The Protocols of the Elders of Mangina

Not Pictured: Manginas

Not Pictured: Manginas

The dude behind the Black Pill blog — formerly known as Omega Virgin Revolt — has some harsh words for the conspiracy theorists who seem to be everywhere online.

Does he take them to task for the bizarre anti-Semitism that infects their ranks? No. For declaring everything from the Kennedy assassination to the recent record snowfall in Boston to be “False Flags?” No again. For convincing themselves that TV news anchors routinely shape-shift into their reptilian forms and back again while on the air, just to screw with us? No again, again.

What’s got him riled up is their silence on the Mangina Question.

I’ll let him explain.

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That Batgirl Thing: It’s About Ethics in Harassing Critics of Comic Book Sexism

(A blurred-out version of the withdrawn cover art.)

A blurred-out version of the withdrawn cover art; click on pic for the original.

A dustup in the comic book world reminds us — as if any of us needed reminding — that the world of comics fandom is filled with a lot of the same sort of garbage people who’ve been harassing (mostly) women in the name of #GamerGate.

The sightly confusing story: On Friday, a bunch of “variant” comic book covers featuring The Joker alongside an assortment of other DC comics characters were posted online, with DC planning on releasing two dozen more “variant” covers for June.

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Red Dead Feminism: Are evil femi-commies trying to turn video gaming into another Soviet Union?

The future of gaming? (Click on pic for Stalin Bros. video.)

The future of gaming? (Click on pic for Stalin Bros. video.)

Over on Roosh V’s endearingly clueless gaming site Reaxxion, a self-described Red Piller named Mike Caputo is still mad at writer and experimental game developer Devin Wilson for suggesting, in a Gamasutra blog post last August, that video games aspire to be more than just “fun.”

This wouldn’t seem to be a particularly radical notion. I mean, “fun” is not the only thing that we humans expect to get out of art. Not every book I read is “fun.” Not every movie I watch is “fun.” Art is often challenging and even unpleasant. And aren’t #GamerGaters always telling us that video games are art? That they’re more meaningful than a game of Skee-ball?

Well, apparently not to Caputo, who thinks that trying to make video games anything other than fun is the equivalent of trying to bring back the Soviet Union.

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Is the devious Anita Sarkeesian “trying to prevent [men] from experiencing the joys of 2D women?”

marlospkm 0 points 2 months ago  As ridiculous as my statement is going to sound, I'm pretty sure that Anita is trying to prevent us from experiencing the joys of 2D women. The kind of joys many Japanese men who've rejected the pig disgusting ways of 3D women already have. There is nothing more frightening to these feminists than the idea of a man finding emotional fulfillment through love of a robot, or the idea of a woman as opposed to an actual woman. Most of society is set up to shame men who don't fall in line, and also fall in love with women. Men who haven't been approved by women are deemed other, and rejected from society. The future waifus, and the Hatsune Miku occulus rift sex experiences take away one of feminism and women's powerful weapons over the male gender. Their dominance over sexuality. Once man is freed from the institutional forces which oppress him, and force him to find purpose in the approval of women, he will be free to pursue his own dreams. Finally men will have no need to fight over women, as they will have something that replaces them the same way robots have replaced the male industrial work force of the world. Wars will be ended, and we will achieve world peace. The masculine will be set free, allowed full creativity, and the world will enter a new enlightened age. We will explore Mars, Jupiter, and the furthest reaches of our solar system. Male and female will be united, working together towards a better future for humanity. But only if we can free ourselves first.     permalink     save     report     give gold     reply [–]Alzael 2 points 2 months ago      I'm pretty sure that Anita is trying to prevent us from experiencing the joys of 2D women. Actually, that's not ridiculous in the slightest. It's a very common thing for feminists.

Wars will be ended, and we will achieve world peace.

Wow. Anita Sarkeesian is even more devious than I thought. Who knew she was single-handedly standing in the way of a glorious future free of wars and from the influence of sexy real-world females being all sexy and stuff.

This little exchange took place in the Koataku in Action subreddit, Reddit’s main hangout for GamerGaters; I suppose we should give the regulars there credit for downvoting marlospkm’s comment down to zero.

While his comment is just a teensy bit over-the-top, the self-described “red piller” marlospkm (who seems to be sincere) is hardly the only guy obsessed with the allegedly liberating power (for men) of “virtual sex” and/or sexbots. Indeed, this was a major theme of The Misandry Bubble, a weird online manifesto that’s been influential amongst the sorts of guys I write about on this blog; check the archives here for many more examples.

Oh, and he’s not the only guy convinced that women today oppress men with their sexiness. marlospkm, meet Warren Farrell.

H/T — Arthur Chu, retweeting Gameranx editor Ian Miles Cheong (which must be very confusing for the GamerGaters who think they’re the same person). Also posted on The Best of Outrage Culture subreddit.

Candid photo of Davis Aurini, white nationalist on paper

Aw, who's a little racist? You're a little racist! Please poop on the paper please.

Aw, who’s a tiny racist? You’re a tiny racist! Please poop on the paper please.

