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T-Shirt Designer JohnnyKaje models our most popular shirt

Yes, you can buy t-shirts! And hoodies, and aprons, and coffee mugs, and buttons, and keychains, and more!

All of my profits will go to Planned Parenthood.

Just click here to go to my Zazzle store.

  1. Sad day, I was considering buying a shirt until I saw where the profits went.

    Too bad the bulk of feminists support that organization, and that people who don’t must hate women or some bullshit like that. Every act of mass evil is predicated on the idea that X group of people (the Jews, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Muslims, whoever) is subhuman and therefore not as valuable as the rest of us and do not have rights. And I’m aware PP does more than provide abortions, but they also willfully kill millions of people every year, and therefore should not be supported by anyone who calls for equal rights.

    I’m not about to get into a pro-choice vs. pro-life debate, where I will inevitably hear the Singer-esque sentience argument where fetuses and embryos are likened to bacteria. Or where my pro-life principles are reduced to nothing but detached religious dogma. You couldn’t pay me to get on that merry-go-round again.

    This is more of a lamentation that so many have bought into the utter bullshit that abortion is a legitimate part of women’s rights. As a woman, and a feminist, this deeply saddens me. Doubtless, there are misogynists on the pro-life side that give us an ugly reputation, but these are few and even the most ignorant among them do not think murdering women is a viable option to solve such “problems,” and that makes them more tolerable.

    I really like your site. I think misogyny has a hegemonic effect on our present culture and needs to be fought, but I’d ask you to reconsider where you are sending your money, and why you have bought into pro-choice rhetoric that undermines our fundamental rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


  2. I quote Katha Pollitt:

    “…It is indeed feminist to say no woman should have to abort a wanted child to stay in school or have a career…Exposing the constraints on women’s choices, however, is only one side of feminism. The other is acknowledging women as moral agents, trusting women to decide what is best for themselves. For FFL there’s only one right decision: Have that baby. And since women’s moral judgment cannot be trusted, abortion must be outlawed, whatever the consequences for women’s lives and health–for rape victims and 12-year-olds and 50-year-olds, women carrying Tay-Sachs fetuses and women at risk of heart attack or stroke, women who have all the children they can handle and women who don’t want children at all…”

    As for me: the woman who is housing the fetus outranks that fetus once and always. She comes first and I have no authority whatsoever to tell her that she is worth less than that fetus-and neither do you.

  3. Spend some time on the Guttmacher site and try to find that supposedly tenuous link between abortion and women’s value. Abortion saves lives.


  4. Argenti Aertheri

    “I’m not about to get into a pro-choice vs. pro-life debate, where I will inevitably hear the Singer-esque sentience argument where fetuses and embryos are likened to bacteria.”

    I don’t want to get into it so let me strawman-and-run! Seriously, at least present your views if you’re going to hit-and-run this, the FAQ, or the glossary.

    *sigh* Not that the hit-and-run troll will see this or anything.

  5. People who call women who chose to have abortions murderers: please go fuck yourself and stop calling yourself a feminist. A fetus’s right to liberty does not trump the one of the uterus’ owner. The pregnant person’s free choice is the only feminist option.

  6. wow Kyrie! you are telling a women to go fuck herself?? How can you call yourself a feminist? And Kristen is right,even when we are a women we can´t have diiferent opinions conserning abortion without being misunderstood and fiercely attacked! Isn´t that misogyny?And honestly girls,would you like to be aborted? Your mothers have chosen to give you birth,imagine if they have chosen not to do so? Personally i would love a world where all pro-choice feminits were aborted!

    I can´t see how this hatred against fetus can be women´s right.Will it stop rape? Will it make men responsable foe the pregnacy they did?Why the fetus should be killed and the men who cause pregnancy is left alone? Sometimes i belive pro-choice feminists have no brain.

    In addition,stop suppousing that all feminist around the world support these american insanities.I am tired of that.Keep this crazy hatred to yourselves.

  7. Go back and read that Katha Pollitt quote again. I think abortion is a moral grey area, but happily it is a decision that I myself will never have to face, thanks to the IUD that I got from Planned Parenthood.

    And for that, I’m endlessly grateful to them.

  8. PosterformerlyknownasElizabeth

    Hey Lourdes,

    Why are you so on fire to protect a fetus even if it means the resulting child will be abused?

    Also, this.

  9. PFKAE: Holyshit, that GMP article was the worst, I can’t believe they ran that glurge. That site makes my flesh crawl.

