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Monday Links: “Jackie,” the UVA mess, and believing rape victims. Bonus: How birth control lowers divorce rates


As most of you no doubt know, the story that a UVA student known as “Jackie” told Rolling Stone of suffering a gang rape at a UVA fraternity is coming unraveled; a number of key details in the story appear to be false.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though:

1) After reluctantly speaking to journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely, Jackie asked to be removed from the story; Erdely and Rolling Stone refused to honor her wishes. Ultimately, Erderly and Rolling Stone are responsible for the story, and the story’s errors, not Jackie.

2) Friends of Jackie report that in the Fall of 2012, after the night in which the assaults allegedly took place, she displayed many of the symptoms of someone who had been sexually assaulted, growing withdrawn and depressed and ultimately returning home before the term was over. I still think it’s very likely she did indeed suffer some sort of sexual assault.

3) A right-wing “journalist” has doxxed Jackie, posting what he says is her real name and other personal details.

Here are some useful pieces on the whole sad mess:

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Misogynists can’t agree: Should you guard your sperm with your life — or spread your “super serum” as widely as you can?

SuperSperm: Probably not going to get near any vaginas any time soon

SuperSperm, not to be confused with Sperm Clark Kent

It’s not exactly news that Men’s Rights Activists are obsessed — seriously obsessed — with sperm.

Several days ago, one Redditor took to the Men’s Rights subreddit to warn fellow sperm-generators to keep a close watch on that sperm of theirs, telling the tale of how he allegedly caught his alleged wife allegedly “scooping … up” the sperm he had thoughtfully deposited on her belly during sex and “PUTTING IT IN HER VAGINA!!!” He is now allegedly seeking a divorce.

But this is hardly the first time Men’s Rights Redditors have worked themselves into a lather over the dangers of spermjacking. Or even the hundredth. If you do a search for the word “sperm” on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit, you’ll find literally hundreds of posts — many with hundreds of upvotes and/or comments — on the importance of safeguarding one’s own sperm.

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READ THIS: How Zoe Quinn’s angry ex-boyfriend not only started what became #GamerGate but directed it behind the scenes

As Eron Gjoni sees it, the harassment Zoe Quinn has endured because of his actions isn't a big deal because she has a Patreon

As Eron Gjoni apparently sees it, the harassment Zoe Quinn has endured because of his actions isn’t a big deal because she has a Patreon account.

I‘m on a brief blog hiatus, but I wanted to direct your attention to idledillettante’s definitive account of how Eron Gjoni, Zoe Quinn’s vengeful ex-boyfriend, not only launched what became #GamerGate but has shaped and directed  it both in public and behind the scenes. And it’s all carefully documented with screenshots of Gjoni’s own words online — on 4chan, on Reddit, on Twitter, and on his own blog, often in direct violation of the restraining order that’s supposed to prohibit him talking about Quinn online.

Here’s idledilletante’s summary of the whole sordid story:

1. Eron knowingly promoted his tell-all blog post about Quinn on 4chan, knowing it was likely to cause harassment.

2. Rather than try to quell the harassment (As he might have you believe), Gjoni actually basked in the attention, to try and stir up even more agita against his ex.

3. Once confronted with his actions, Eron tried to distance himself from #gamergate, and move his involvement of Quinn behind the scenes. Unfortunately we have evidence of this string-pulling.

4. Eron’s fight against his restraining order is merely a continuation of the harassment he was already engaging in. If he wins his legal battle he’s likely to post even more private info about Quinn as a reward for his backers.

5. Gjoni has essentially ruined his good name in pursuit of this revenge quest. He knows this, and it makes him bitter that his plans to sideline Quinn in her own industry have backfired so spectacularly.

6. Gjoni sexually harasses women critical of him; especially when caught in a lie or backed into a corner logically. I find this a telling clue about his real attitude about women, although Gjoni claims to be a feminist.

But I suggest you read the whole thing; the details are creepy and revealing indeed.

Open Thread for Personal Stuff, December 2014 Cat Tree Edition

At We Hunted the Mammoth headquarters, the tree is already up.

At We Hunted the Mammoth headquarters, the tree is already up.

An open thread for personal stuff, continuing from here.

As usual for these threads: no trolls, no MRAs, no I’m-not-really-an-MRA-buts, don’t be mean.


Would you like some racism with your misogyny? The Men’s Rights subreddit serves up a toxic stew.

If you need me, I'll just be here in my box.

If you need me, I’ll just be here in my box.

Some days I can’t even. Here’s an actual discussion going on in the Men’s Rights subreddit today. How is it that adult human beings can believe these things?

