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Pickup guru Roosh V: Women who cut their hair short are committing self-harm — and should be “monitored by authorities”

Check out the fertility on these gals!

Check out the fertility on these gals!

The war of short-haired women against dudes and their pants feelings continues. Indeed, it’s gotten so bad that pickup artist/rape legalization proponent Roosh V is calling for state intervention.

In a blog post today, Mr. V cites a passage in an Evo Psych textbook suggesting that men tend to prefer long hair on women because healthy hair is an indication of good health and diet, and therefore of “higher reproductive value” in women.

And if cutting off this hair is displeasing to the boners of dudes like Roosh, well, it must mean that women who wear their hair short are, quite literally, mentally ill. No, really; that’s what he thinks. (Emphasis mine.)  Read the rest of this entry

Vox Day says his totally-not-racist comments have been taken out of context. In context they’re even worse.

Guys, wait up!

Guys, wait up!

Racist, woman-hating fantasy author Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day) is upset that people are calling him racist. I mean, it’s not like he called all black people “savages,” he objects; he merely called one black woman — speculative fiction author NK Jemisin — a “half-savage” in a portion of a blog post that, he complains, has been taken out of context. Indeed, he sniffs,

the fact that the same ungrammatical excerpt chopped out of the middle of a sentence keeps being trotted out again and again should alert the dialectical mind to the probability that there simply isn’t very much, if any, there there.

Ah, context! A lot of shitheads who say terrible things complain, when others point out these terrible things, that their words have been taken out of context. So I thought I’d do Vox a little favor here and provide the context to his infamous quote so we can all see how much there is there.  Read the rest of this entry

Plate Sextonics: Your crockery-related Red Pill questions answered at last!

What a dish!

What a dish!

Reddit’s Red Pillers are so obsessed with the idea of “spinning plates” — casually dating more than one woman at a time — that when I visit their various subreddits I sometimes feel like I’ve wandered into a convention of crockery fetishists (not that there’s anything wrong with that). You know, the sort of guys who, when they do the dishes, really do the dishes, wink wink nudge nudge.

Apparently plate-spinning can be a pretty tricky business. Here are an assortment of plate-related queries I found in the Ask The Red Pill subreddit — and my answers.

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On Cucumbers, Carrots and Prehensile Breasts

I find cucumbers to be the most romantic of all the gourds

I find cucumbers to be the most romantic of all the gourds

So I’m on a couple of pickup artist email lists — I always mean to mine them for posts here but somehow never get around to even looking at the emails that pile up in my inbox.

Today, I looked. Because how could you not look at an email that opens like this:

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Pickup artistry is like waggling your penis in front of a cat, explains pickup artist who may not have ever met a cat

You definitely do not want this happening to your penis.

You definitely do not want this happening to your penis.

So over on Chateau Heartiste, Mr. Heartiste is trying to explain a highly innovative pickup strategy that you may know as “playing hard to get.”

First he tries a “fishing” metaphor, quoting from a commenter on his site who wrote:

It’s like fishing. You don’t just jerk your line out of the water as soon as you can. That’s how you get a broken line and lose an expensive lure. You jerk her in slowly letting the fish tire herself out. Once she’s sufficiently submissive then it’s time for the net.

Then, presumably, you gut her and fry her up in a pan?

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Women are like dogs that eat their own puke: A lesson in tolerance from Red Pill Redditors

Hey, sexy lady!

Hey, sexy lady!

So one young fellow went to the Ask The Red Pill subreddit earlier today with what almost looked like a good question, at least for someone whose thoughts about women have been distorted by Red Pill thinking: “How can I learn to appreciate women for what they are?”

Alas, it turned out that his question, and his situation, was a bit more complicated than it at first appeared. For young somthsomth is not some predatory pickup artist who wants to challenge his own misogyny and learn how to appreciate women as more than mere sex objects.

No, there’s a bit more involved than that.

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I couldn't find a nuclear cloud in the shape of a vagina, but here's a regular cloud that looks like a kitty.

I couldn’t find a mushroom cloud shaped like a vagina, so here’s a regular cloud that looks like a kitty.

ATTENTION, MEN OF THE WORLD! More specifically, straight men. Even more specifically, straight men who are gigantic woman-hating douchebags.