  10. GMP? Is that a different term for the Guardian?

  11. Good Men Project. It’s a blog that…actually I’m not at all sure what they’re trying to accomplish.

  12. I have no idea either. Although that was supposed to be a link to an article about a woman stating simply that her mother should have had an abortion instead of a baby and why. I found it to be a pretty powerful piece that shows the other side of the discussion-not the “my mom was raped, poor, desperate, etc but she overcame all that and had me and it was the most wonderful thing ever!” Which frequently leaves out the rest of the story: “and my childhood was one of deprivation, torment, child abuse, violence, and all the rest of the negatives that occur when the mother of the child is not ready for having a baby.”

    I once read a background of Randall Terry that had me scratching my head-his father was incredibly abusive, his parents hated each other and his childhood was terrible. In addition, one of his aunts nearly died from a botched abortion. Yet there he is-one of the most vicious and hateful anti-choice activists who advocates for the execution of doctors.

  13. Planned Parenthood providing healthcare services, such as cancer screenings, DOES promote “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” If someone has cancer and doesn’t know it then they like, you know, can die and everything, possibly leaving their children without a parent. Plus, if you have died then you’ve lost a very important part of your life and stuff, and therefor the ability to pursue happiness. You know what I mean?

    By the way, abortion is not up for debate anymore. The Pro-Choice crowd already won. The supreme court already decided long ago that abortion is legal and it is a right. Furthermore, sometimes abortion is a necessity, in cases of the life of the mother. The fact that late-term abortions are not widely provided is a travesty for women needing this medical procedure. I know that Jesus hates abortion and everything, but pregnancy can go terribly wrong and some babies end up developing in the womb without a brain, and Jesus can’t fix that! They’re going to be born without a brain and will die. Childbirth is actually more dangerous than abortion, women still die in labor in the USA, and it’s really up to the woman and her doctor whether abortion is an option, not you.

    So if you don’t agree with abortion, that’s great, then just don’t have one. But you can’t tell me that I can’t make that choice for myself. If I am pregnant and don’t want to have some bastard child then that is my choice, not yours, whether I got drunk and had sex with 12 men or if I was walking home and get raped, it doesn’t matter. By the way, you are not a feminist. Pro-life feminists and tea party feminists are not feminists.

  14. Hateful MRAs pretending to be feminists are so cute when they think they’re being clever and deceiving us all.

  15. Having an abortion undermines someone’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Whose rights does it undermine? The fetus’s? That sounds very poetic, but it doesn’t make any damned sense. If life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is paramount, then you pretty much are making a pro-choice argument, since an unwanted pregnancy (and the resultant unwanted child) is a major hindrance for a woman’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Way to undermine your own position, madam. The very term “pro-choice”, as in you have a choice, is pretty much the definition of liberty.

  16. So… I actually would like to see a world without abortion. I’d like to see a world where unwanted pregnancies simply never happened. A world where wanted pregnancies do not end up risking the life of the mother. Where wanted pregnancies never produce children who are incapable of living. Where rape is just a word that refers to a historical crime.

    Planned parenthood can help with the first, and with the second to some extent. Maybe it can help a little with the third as well? I’m not sure. The fourth is probably outside of its sphere of influence, but hopefully it’s also possible.

    I don’t see how it’s possible to be rationally pro-life and oppose planned parenthood. Planned parenthood may “commit” abortions, but they also help provide adequate contraception. They also help to reduce the risks inherent in pregnancy, so more children are born alive, with live mothers, than would otherwise be the case. I don’t see how it’s possible to make a rational case against planned parenthood, whether you’re pro-choice or against it.

  17. Undomesticated Goddess

    The whole pro-life argument is absurd, as if pro-choicers are anti-life. While I may differ from many pro-choicers in that I don’t buy into the fetus idea – to me, it’s a baby and a life – I find the idea that the government (or anyone else) should be allowed to force a woman to carry a baby to term utterly insane. I don’t believe I could ever have an abortion myself (unless medically necessary), but I am wholeheartedly pro-choice and fully support every woman’s right to have an abortion if that’s what she chooses to do.

    My sister had an abortion and I have to admit that it made me a little sad, but I supported her 100% because I knew that I had no right to push my feelings and beliefs onto her. She had every right to make the choice that she felt was right for her. It was a traumatic experience for her and she needed support and empathy, not judgement.

