Donald Trump: Not guilty of rape by reason of polling better than Jeb Bush?

Donald Trump on the man who reported Ivana Trump’s allegations: “He is a guy that is an unattractive guy.”

People in glass Trump Towers shouldn’t throw stones — or, perhaps, throw around accusations of rape, as one Donald Trump did recently in his now infamous remarks suggesting that Mexican immigrants are a bunch of rapists.

A must-read story yesterday in The Daily Beast points out that Trump is not only a rape accuser of sorts, but someone who was once very publicly accused of rape — by his now-former wife Ivana Trump, who, in a deposition in her divorce case against the Donald in the early 90s, said that she’s been attacked one night by her then husband in a fit of rage, screaming at her and pulling out her hair before ripping off her clothes and raping her.  Read the rest of this entry


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