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Oh, and if I’m writing about someone who’s gotten harassed by misogynists on the internet, and you want to talk about how much they deserved it, or what a lying liar they are? Well, fuck you! Your comments go right into the trash.

  1. I just recently became aware of the “manosphere” because my brother sent me a link to an idiotic article (to mock it) from a website called “Return of Kings”. Unfortunately, this website has nothing to do with the Tolkein book of similar name, but is a bunch of straight dudes who are weirdly obsessed with women’s hair. At first I found it funny, but then I realized that these clueless losers were really interested in promoting violence against women. It made me freaked out that there were faceless strangers out there who hated me so much based upon my gender and nothing else, that they’d want to cut off my private parts and rape me! The manosphere isn’t just a place for losers and delusional PUAs- it has some downright sociopaths. That’s why I’m happy I came across your website. You’re a witty guy and a good ally. Thanks

  2. Hi Eliza! Here is a Welcome Package for you.

  3. I don’t understand the mammoth references in the t-shirt store. In fact, I found 2 out of the 3 designs somewhat wanting for explanation. I must be stupid, considering you wrote for Salon and Money and all that. Please explain. thx

  4. Hmmm. Where might one go to find out answers to questions that are frequently asked?

  5. LOL, “Whitey.” Try looking here.

  6. hello, i am starting a new radio show fairly soon called “the MGTOW hermit show” which i intend on broadcasting on AVFM. my show will focus on recommending straight men to spend their lives alone with no romantic interaction with women what so ever. the whole point of this starts from respecting the biblical suggestion of chastity before marriage but morphs into today’s modern reality of high divorce, domestic violence, abortion, the ritualistic intolerance toward men , the family unit and other issues that drive that wedge between men and women to get along cohesively. in other words if you cant make it work its better to let go of socializing with women period. it isn’t worth the risk and a marriage strike world wide is a good idea. there no longer is a bond between men and women anymore and there is no hope of ever resolving this problem. if straight men chose on their own to totally stay away from women to start with before any problems could ever start between them the problems will clean up on their own very quickly. this is not only a male problem women are equally as guilty of this. because my family has endured a 100% first and second marriage divorces on both my fathers and mothers side including all relatives this has persuaded my decision to never get involved with a woman and start this show. i am not convinced that love exists nor will it ever, it is a fantasy not reality. the reality is that nobody cares about anything but themselves and that will never change. i never caused this problem but i hope i can promote a solution that prevents things from ever occurring to begin with. i recommend that men abstain from romantic involvement totally and live a solitary life as a hermit well away from the failure society has become. it just isn’t worth it anymore and its time to say goodby.
    one of the key elements of my show will focus the “how too’s” of living MGTOW hermit through off grid technology, survival gardening, purifying water, edible wild plants, cabin and shelter building, hunting, fishing and trapping, first aid and medicine, living in the virtues of god through Jesus Christ. my show dose not teach or promote disrespect toward women or anything other than living quietly away from everything society has to offer as much as possible.
    dave grohn. “MGTOW hermit radio”
    P.S i have no problem giving feminists what they want, men completely out of their lives.

  7. Just go already then.

  8. Not men Dave; men like you.

  9. [B]ecause my family has endured a 100% first and second marriage divorces on both my fathers and mothers side including all relatives this has persuaded my decision to never get involved with a woman and start this show. i am not convinced that love exists nor will it ever, it is a fantasy not reality. the reality is that nobody cares about anything but themselves and that will never change.

    This, I think, demonstrates with (almost) pity-inducing hilarity the recurring theme — aside from, you know, incessant misogyny: personal experience + extrapolation onto the entire world and human population + sweeping conclusion(s) whose veracity requires that most of the rest of the human race is lying or delusional = men’s rights movement / men going their own way / etc.

    I also find it hilarious that these “alpha male separatists,” or whatever, that call themselves MGTOWs, who have sworn off of women altogether, seldom talk about anything but women, generally including such words as “bitch,” “devious,” or some other attribute that applies no more nor less frequently to women than to men. Seriously, I’ve lurked around the MGTOW fora, and all I ever saw was this or that about women. It’s all they frakkin’ talk about. I mean, they might get distracted talking about a TV show or something for a few posts, but then it’s back to women. Women, women, women.

    Hell, you might think from reading their posts that… men need women as much if not more than women need men.

    And THAT is what they resent more than anything.

