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A Voice for Men tries to jump-start ticket sales for its convention by promising greater punctuality, longer lunch breaks


Burning hundred-dollar bills: A much better entertainment value than AVFM’s upcoming conference

So Susan Morris, the Conference Manager for A Voice for Men’s allegedly upcoming “Men’s Issues” conference this year. has posted a rather puzzling statement attempting to answer questions she’s been getting from AVFM readers “concerning there being fewer speakers on the programme this year and the ticket price being higher.”

Morris — described on the site as “a British woman, an experienced general and event manager in public service” — assures potential conference goers that, “contrary to the headline which I saw somewhere, the ticket price has not been set at $649!”

And that’s true. If you go to the conference’s website, you can see that, in fact, full price tickets to the event are only $645.

That is FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS LESS than the amount reported by the scurrilous press. And … by Morris herself, later in her post.  Read the rest of this entry

We Hunted the Mammoth responds to 4 1/2 Hours of Honey Badger Videos About #CalgaryExpo


(Not an actual video; do not click.)

(Not an actual video; do not click.)

The Honey Badger Brigade — the (mostly) all-gal A Voice for Men spinoff group that got booted from the Calgary Expo yesterday — would like everyone to know that they refuse to see themselves as victims, you know, like feminists.

Indeed, they are so devoted to not seeing themselves as victims that they and their allies at A Voice for Men have put out roughly 4 1/2 hours of videos about their expulsion since yesterday, including three videos that are longer than an hour each. No, really: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (I’m not including the two additional videos by Mundane Matt that AVFM has posted on its site.)

We here at We Hunted the Mammoth would like to respond to these videos with a video of our own:

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“Celebrate” Equal Pay Day with this busted Men’s Rights meme!


This isn’t the busted meme, by the way. The meme is below.

Today is Equal Pay Day, a well-intentioned if imperfect faux holiday based on the notion that women have to work roughly a year and three-and-a-half months in order to make as much money as men make in a year.

The wage gap is a little — actually, a lot — more complicated than that. Only a portion of the gap is the result of straight-up discrimination; much of the rest is the result of women’s choices. Read the rest of this entry

Men’s Rightsers discover the true villain behind the police killing of Walter Scott: His ex-wife

A makeshift memorial at the spot where Walter Scott was killed

A makeshift memorial at the spot where Walter Scott was killed

Over on men’s rights hate site A Voice for Men, Attila Vinczer has found the true villain in the case of Walter Scott, the black man shot in the back after he ran from a white cop: Don’t blame the cop for shooting and killing a man who was no danger to him whatsoever; blame the ex-wife who simply wanted Scott to pay the child support he owed:

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A Voice for Men considers embracing a pedophile — sorry, ephebophile — they once denounced as a GQ magazine secret agent

Remember this guy?

Remember this guy?

You may recall a fellow name Albert Calabrese from Jeff Sharlet’s brilliant GQ article about A Voice for Men’s conference last summer. You may not remember the name, but you may recall one important fact about him: He thinks the age of consent should be lowered to twelve years. “I would rather err on the side of 12-year-olds having sex,” he told Sharlet, “than on the side of ruining men’s lives.”

Calabrese, a former substitute teacher, has made his own “errors,” having won himself a spot on the sex offender registry in Fayetteville, Arkansas for “Unlawful Sexual Conduct With A Minor.”

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Men’s Rights Redditors unimpressed by A Voice for Men’s conference speakers, appalled by the cost

A Voice for Men's upcoming conference has it all!

A Voice for Men’s upcoming conference has it all!

So it turns out that I’m not the only one who is thoroughly underwhelmed by A Voice for Men’s lineup of conference speakers for their upcoming International Conference on Men’s Issues, By Which They Mean How Men Are Oppressed By Women’s Sexy Butts. 

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, some of the regulars are complaining that AVFM is delivering much less than it did last year, for a much higher price — with ticket prices running a steep $650, currently discounted to the high. high price of $399.

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Paul Elam manages to snag Paul Elam as a speaker for upcoming A Voice for Men conference

Yep, they managed to get THIS guy!

Yep, they managed to get THIS guy!

As A Voice for Men’s latest failed fundraiser whimpered towards its sad ending last week — with less than half of its target amount raised — everyone’s favorite Men’s Rights hate site did have a little bit of good news to report: AVFM’s Paul Elam has managed to snag Paul Elam as a speaker for AVFM’s upcoming “Men’s Issues” conference and probable fiasco.

As the official conference site notes, Mr. Elam is the prestigious “founvder [sic] and publisher of A Voice for Men.”

At the conference, Elam promises, attendees will be able to  Read the rest of this entry

Brave MRA reveals the true lesson of the Woody Allen mess: Feminists “are cruel vindictive [slur redacteds]” who will cuckold you with Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra: Come fly with HYPERGAMY?!

Frank Sinatra: Come fly with HYPERGAMY?!

One of the incredibly important Men’s Rights issues being discussed on the A Voice for Men’s forums at the moment: Is Ronan Farrow really the biological son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, or is his father actually Frank Sinatra? I mean, sure, he doesn’t look much like Woody, and Mia Farrow herself has acknowledged that Frankie may “possibly” have been the daddy.

But somehow this doesn’t seem to me to be, er, the most important issue in ongoing story of Woody Allen’s awfulness as a human being.

To a regular contributor to the AVFM forums who calls himself Maxx, though, Frankie is key to the whole story.

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A Voice for Men celebrates Jello as the dessert of choice for rape-joke lovers

Dudes, if you're going to make a Jello dessert, make it (*gag*) "memorable."

Dudes, if you’re going to make a Jello mold, at least make it (*gag*) “memorable.”

So A Voice for Men’s Top Chef August Løvenskiolds — McLøven to you and me — is back with more recipes for hungry Men Going Their Own Way. Having previously shared his recipes for such adventurous dishes as overcooked chicken breasts and Velveeta-smothered cauliflowers, McLøven today takes on a mainstay of fine cuisine: Jello.

Yes, that’s right. He’s teaching his readers how to make Jello. Oh, but not just plain Jello: it’s got a little bit of fruit juice in it, and an assortment of artificial sweeteners. Oh, and one of his recipes also has cream cheese and almonds in it, like those sophisticated Jello mold desserts you may remember from the 1970s. Apparently “Going Your Own Way” means “Going The Way Your Grandma Went When She Prepared Desserts for Church Functions.”

I eagerly await McLøven’s recipes for toast and a glass of water.

But more interesting than McLøven’s recipes is the reason he decided to focus on Jello: Because it gave him an excuse to make rape jokes.

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Feminists: The fact we haven’t killed you means we don’t hate women, extremely creepy dude explains

How weird is it that this old magazine has two different articles relevant to this post?

How weird is it that this old magazine has two different articles relevant to this post?

I‘ll get to that thing in the headline in a second. But first: A Voice for Men’s Director of Lying Liars Janet Bloomfield has responded to my last post about her embattled tit pics — see here; the whole thing is too bizarre to explain briefly —  by informing her readers that I was

failing to distinguish between pics sent to individual men privately as a means of manipulation and pics plastered over social media to make a broader point about feminist censorship and harassment.

AVFM’s flying monkey army has been making the same, er, argument in a series of highly original tweets:

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