Davis Aurini, the bald half of the Sarkeesian Effect brain trust, has famously declared himself “a huge white nationalist on paper.”

The candid photo above, which I definitely did not assemble using photoshop ten minutes ago, reveals that this is not entirely true. He is, in fact, a tiny white nationalist on paper.

NOTE: When I say that I “definitely did not assemble [this photo] using photoshop ten minutes ago,” this should be taken to mean that, yes, I did in fact assemble this photo using photoshop ten minutes ago. I spent a few minutes of this lovely spring day crudely photoshopping a swastika armband onto a puppy. This is the sort of sacrifice I make for this blog.

Yelling at people on the Internet IS our activism, A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam declares

Paul Elam, "talking without fear or capitulation" on his internet radio show with "Dr. T." Yes, "Going Mental" is the actual name of their show on mental health issues.

Paul Elam, “talking without fear or capitulation” on his internet radio show with “Dr. T.” Yes, “Going Mental” is the actual name of their show on mental health issues.

I‘ve often pointed out, as many others have noticed as well, that the so-called Men’s Rights movement does pretty much nothing to help men in any practical way.

MRAs complain that there are no domestic violence shelters for men, but they (with literally one exception that I know of) aren’t willing to do the work necessary to actually set up such shelters. They point out the truly horrifying numbers of rapes in prison, but they don’t actually work with groups trying to stop rape and other forms of sexual abuse in prison — nor do they try to fight against “the war on drugs” and other policies that put an astounding number of young men of color in prison. I could go on and on and on with more examples, but you get the idea.

Well, it turns out that the Men’s Rights movement’s utter failure to help men in any practical way isn’t a bug; it’s a feature. At least according to PAul Elam, head cheese at A Voice for Men and probably the most visible and influential man in the movement.

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Sarkeesian Effect Makeup! Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini are reunited, and it feels so weird

Woah, as Keanu Reeeves, playing Neo or possibly some other character, might say.

Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini, the Sarkeesian Effect duo, are BACK TOGETHER AGAIN, and plan to finish their, er, “film” together shortly! Aurini posted the video above yesterday, announcing the reunion and giving a timetable of sorts for finishing the film, which obviously won’t be met, but hey.

Owen seems to have confirmed this, posting this video consisting of nothing more than the Owen/Aurini logo — yes, they have a logo — and the classic Peaches and Herb song “Reunited.”

Then again I haven’t seen Owen on camera announcing the reunion, so it’s possible that the wily Aurini has him tied up in the trunk of his car.

Also, Aurini is missing his goatee, which raises the possibility that the person making the “Aurini” video is actually his evil twin — or maybe his good twin, I’m not sure — from an alternate universe. You know, like in Star Trek.

Ah well. I’m going to assume this is legit. I was really looking forward to two Sarkeesian Effects, but I suppose I will be able to make do with just one.

“Mental illness among women is the largest threat to the human species ever,” Return of Kings asshat explains

Man saving civilization from crazy broads.

Man saving civilization from crazy broads.

So internet garbage person Matt Forney has written another one of his deliberately awful Return of Kings posts designed to create outrage and deliver page views. This latest one, like his previous attempts in this genre, is a clickbaity list of “5 Reasons Why Girls With Mental Disorders Should Be Shunned” as “unworthy of your love.”

It would be easy enough to point out the irony of the thoroughly grotesque Forney declaring women with mental disorders to be “gross” fatties with stinky butts. (This is item 4 on his list. No, really.) Especially since he’s doing it on a website run by a dude who seems to resent the fact that he has to wipe his own ass.

But I’m more interested in the post’s “featured comment,” a miniature manifesto singled out by Return of Kings’ reluctant-ass-wiper-in-chief Roosh V as the best response to Forney’s post (and sporting more than 80 upvotes from the site’s terrible readers).

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Is Cultural Marxism turning London women into sneaker-wearing, iPhone-dropping degenerates?

Melanie Griffith in Working Girl: An agent of Cutural Marxist oppression?

Melanie Griffith in Working Girl: An agent of Cultural Marxist oppression?

The far right racist douchebag-o-sphere has been warning us for some time that Cultural Marxism works insidiously to destroy Western Culture and make women all frumpy and shit. Well, you’ll never guess just how sneaky these Cultural Marxist plotters really are: apparently they have the power to cause women to repeatedly drop their iPhones.

In a new post on Roosh V’s Return of Kings site, some dude called Theodore Gumbril dissects what he sees as the increasing “Degeneracy Of London’s Women.” The four signs of this ongoing Lady-pocalypse?

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Totally authentic and not at all fake leaked footage from The Sarkeesian Effect documentary

Some amazing leaked footage from The Sarkeesian Effect project. Weirdly, both Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen seem to have grown full beards and started talking with some sort of fancy British/Aussie/New Zealand accents.

CONTENT NOTE: Video contains not only poor lighting, a bathtub rant, and Davis Aurini laughing but also some in-character gaslighting and rape advocacy.

H/T — Everyone who sent me a link to this one.


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