ConfirmedCynic 8 points 10 hours ago   I'm sort of curious, in a morbid way, about the society which unleashed female hypergamy will create.  If they breed largely with the aggressive, physical sort, and the less dramatic, more productive and more thoughtful men get the cold shoulder systematically or just chose to GTOW, what happens as the character of generations change? Will it turn into one big battle ground? Who will do the steady grind of day to day jobs? Not everyone can lead or be an athlete or a thug.      permalink     save     report     give gold     reply  [–]AvgGuy101 1 point 3 hours ago   Curious about the potential results? Just take a look at the inner city neighborhoods in most large cities in the US. I also wonder who is going to pay for all of these "choices"?      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]dogshits -1 points 3 hours ago*   I think things will change for the better and women will get the men they deserve; ones that won't take any shit no matter the amount of social conditioning they throw at them. That will finally lead to the most vile cunts being bred out and a second renaissance of a good complementary femininity.  A great failing of more other kinds of men is that they largely comprise of white knights. Men who derive all their social capital through women and basically trample over each other to protect women and moderate themselves to the point of castration. I've seen some improvement when they lift, hang with bros and basically grow a spine, but feminists are doing everything to keep large groups of men from assembling starting out from the very beginning with father and son.

Ugh. And these guys actually think that they’re the “less dramatic, more productive and more thoughtful men?” Sorry to break it to you, fellas, but YOU are what’s wrong with men today.

Anyway, I’m tapping out for now. I’m taking the day off. Maybe a couple of days. There’s stuff going on in GamerGate I should be writing about but, you know, I just can’t. I need to clear my head.


H/T — r/againstmensrights

Pickup artist and wannabe video game media mogul Roosh Valizadeh tries to lure gamers to his site by insulting them

Dating women can be an umpleasant shore, if you hate them

Dating women can be an unpleasant shore, if you hate them

Roosh Valizadeh — the pickup artist and would-be video game media mogul — is still trying to convince gamers that even though he’s not one of them he’s on their side. Earlier this week, Roosh reached out to GamerGaters with a paid advertorial in The Ralph Retort, a GamerGate-centric internet tabloid, in which he tried to explain who he was and why gamers should trust him.

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Red Pill Alpha Dog Tip of the Day: Totally dominate hot babes by scheduling your texts for later!

Make her wait for your tweets, LIKE A BOSS

Make her wait for your tweets, LIKE A BOSS

The Alpha Dogs on the Red Pill Subreddit are totally taking “text game” to the next level.

You know how it is when a Hot Babe 8 texts you and you start typing out a reply because, you know, that’s what people do when they get texts, and then you get ready to click “send” because that’s how you send texts? DON’T DO IT! SENDING TEXTS WHEN YOU WRITE THEM IS TOTALLY BETA.

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Butt Seriously: The Men’s Rights Movement is as ridiculous as The Onion’s fake political cartoons

Not a real editorial cartoon

Not a real editorial cartoon

Over on Reddit, a regular on the Blue Pill subreddit — devoted to mocking Red Pill ridiculousness — recently reposted the cartoon above, one of The Onion’s brilliant parodies of the terrible political cartoons that are pretty much omnipresent in every second-string newspaper in the country. I don’t think I’ve ever posted it here before — I’m not sure I ever saw it until today — so I thought I’d share it here as well.

What makes this particular cartoon extra delicious is that its “argument,” such as it is, is one that a lot of Men’s Rights Activists actually believe. Indeed, it calls to mind the cover of the revised ebook edition of Warren Farrell‘s seminal MRA manifesto The Myth of Male Power, in which a picture of a woman’s posterior is presented as if it truly is, somehow, a threat to the rights of men:

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Five pictures that make less sense than #GamerGate

Er, what?

Er, what?

Any mostly rational person who has looked into the shared hallucination that is #GamerGate has no doubt noticed that it makes no damn sense whatsoever. (An alleged movement for journalistic integrity that embraces Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart?)

What you may not know is that there are things in this world that actually make LESS sense than #GamerGate. Here are five of them.

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Return of Kings explains how videogames will make you a man

Do you even life (your head out of your torso)?

Do you even lift (your head out of your torso)?

Over on Return of Kings, one brave gamer dares to ask the question of our age: What will the world look like after the inevitable triumph of GamerGate?

I know, I know, just humor him for a few minutes. Because he has a rather, well, revealing notion of what triumph will look like, and it’s not one that’s compatible with the #NotYourShield propaganda that GamerGaters use to disguise its retrograde goals. Greendestiny, a veteran of TheRedPill and KotakuInAction on Reddit, sees in the video game “war” a new opportunity for gamebros to become Game Men:

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