Ladies, don’t worry about the lack of female film directors. You can always resort to prostitution, MRA explains

From the Men's Rights subreddit

From the Men’s Rights subreddit

Near the top of the Men’s Rights subreddit front page today: a post with 160 upvotes sporting the sarcastic title “Because male film directors (85% of total film directors) getting 87% of the funding is discrimination.

The post is reference to the charge, made by feminist activists, that the fact that the Icelandic Film Centre — which funds and promotes Icelandic films — sends nearly 90% of their funding to men just might be evidence of discrimination against women.  Read the rest of this entry

A Voice for Men doesn’t hate Mad Max Fury Road, except when it does

Charlize Theron committing misandries in Mad Max Fury Road

Charlize Theron committing misandries in Mad Max Fury Road

Apparently someone at A Voice for Men missed the meeting where they all get assigned their opinions to promote on social media for the day. On Twitter, Dean Esmay accuses a Huffington Post writer of lying about MRAs urging people not to see Mad Max: Fury Road:

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Teaching people about slavery, tolerance will lead to destruction of “the heterosexual identity of men,” GamerGater explains

Warning: People knowing about this could destroy heterosexual masculinity.

Warning: People knowing about this could destroy heterosexual masculinity.

Some Green-and-Purple Pill wisdom from the Kotaku in Action subreddit, Reddit’s home for GamerGaters and SJW-haters:

2yph0n 4 points 7 days ago  In school, people are being taught of being "accepting" to other people. People are being taught the concepts of slavery and privileges. Then in the media, everywhere have subliminal messages that being a straight male is the worst thing ever with false rape stats and wage gap fallacies. Thus people are being brainwashed into thinking that the straight males is the big evil. Now that social media is a huge thing now, those people who have the blue pill mindset found a spot to band together and bully others in the name of "Social Justice". So that being said, this is a collusion to the nth degree to destroy the heterosexual identify of men.

H/T — r/BestOfOutrageCulture


Red Pill douchebags clarify proper blowjob-demanding etiquette



On Reddit’s Ask The Red Pill subeddit, a fellow called ThreeEyez comes to the group with a romantic conundrum:

I’ve known some guys to say that they just chill with a girl and just ask her for some head so they don’t have to kiss her. Usually I figured you have to escalate with a chick like make out with her, get her horny, etc. In my case, thats what I usually have to do. Has anybody else had success in just asking?

While one rude fellow tries to derail the conversation with some totally irrelevant comments (“You don’t enjoy kissing? Perhaps you suck at kissing”) others rally and give young ThreeEyez some highly useful advice. Read the rest of this entry

Can Men Be Funny? Manbabies yelling “F her right in the P” at female reporters suggest the answer is “no.”

Dudes, are you finding that your attempts at humor are falling flat? Are your clever quips getting you written up regularly by HR? Are they causing your friends to get fired when they drunkenly defend your “jokes” on live television?

It’s possible that what you think is humor is not actually humor. Consider the following list of things that are not humor: Read the rest of this entry

Men finally get the recognition they deserve for their hard work in being men on all-male panels

The All-Man brothers

The All-Man Brothers

Congratulations, men! Or should I say con-MAN-ulations! At long last, men are finally getting the recognition they deserve for all the hard work they do as men on all-male panels.

You gals may complain about a lack of representation in the competitive being-on-all-male-panels industry, but when have you ever seen a woman on an all-male panel? Never, that’s when! Statistics show that men do a full 100% of the work in the field of all-male panels.

Besides, you ladies are just too flighty and emotional to handle the pressure of being on all-male panels. And who wants to put one of you on an all-male panel only to have you get pregnant half-way through the panel and leave to raise your kids?

Ladies, you know we love ya, but we just don’t want to ever hear anything you have to say.


Canadian MRA Dan Perrins launches hunger strike, demands the arrest of those who’ve “libelled” him UPDATED

Dan Perrins on Day 4 of his hunger strike

Dan Perrins on Day 4 of his hunger strike

UPDATE 5/16: Perrins has called off his hunger strike. Here’s his explanation

Dan Perrins, a famously confrontational Canadian Men’s Rights Activist and staunch supporter of A Voice for Men,  has launched a hunger strike outside the Queen’s Park Legislative Assembly in Toronto. As of this writing, he’s on his fifth day, taking in, he says, nothing but liquids.

What does he want? Surprisingly, that’s not an easy question to answer. Perrins’ demands are vague and grandiose — and probably impossible for the Ontario government to meet — and he has not set any specific conditions that would need to be met in order for him to end the hunger strike.

This seems, at the very least, reckless. A hunger strike is a very serious thing.

Read the rest of this entry

Pickup artist “Heartiste” seems to think the notion of “playing hard to get” was his idea in the first place

The combination of

The combination of “playing hard to get” and Dacron slacks once again proves irresistible to women.

Heartiste — the pompous racist shitbag and alleged pickup artist of great renown —  is feeling a bit boastful again.

In a post yesterday, he links to a two-year-old Business Insider post with the clickbaity title 12 Scientifically Proven Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To The Opposite Sex. He’s interested in Scientifically Proven Way #8: “Men should play hard to get.” Read the rest of this entry

Furious about Furiosa: Misogynists are losing it over Charlize Theron’s starring role in Mad Max: Fury Road

Original poster for the 1979 Mad Max

Original poster for the 1979 Mad Max

So you may have heard vague rumors that there’s a new Mad Max film coming out. You also may have heard that it stars Charlize Theron as a shaven-headed postapocalyptical badass named Furiosa alongside Tom Hardy as Mr. Max.

Well, the manly men of the Manospshere are having none of it. On the always terrible Return of Kings, the most-trafficked blog in the Manosphere, Youtube bloviator Aaron Clarey issues a clarion call to his fellow right-thinking men, urging them to Read the rest of this entry

One of these days I’m gonna get organiz-ized, GamerGate edition

Travis Bickle: Not actually a good role model.

Travis Bickle: Not actually a good role model.

So one Reddit GamerGater recently took offense when a commenter in the Kotaku in Action subreddit said something that maybe, possibly, just a teensy bit suggested that Gaters weren’t a fighting force as tightly disciplined as the Marines.

LousyDryad 79 points 4 days ago  We can be organized. Bitch please. A lot of us were raiding in wow 1.13 days, organizing 40 man raids. A lot of us are playing eve online, manipulating markets and fighting wars that costs thousands of dollars. If anything, gamergate showed that gamers can and will organize with ruthless efficiency to pursue their goals. We can be organized? We are one of the best organized movements I ever witnessed. With no rigid structure we're capable of designing worldwide synchronized operations on the fly, as need arises. No one's irreplaceable, no one can be targeted and singled out to bring down the movement. And they said that games don't teach you anything.


You want organized? I’ll show you organized. Here is actual video footage of a worldwide conspiracy against humankind. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m telling you, THESE CATS ARE COORDINATING THEIR ATTACKS.

H/T — r/BestOfOutrageCulture and the thoughtful reader who linked me to them


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