    To say that pro-choicers are anti-life or baby-haters is total bullshit! I consider life sacred and go weak in the knees when I see a baby, but I’m not arrogant enough to presume that everyone else should share my beliefs or that I should have the right to dictate how others should live their lives. I also live in the real world, where children are born with drug addictions or fetal alcohol syndrome, neglected, abused, living in squalor and enduring miserable circumstances. If it’s a choice between a child living through that or being aborted, abortion is the humane choice in my book.

    Sure, there are women who could provide a stable, loving home to a child but choose to have abortions because having a baby is not convenient. Do I like it? Honestly, no. But it’s none of my damn business! I still support her right to make that choice because it’s her body, not mine.

    It’s sickening how so many people in the world feel they have the right to force their beliefs on others – women can’t have abortions because I believe it’s murder; gay people can’t get married because my religion says it’s wrong; my child’s school can’t hand out contraception because I think pre-marital sex is wrong. Guess what? Not everyone shares your beliefs (in fact, some people think you’re bat-shit crazy), and you don’t get to make decisions for everyone else. Don’t like it? Go buy an island somewhere and start your own dictatorship.

    I also fully support any blogger’s right to choose where to donate their profits. :-)

  18. Whoever has to carry the fetus in his or her body, is the only one who should decide whether or not to do that.

    The great big, gigantic, huge, liberal GOVT should not be the one to do that.

    If you are sincere about wanting to prevent abortions, you must get pretty lonely in a movement that is primarily geared towards making it harder to get birth control, on the basis that, whatever.

    I heard of real Christians before who were working within the community to actually reduce abortions, through providing access to contraception and providing support programs for teenage mothers, so there is such a thing as anti-abortion people who are sincere, but most of them are religious Democrats who do not seek to IMPOSE their morality.

    The guy up here who says he is a feminist and wanted to buy the T-shirt, and that he (supposedly she) agrees with the website, claims that everyone is equating fetuses with bacteria. Really? Congratulations for not mentioning Adolf Hitler. Are the people who equate you with bacteria ALWAYS making hyperbolic exaggerations?

  19. What the hell are you going on about? o_O

  20. OH is referring to the first comment on this thread, which is from some pro-lifer claiming Planned Parenthood “kills millions of people each year”.

  21. Oh. I should have read the thread. >_>

  22. Well, it is a pretty ancient necro. :P

  23. I just don’t think any life is more important than another. I never got why being pro choice suddenly made me” hate women.” I’m a girl, I just don’t support pro choice. I support birth control, I support women’s rights, I just also support other human lives, too. I don’t think a person who is pro life is instantly a bigoted coward, but I don’t think people who are pro choice are soul less monsters. A human is a human and their life is important, no matter what stage of growth they are in.

  24. That’s fine, Merbo, and I’m glad to hear that you support the things, such as the right access to birth control and the knowledge and autonomy – broadly categorized as “women’s rights” – that enable women to control their fertility and reduce the need for abortion. And, for the record, I’ll happy campaign, march, etc. to defend your right never to have an abortion if you don’t want one or believe that it is the right choice for a situation you might find yourself in.

    But there are women whose beliefs, needs and experience differs from yours, and I would hope that you respect them as you expect them to respect you.

  25. Why thank you gillyrosebee for being so kind! I respect those with differing opinions from mine, and I’m happy to see them expressed. I’m not out to accuse anyone of anything, I just wanted to point out that believing in one notion doesn’t instantly make them against another idea. I’m not here to tell anyone that they are awful for xyz, but I’m glad we can agree that people can think differently without being terrible to each other.

  26. Planned Parenthood helped me with two hideous IUDs that nearly destroyed my reproductive organs and helped me with alternative birth control. So I heart you for supporting them.

  27. Mammoth booz

  28. Compulsory pregnancy is what pro-life advocates are supporting. That is a fundamental denial of the womans right to control her own body. It is a hard choice, grow up and take the adult responsibility.

  29. creepycupcake

    I am pro-life, personally but that doesn’t stop me from supporting organisations like planned parenthood. They do so many other things besides abortion and without them helping women with contraception there would be even more terminated pregnancies. I believe the USA should just have socialised healthcare like we have here in the UK.

  30. creepycupcake

    @Undomesticated Goddess

    I had a very abusive childhood and I am still happy to be alive. I could argue that being aborted is much worse than having an abusive childhood. I actually feel rather blessed to be alive and I think every child deserves a shot. We actually need to work towards a more educated and socially equal society where child abuse has a lower prevailance. Prevention is the best method and I would rather this than the lives of children being taken away.