    Tell me, Dave, setting aside for a moment the ludicrousness of you plugging your anti-woman show on a site frequented by feminists and anti-misogynists, how does your little pearl of wisdom — that love isn’t real — account for people sacrificing themselves for loved ones — er, um, positively viewed ones — eh? Oh, is it that they selfishly can’t stand the thought of being left without the ones they view positively and thus allow themselves to die, or risk dying, so that they won’t have to live in a world without this person or these persons they don’t love? Mighty selfish, if you ask me.

    But, then, if we as a species only care about ourselves, how could someone mean so much to another person that the latter would not want to be in a world without the former to such a degree that one puts oneself in a situation that may well result in death in order to prevent the death of the other?


    I’m sorry. Should I not expect logic from the so-called logical, less emotional half of the species?

    For what it’s worth, I’m sorry that your extended family hasn’t remain cohesive. Life’s painful, and love doesn’t always last a lifetime. That doesn’t mean, necessarily, that they never loved each other at all, or that a divorce that arises due to irreconcilable differences denotes a lack of love. Some people, even after divorce, continue to love and respect each other despite knowing that their lives aren’t well suited to cohabitation or a continued relationship. I don’t know what the circumstances were of the divorces in question, but it’s really quite short-sighted and — dare I say — small-minded to make grandiose declarations about the human condition based on what is inherently a small sampling.

    I know from personal experience that making general statements about women or love due to a lack of love in one’s own life can seem easier and more comforting than dealing with the simple fact that one has simply not found it, but it’s counterproductive, self-destructive, and patently false. Reality isn’t always easy, but it’s easier to deal with when one confronts it and represents it honestly to oneself and to others.

  10. making this decision wasn’t easy and what i have been through wasn’t ether. going about things this way is better for all since the intention is to prevent problems between the sexes rather than take that unnecessary risk. i don’t expect most people to get what i am advocating because everybody thinks their relationships will never fail, that delusion cost many their dignity at the very least. all men are said to be the scourge of the earth just because they exist and feminists want men all killed. relationships are unsustainable because most people refuse to have any honor since that requires personal responsibility.
    there is no reason for me to have any confidence that things will get better between men and women with all this hatred and division that was socially engineered into our society for the purpose of breaking relationships up. this is not an emotional reaction but more of a strategic one instead for the self preservation of men only. relationships became totally meaningless not by my choice, i was born into this crap and i don’t want any part of it. my mother died recently just before Christmas and my father doesn’t look like he is going to be too far behind her, life is short folks. i never provided my parents with grandchildren so my family name will not continue from my end and i have no siblings. my radio show is a reflection of the real world not the fantasy world. being hardened the way i have has at least given me the stamina i need to help men deal with things in the most appropriate and less destructive way possible. real men that are awake will just see a woman, turn around and just walk away. it isn’t worth it. i don’t understand why feminists wouldn’t support that. they hate men and don’t want us around. they are getting what they want. they clearly don’t want men to have any rights ether nor do they show any tolerance for men that stand up for their rights. i have no patients for double standards. guess what feminists, if average men never fought and died in stupid proxy wars to defend freedom you wouldn’t have any ether. without men you will be happy i guess so if this is what you want this is what you get. you do realize that the family unit was always the back bone of a good civil society? now that it’s all falling apart at the seams you can spend the rest of your lives alone the way you want it.
    if you must know why i am talking about this on a feminist website is because i have the manhood to take the direct approach and i am not intimidated in taking you on face to face if i have to. misery loves company, so if you think cheap insults works on me you need to rethink that idea, i have dealt with a lot worse people than any of you. i am giving you what you want, a life away from masculine men.
    dave grohn,
    MGTOW hermit radio.
    P.S. if you care to listen to the show it will be aired when AVFM gets set up with their own broadcasting network. i don’t know when that is.

  11. Wait. Did you expect anyone to read that?

  12. What is meant with “painfully literal thinking” (under “Things I find especially tedious”)?

  13. David Furtelle is feminist. This is a feminist run site. Of course they hate MRM’s.

  14. @androphiles, Email David (see email address near his big red head, top right of the page.

    @Sam, Damnit! You’ve caught David being a feminist. Whatever shall we do now that you’re onto him?

  15. I cannot stop laughing at “the Wreck of the Beta Male Cuckold”. It’s become an ear worm and I’ll never be able to listen to the song again without thinking of the parody. You truly can’t make this stuff up. Failure to Tame the Wild American Bitch is also priceless. So glad I found this site.

  16. You should check out the CDD websites. CDD stands for Chrisitan Domestic Discipline, in which men are in control of the family and can punish any disobedience with spankings. It upset me so much I did an entire blog about it. That blog is closed, but if you want to be attacked and be accused of being a feminist (evil people who are enemies to every man and Christian family) check it out.

