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Why don’t I censor douchey misogynists?  Because the point of this blog is to expose misogynists and other assholes by quoting the hateful things they say — as someone famous once said, “fools are destroyed by their own words.” And so I allow misogynists and other assholes to post comments here, which are often as hateful as the things I quote in the posts. I don’t censor them for saying offensive things, because, again, the whole point of the blog is to expose this sort of hatred.

But I’m not a hands-off moderator either. I tried that, and it doesn’t work. I have to enforce some rules to fend off the forces of chaos and douchebaggery, and I reserve the right to ban anyone at any time for any reason I want. Given the sheer number of comments these days, I don’t have much patience for boring trolls. If you’re going to troll, please do it in an interesting manner.

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Beyond that:  If you’re especially, or persistently, offensive, disruptive, or tedious, I’ll put you on moderation, which means your comments won’t go up until I get a chance to look at them, and maybe not even then. Things I find especially tedious include arguing for the sake of arguing, painfully literal thinking, and people who take over threads by posting dozens or even hundreds of comments in a day. In real life, that would be considered boorish behavior, and it’s really no different online.

Big no nos: nasty personal attacks and/or slurs.

Insults, ok, within reason. Calling someone an idiot is fine. Lots of people are idiots. Just use caution when moving much beyond this level of invective. Back-and-forth namecalling is tedious for everyone.

Nasty slurs, not allowed: Posts using words like “nigger” or “faggot” will go automatically to moderation. If you want to talk about someone else’s use of one of these slurs, disguise the term. Especially obnoxious bigots will be banned.  Other slurs and otherwise problematic words to avoid: Cunt, twat, bitch, tranny, retard, spaz, cretin. I’m sure there are plenty of others I’m forgetting. Use your judgement, and listen to feedback from other commenters. If a bunch of commenters tell you a word is inappropriate, drop it from your vocabulary here and move on. Don’t argue about it, or explain that in your country it’s perfectly acceptable. I don’t care.

Grossly misrepresenting another person’s argument, or simply lying about them, another big no-no. Unless you’re a troll who’s obviously and hilariously wrong about everything; then I may keep your comments up for the lulz.

Threats, or posting someone’s personal information, will get you banned. Also bad: speculating about the possible criminal or unethical activity of real people (for example, internet posters who post under their real name). This is allowed only if the person is a public figure/celebrity. Or imaginary.

No sockpuppets. If I ban you, you stay banned.

Oh, and if I’m writing about someone who’s gotten harassed by misogynists on the internet, and you want to talk about how much they deserved it, or what a lying liar they are? Well, fuck you! Your comments go right into the trash.

  1. Scented Fucking Hard Chairs

    Is there a place here to discuss sexist tendencies in Islam? I don’t see a blog post on the topic, but even the most raging manosphere website wouldn’t suggest girls not be allowed in school, forced marriage, honor killings, or genital mutilation.

    *looks at the stoning thread*

  2. Scented Fucking Hard Chairs

    Err, okay, that bolding is so subtle it looks like I meant to take whatever to the thread, oops. Hell no. It’s just supposed to have “Honour killings” highlighted.

  3. Dean, this is not a site for men to use for dating advice. This is a site for mocking misogyny.
    Men being unattractive is a hard reality? Um…no. Rape culture is a harsh reality. You not getting sex from women is not a harsh reality. Priorities, dude. How do they work?

  4. Flying Mouse

    I wish that I’d come across the idea of achieving a woman when we were wedding planning lo those many years ago. I would have opted to write the vows myself if there’d been a chance of adding “Achievement unlocked!” somewhere in the proceedings (in place of “I do/will”? After the JP pronounced us married? So many great options).

  5. Needless to say, “travel to Mexico to acquire libido-reducing medication (illegal in your own country) so that you can take it without any sort of professional observation” is not sound medical advice. “If you lower your libido, all of your problems will be over” is not sound life advice. “I had a high libido, and I believed a bunch of misogynistic nonsense; therefore, misogyny is a natural product of high libidoes in straight men” is not sound logic.

  6. +eleventy thousand to Viscaria. No, he has nothing sound in any arena — except in the “sound and fury signifying nothing” sense.

    Dean said:

    And yes, taking the medication I took was changing myself — not trying to change the world.

    Then declare yourself successful! Why should you care that no one here believes that women owe you attraction, that they deserved your pre-medication anger and misogyny when you didn’t get it, that the FDA is callously ignoring your type of suffering? Why should you care that I wonder about the possibility that your non-prescribed, non-monitored medication has provided more placebo effect than actual effect? Why should you care that you’ve never shown us that if you lose your girlfriend and access to the drug, you’d return to a life of high libido without a relationship but also without misogynistic behavior?

    You’ve essentially declared that there’s nothing for you to do here. Fly free, Dean!

  7. All I know is that with a certain medication I could, for the first time in my adult life, keep my mind off of women and sex and enjoy other things that life has to offer. You might want to read the full-page German newspaper spread from 1979, about the development of cyproteronacetat.

    Do you know anything about the widely-prescribed medications like prozac, effexor, calexa,depalote, and dilantin?

  8. EJ (The Other One)

    You are not a doctor (unless you are, unless you are, in which case ignore me.) Self-prescribing based on stuff you read in foreign newspapers from 37 years ago is extremely dangerous. Please, dude. You could seriously risk your health doing that. See a medical or psychiatric professional.

  9. Dean,
    Apparently your mind is not off women. Because you’ve been wanking here for weeks about women having the temerity to not sex you, forcing you on to unregulated medication.

  10. @ Dean- the first three are ssri’s and the last two are anti-epileptics that are often prescribed as mood stabilizers. They’re all prescribed to treat depression and anxiety, though from different causes. The drug you mentioned earlier is a testosterone blocker, and it in a family of testosterone blockers used to treat prostate cancer. EJ is right- you should really see a medical professional. They are better at not killing you than random internet articles and advice.

  11. The last time I saw a psychiatrist, I was turned off by the abandon with which he wrote out those prescriptions; and in subsequent years I read about how those neuroleptics were developed — make some alteration in a neurotransmitter molecule and promote it with tons of hype. I refused to take that stuff and was surely better off than those who kept trying one and another hoping that one of those would solve problems. Of course it doesn’t get anywhere, because it’s alll just old wine in new bottles.

    Those medications all have side effects, such as causing suicidal tendencies and violent behavior and causing forgefulness, involuntary muscle movements that can become permanent, … And the TV commercials admit to these side effects. My refusal to take them was, by no means irrational!

    The medication I talked about which was explicitly developed for the purpose of reducing libido is prohibited here. And the developers and manufacturer never made any effort to market it in the USA. I wonder why.

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