  31. All right. This cinches it. Following you on Twitter and whatever other social media I can find on your side bar now :-)

  32. I support everyone’s right to reproductive choice…and necroposting.

  33. I am here to Necropost for the forces of compassion and reason!

    So, I have a lurker here for quite some time and I only just took a look at the merchandise. I love the shirt, and I was very excited to see that the profits go to Planned Parenthood. I am very broke right now, but when I’m not I will be snatching one of those up. Believe me. Then I scroll down and the first comment nearly made my eyes ragebleed.

    Here’s the thing. I was the firstborn daughter raised by a mother who was only nineteen when she gave birth to me. My conception was an accident, and my nineteen year old father hadn’t expected to wind up with children. I’m twenty six now and NEVER want to have children. Hell, I think I’m too young to get married, so I can relate with him. He wanted my mother to get an abortion, a fact that she reminded me of more than once (starting at around the age of ten) because she grew to hate him and wanted to alienate my younger sister (accident number two) and I from him. Her reign of terror against him also involved coaching my sister and I to lock the doors and hide if he showed up when she wasn’t there. She told me the story about how he tried to strangle me with headphones multiple times (the last time she brought it up she changed the story so that he’d only used the headphones to restrain me when I wouldn’t sit in time out. I was only two at the time but I was willful from the start according to all accounts, so this is the version that I believe.) She also believed that my father had molested me. I have no idea what happened there because being taken in to be checked by the doctor is one of my earliest memories, but since my mother frequently dated irresponsible young men it is just as likely to have been one of them as my father.

    All of this manipulation worked. I was TERRIFIED of my father, for all those reasons and half a dozen more that mostly involve how my mother would react to him. He died in a car crash when I was thirteen so I will never be able to sit down with him and ask him his side of the story. I mention all of this because, even though her side of the story was the only one I knew, when she told me that he wanted to have me aborted I just felt empty inside. I was a sad and lonely child most of the time. I was terrified of adults because most of the ones in my life were unkind and unpredictable. I learned that the only way to get respect and power was to be masculine, so I worked to be the toughest kid in my grade for years. So when I heard it was possible that I may have never existed, I wasn’t frightened. My life was already a battle and I was so used to being scared that the feeling couldn’t even be used to control me. I was just too used to it. If I had been aborted, my life would just be the struggle that never was. I would have been freed years before I learned what it was to fear death.

    Let me make it clear that I am too damned stubborn to have ever been suicidal once in my life for all the abuse that I have suffered. The thought would cross my mind, but I decided every time that my death would make things too convenient for the people who were making me suffer. When I was a child I chose to fight because I knew of no other way to stay safe. When I was a teenager, I chose to fight because I didn’t want my selfish mother and her boyfriend to get off easy for what they were putting me through. Now, I choose to fight because I don’t want other children, or other women, to suffer as I have suffered. I want to live in a better world, and I will be the change I wish to see and then some.

    My life started to get better about three and a half years ago, when I was inspired by the mass protests in Madison Wisconsin. That means I went through over two decades of turmoil to get to a somewhat balanced and hopeful place, and even now I will tell all anti-choice people that if my fetal self could have know how it would have had to struggle, I would have chosen to end it there. The day I was born via c-section I was strangling on my own umbilical cord. It is my dark joke that I somehow knew the future then and was trying to off myself just so that I wouldn’t have to spend a lifetime trying to deal with my mother and her abusive family.

    I am pro-choice because I prioritize those who have the ability to suffer over those who don’t. And as someone who was nearly aborted, I get really ticked when someone tries to use abortion to scare me into being anti-choice. It didn’t work when I was eleven, and it won’t work now.

  34. So, um… on the topic of shirts. TRIGGER WARNING if you’ve struggled with an eating disorder or related body issues.

    I’m an average-sized human woman and I can’t find a size on Zazzle, in any style they offer that I’d actually want, that will fit me, unless I choose a men’s size. No prob, but men’s sizes are way too wide in the shoulders and look goofy on me.

    »» My point – any chance you could sell just the graphic so I can use it on a different t-printing site, or make it downloadable so I can get it screened on a shirt I already own? I’d be happy to pay the regular shirt price just to have a shirt I can actually wear. Waddaya think?

    Brief Zazzle kvetch… why, when I wear a U.S. 12, do I need to order a 2XL shirt because the XL will be skin-tight? Even Zazzle knows this is a b.s. standard – they state in many of their descriptions that the style “runs small, order one or two sizes up”. Hrmph.

    Also- I’m going to ignore any hateful comments about my body that may follow this question, and humbly ask others to join me in ignoring any bunkum of that nature.

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