  17. This might be the best comments policy I’ve ever read, and I respect what you’re doing here very much. The blogs I’m involved with are set up more on the “safe spaces” model, because someone has to do that, and it’s just the way our blogs developed. But I’m not opposed to mixing it up now and then, either ;-)

    I also reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason I want — I just assume every blogger has that privilege, and I tend to tread lightly until I understand the vibe of a particular blog.

    And this last is free advice for any commenters who happen to breeze by. Getting placed on permanent moderation is a real pain in the ass. Because that means you might have to wait 12 hours, or 48, for someone to have the time to read your comment and make a decision about it. (Sorry, but making money, spending time with family, and painting pictures just have to come before the blogs.) If you are actually hoping to engage in something like discussion, you really don’t want to get flagged for moderation.

  18. Hi, new to this site and just wanted to leave an innocuous comment to get started. I really appreciate the free flow of ideas here. And lurv the confused cats.

  19. Hi catslave!

  20. kittehserf MOD

    Hi catslave, namesake! :D

    Have a Welcome Package!

    There’s an Open Thread from July still going if you want to introduce yourself at more length. :)

  21. Ally Fogg, darling of the Guardian’s Comment is Free crowd and increasingly the Father4Justice cabal, plants himself well and truly in the Paul Elam court. Fogg writes in his latest article:

    I can see no significant moral difference between Paul Elam‘s satirical ‘Bash a violent bitch month’, misogynists’ so-called banter in the form of rape jokes and threats, or a feminist’s satirical ‘Kill All Men.’

    Ally Fogg redefines Sexism and other tales

  22. To be quite honest, while I can’t respect Fogg much*, and while I don’t buy the equivalency with Elam**, I am uncomfortable with memes that make light of violence like #killallmen***, and i particularly hate the (not in any way limited to feminists) “die in a fire insult.”

    *Anyone who treats people like Mike Buchanan with kid gloves and acts as though they’re worth having a discussion with in his comments section is not good people, and cannot claim the moral high ground. Please consider dealing only with people who don’t actively promote the idea that women are inferior to men. This is not a high bar to clear. It’s the same reason I won’t have a discussion about racism with someone who thinks people of color are inferior, or sub-human. They go immediately in my “not worth bothering with” pile.

    **The difference is that Paul Elam and most of his crowd actually want to beat women, not in proportional and reasonable self defense either.

    ***But I admit I found it hilarious when r/amr used the GoT poster/slogan “All Men Must Die” in the sidebar. Because (a) it’s not actually a threat of violence, but merely a statement of fact, and (b) “Men” in that stands in for Humans, and is a reflection of the still pervasive treatment of males as the default humans. Plus the fact that so many misters didn’t even catch the reference, proving that they’re fake geek boys. XD

  23. I would like to post about a place that is helping rape victims in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s called Panzi Hospital, located in Bukavu, South Kivu Province, which is in the eastern part of the country. If you would like to donate to the hospital, or to a specific program, the donation page is at

  24. Ciao,
    there are several points I want to make regarding what I just read regarding the apex fallacy and the purpose of this site.
    First, it would be refreshing to actually see women’s rights activists for once react with self reflection rather then the obsessive need to reflexively ridicule and discredit opposing views. The worst that could happen is you actually learned something. This site serves that questionable purpose and is somewhat childish.
    Second, new concepts such as the apex fallacy are established constantly. Of course there is no library full of ‘scientific’ The feminist movement has consistently come up with new ‘constructs’. Concepts have to start somewhere. And no, you can’t compare or equate a coal miner to a CEO who is on the apex. The coal miner is a nobody in the ‘power structure’ unfortunately.
    Third, “…. because, again, the whole point of the blog is to expose this sort of hatred.”…. I’m sure you must see at least SOME irony in that statement. Scrolling through the posts it’s easy to see vile hatred from both ends.

  25. Whatever you all might say about losers and sociopaths, one fact is very clear to me. Having libido and being unable to attract any woman makes life hell; for all my adult life. For all my adult life, hardly a day went by without wishing I were dead. Geez, that is no way to live! What finally brought me relief was taking an anti-androgen.

    Before I took the abovev-mentioned medication I was talking the same misogynistic rhetoric that you see all too much of, here and elsewhere in the manosphere. It seems to me that a lot of men suffer needlessly.

  26. I’m not saying that that this will solve anyone’s underlying problems. All I’m saying is that there is a very simple way to save yourselves a whole lot of anguish.

  27. Alan Robertshaw

    Argh, I should have read the bit about ‘trivial’ and ‘content free’ before doing my initial post on another thread. I’ll have to do something quick to redeem myself.