Your boy Roosh Valizadeh, pickup guru and rape legalization advocate, would like to warn you about the impending end of the world, at least in terms of you being able to get into women’s pants.

Inspired by the DEFCON system used by the US Military to rate the level of military threat — DEFCON 5 means “chill out, we’ve got this” and DEFCON 1 means “holy crap we’re all gonna die” — Roosh has come up with what he calls the DEFCOCK system — get it? get it? — in order to give dudes “objective and standardized information” on how dude-friendly different countries are.

In countries currently at DEFCOCK 5 — that is, which have what he thinks as the healthiest environment for men — (straight, cis) men benefit from

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4 uninhabited islands that pickup guru and wannabe island-nation-founder Roosh V should consider moving to

Scenic Clipperton Island

Scenic Clipperton Island

Our old friend Roosh Valizadeh has chosen today  — which, in case you’ve forgotten, is APRIL FIRST, wink wink nudge nudge — to announce that he’s buying an island off the coast of Belize, upon which he will build a new island nation called Rooshland.

In addition to “free and fast internet connections” and no income tax, Roosh promises the men who purchase land on his island that they will be able to enjoy

a rotating population of sluts provided by the government … but violent rape is not allowed so you will have to provide these sluts with the tingles they require for leg opening.

And “if your game level is too low,” Roosh adds, you can always get them drunk.

This is all very hilarious — by which I mean creepy as fuck — coming from a man who once confessed — no April Fool’s joke this time — that while in Iceland he had, er, “sex” with a woman so drunk that “[i]n America, having sex with her would have been rape, since she legally couldn’t give her consent.”

While the “free government sluts” proposal is, to say the least, problematic, I don’t think it would be a bad idea for Roosh to go live on an island far away from the rest of us, and take some of his fans with him. I just think he’s picked the wrong island.

Here are some better suggestions.

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Heartiste: Pick up prole chicks using ingenious “logo” ploy!

Hey, prole chicks!

Hey, prole chicks!

The We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive is almost over! If you haven’t already, please consider sending some bucks my way. (The PayPal page will say you are donating to Man Boobz.) Thanks!

Heartiste, of the Chateau Heartiste, isn’t just an unending source of ludicrously overcooked, try-hard bromides against fatties, liberals and “vibrants,” his favored term of art for people whose skin isn’t white. No, once in a while the alleged pickup artist actually gives out some advice on how to score with the HBs of the world.

Today, he’s got some amazing advice on how to pick up “red state prole chicks.” Well, “amazing” in the sense that videos of people popping infected cysts using rusty nails in their backyard are “amazing” — that is, gross and wrong but you can’t look away.

Anyway, brace yourself, because the master is about to unload a tip worth its weight in pus:

Here’s the trick, should you find yourself deep in bucolic red territory: Deck yourself out in a piece of clothing or an accessory with insignia that clearly identifies some media, fashion, or arty conglomerate.  …

Cute prole girls are salt of the earth, but they love the fantasy of the blue city alpha male with connections and a social calender bursting with fruit flavor. Dat “expert from afar” feel. Wearing something that signals you work for one of those dream companies, true or not, is a honey cock trap for inexperienced naifs.

Huh. I still have an umbrella with the Money magazine logo on it from when I used to work there. (In my defense, it was free.) I had no idea it could be used in HB acquisition.

BRB, booking a flight to Alabama.

WE HUNTED THE MAMMOTH FRIDAY CHALLENGE: Work the phrase “honey cock trap” into conversation.

Vox Day: Could Andreas Lubitz’s murder/suicide by plane been prevented “if the sluts of the world were a little more equitable in their distribution of blowjobs?”

Andres Lubitz: Mass murderer?

Andreas Lubitz: Mass murderer?

French prosecutors are saying that the co-pilot of the Germanwings Airbus A320 that crashed in the Alps brought the plane down deliberately, after locking the pilot out of the cockpit. If so, this was one of the most horrific cases of murder/suicide the world has ever seen.

At the moment, we don’t know enough about the co-pilot, 28-year-old Andreas Lubitz. to know what motivated him to allegedly crash the plane. French authorities are saying that they don’t think it was an act of terrorism. But that may be because they have a rather simplistic definition of terrorism.

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