    The problem is that your regular commentators have it all covered. Another issue is, that to me, there’s so little that needs arguing about. Sure there are interesting side issues within feminism. But it’s like evolution. The basic principle is so demonstrably correct that it’s only the minutiae to discuss. That’s either only of interest to people with a particular viewpoint on the minor issue, or it’s taken as evidence by nutters that there’s something wrong with the whole premise.

    In the first instance I probably don’t have the knowledge base to make a useful contribution. I don’t know whether life first arose on an RNA basis or if it was crystaline. Similarly I don’t really have the personal experience to debate whether it would be right to restrict a trans woman’s entry into a women’s refuge.

    In the second instance, what’s the use in arguing? No creationist is going to be persuaded by evidence; no MRA is going to stop being a hateful idiot.

    I suppose I could talk about my views on feminism but who’d care. To me the subject is simple. It’s patently obvious that women should have the same rights as men. I can’t see *any* rational viewpoint that differs. Even with something as controversial as abortion (Oh, and I’m so pro choice I’d extend free termination on demand until they’re old enough to behave in restaurants) I can see how their may be a valid reason for holding an anti abortion stance that has at least some basis that isn’t purely based on controlling women (well, not intentionally at least) say, you’re a committed Jain or you’re concerned that people would be terminating on gender grounds or disability (if you’re a disable rights activist).

    But feminism, well, it’s just so blooming obvious. How can there be *any* logical reason to dispute that men and women should be equal?

    I suppose someone could say “Ah but women are already equal” or, on much more shaky ground “It’s men who are the victims”, but only a moment’s analysis shows those positions are unsustainable.

    My starting point on all this hinges on one phrase, you’re no doubt familiar with it:

    “Men fear women will laugh at them; women fear men will kill them”

    That explains pretty much everything.

    Can’t see why women don’t respond to a friendly hello, after all you wouldn’t mind a girl saying it to you? Well, if you’re not interested in taking the conversation any further that’s the end of it, there’s no substantive risk of any negative consequence. A woman though risks everything from abuse to sexual assault to death.

    Yeah, but it’s hardly likely is it, most men aren’t rapists or murderers?

    True, but it’s far from being a negligible risk and even if it’s low probability it’s high consequence.

    Think of it in terms of driving to the shops or launching the space shuttle.

    Cars are pretty reliable. We’ve been building them for ages and we’re pretty good at it. There’s not much to go wrong these days. And even if something does, well all it means is you have to walk to the shop.

    But there’s a lot to go wrong on a space shuttle, and if something does break it can get pretty nasty.

    So, is mission control being paranoid for scrubbing a launch because some warning light comes on? After all, you’ve driven to the shops with the oil light on loads of times.

    What’s the answer? Well, whether we’re talking about the different experiences of men and women; or cars and space shuttles, it’s not rocket science.

    Sorry for the ramble. I’m sure people have covered all this ground before so much more perceptively, but it is content and marginally less trivial than pointing out that a cat is grumpy (even though it is)

  28. Sockpuppets? Is that a thing I’m missing?

  29. Susan. It happens from time to time. Some people are really good at spotting evidence of a banned commenter’s writing style in the midst of the boring and predictable rantings of a purported newcomer. And it turns out that they are a sockpuppet of that person.

    Most of us aren’t.

  30. Hey there. My son had me watch Alison Tieman’s hamster and voting video the other night. With only the short shot of her before we went off to hypnotic zoom effects on cat, my first (and lasting) impression was that Alison Tieman is likely a prepubescent boy. The argument seemed about on that level.

    About on the same level, too, as the old phone prank – “Is your refrigerator running?” “Why, yes.” “Better go chase it!” – which then devolves into hilarious laughter. I was always charmed by such calls, and gladly humored the caller with “Why, yes.”

  31. Davis Aurini just posted another wacky blog post about ‘daddy government and corporate boyfriend’ as some sort of advice for women. Here:

    Are you going to poke into this one? Because I can’t make heads or tails of it.

  32. Thanks for the guidelines. In other words, talk to people the way you would if you were in the same room with them.

  33. I’m no stranger to this site, so I’m already aware that there are certain words that should not be used here because they are slurs. Reading this page just now made me aware of another word that I didn’t know before was a slur. It’s the one that sounds like gratin. I looked it up, and was like, “…oh……….man, ableism is even more normalized than I thought.”

    Thanks for teaching me a new word to avoid. Not that I’ve ever used it, but at least now I know it’s not a neutral, fair game insult.

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