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W.F. Price of The Spearhead accuses me of supporting violence against women … by opposing violence against women

W.F. Price (not pictured) believes the best way to prevent domestic violence is to put men in charge of households, and to keep police out

W.F. Price (not pictured) believes the best way to prevent domestic violence is to put men in charge of households, and to keep police out

W. F. Price of The Spearhead isn’t very happy about my recent suggestion that the Men’s Rights movement encourages abusive ways of thinking towards women. It’s a strange claim for him to make, coming as it is from a guy who presides over one of the most notorious outposts of vicious, virulent misogyny in the Men’s Rights universe. Even stranger is his claim that by opposing violence against women and children I am therefore … supporting policies that lead to more violence against women and children.

It’s going to take a little while to work our way through his convoluted argument. So let’s start at the beginning. Here’s the quote of mine he objects to, from my post the other day about Lundy Bancroft:

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No one wants to plant his seed in a garbage dump: MGTOWers explain why they prefer “chaste” women

Uh oh.

Uh oh.

Let’s take another stroll through the strange wonderland of Men Going Their Own Way, that small and bitter tribe of men who boldly declare their independence from women, then spend the rest of their lives obsessively talking about them.

Today, let’s look at the thoughtful discussion that ensued when one such fellow known as TDG asked his Brothers in Going Their Own Way why, of all the women they have Gone Their Own Way from (but not really), they tend to prefer women who are “chaste.”

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Red Pill Dudes: Marriage is worse than rape, but the feminist attack on marriage is even worser

Barley: The ultimate feminist weapon?

Barley: The ultimate feminist weapon?

So the uber-manly woman-hating woman-chasing alpha dogs over in the Red Pill subreddit are discussing the declining marriage rate. Which is a GOOD thing. Because marriage is for BETAs and FRUMPY WOMEN! It’s worse than RAPE!

Marriage is RAPE - so if marriage goes down, then it's a good thing.      permalink     source     give gold     save     hide child comments  [–]Max___Power 49 points 1 day ago (64|15)  No, it's worse. Marriage is institutionally promoted to men as a positive. If I ever took a contract to my lawyer where the other party could opt out at any time AND take 50% of MY shit with them, he'd chase me out of his office and yell at me to find a hobby. Yet men willingly purchase $30,000 flawed rocks for the privilege of asking a frumpy woman to sign such a contract. LO freaking L, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Huh. If any of these Red Pill dudes were to get married I’m pretty sure it would be be a completely, you know, consensual act on their part. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t rape a, you know, nonconsensual thing? (Reading the Red Pill subreddit, it’s sometimes hard to remember.)

At this point a fellow calling himself TheZimmerMan throws in his two cents on the subject. Like his fellow Red Pill alpha dudes, he’s no fan of marriage. But then he  remembers that feminists are supposedly plotting to take down western civilization by destroying marriage.  And feminists are bad, right? And so his brain sort of explodes, producing this wondrous bit of red pill word salad, sprinkled liberally with racism as well as misogyny:

TheZimmerMan 11 points 22 hours ago (21|10)  Society pressures men and women are fed that they need it since they are old enough to Disney. It is good that men are not allowing themselves to be victimized in this fashion, but remember that the dissolvation of the nuclear family was a feminist goal from day one. They want every one to be forced into a martiarchical structure by removing the father figure just like socially engineered anti-intellectualism and thug culture has influenced black families nationwide. They want everyone to be on welfare barley subsiding as the actual working men shoulder the burden by paying lifetime alimony, crippling child support, excessive taxes for entitlements, and other state enforced wealth transfers while being denied traditional provider respect and benefits. This is a mere segment of their war against everything it means to be a man as they seek social enslavement, state enforced burdens, and general malice towards our kind.  Thank God for red pill wisdom of female biological imperatives and alphaism allowing men to still retain personal control over our lives, it is the only thing confronting this madness of the ultimate shit test against the human race.

Wow.  Just wow.

I’ve never seen “Disney” used as a verb before.

Also, I’m not exactly sure what “they want everyone to be on welfare barley subsiding” means. Unless the government has started up some sort of barley redistribution system I can only assume he meant “barely subsisting.”

I also like the complaint about how the “actual working man” pays for all these evil welfare moms while “being denied traditional provider respect and benefits.”

In misogynist-speak, that’s code for “how come we have to pay money for welfare when we don’t even get to fuck the welfare moms and boss them around?”

Red Pill dudes: please continue your marriage strike. Also consider: A vow of silence? Moving to a desert island? Living the rest of your life in a hole in the ground?

(Thanks to Gemma_Lou in the Blue Pill subreddit for pointing me to this wondrous Red Pill discussion.)

Men Violent Because of Women, Says Man Who Hates Women

I blame women.

Over on This is Why MGTOW, the blogger who calls himself Cerberus Alpha (dude, seriously?) attempts to answer the question: Why are men more violent?

Rather than attempting to engage with the extensive scholarly literature on the subject, or even making a token effort to do any research on the subject whatsoever, Mr. Alpha instead spins a few familiar manosphere fairy tales into “evidence” that it’s all the fault of those evil sexy ladies and their evil sexy and/or feminist ways.

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Evil Seven Step Plan to Destroy Men uncovered by Men’s Rights Redditor

This is Step Eight

Step 8: Release the Monkeys

After yesterday’s horribleness, here’s a bit of MRA pontificating that’s mostly just absurd. In the Men’s Rights subreddit, our dear old friend OuiCrudites spells out the Seven Step Plan that is destroying men today. He doesn’t explain 1) who exactly is taking these steps, or 2) why exactly they want to destroy men, but, you know, I think we can just assume 1) the evil feminist gynomatriarchy/women in general and 2) EEEEEEVIL.

Step 1: Tell boys that they are disruptive and inferior to the girls in their classes.  Step 2: Once boy reaches puberty, assume that he is a potential rapist and woman batterer. Also assume his female contemporaries can do no wrong.  Step 3: Tell pubescent male that he must be a perfect gentleman and repress anything that makes him masculine if he wants females to like him. Shame him when he happens to notice that females throw themselves at his most aggressive male classmates. Tell the females they can do no wrong.  Step 4: Throw zillions of female-only scholarships and hiring quotas at young adult females. Tell her that she is a helpless victim that can do no wrong. Assume the young adult man is a rapist woman oppressor looking for victims.  Step 5: Smile and nod while some females mate with the roughest thugs they can find, and give them welfare. Browbeat all males for not "manning up."  Step 6: Allow some wives to ruthlessly tear apart their families for non-dire reasons. Withhold children from loving fathers. But of course, continue to demand child support.  Step 7: Ignore and shame men who fall on hard times. Act surprised when they hold a gun to their head and pull the trigger.

Interesting that two whole steps out of the seven here involve complaints about “females” dating thuggy alpha bad boys instead of decent, hard-working nice guys like those you might find posting thoughtful comments on gender relations in helpful list form on Reddit.

Election Day Open Thread! Plus, some inane crap from Heartiste on the single white woman vote.

Make sure you vote on this crucial ballot initiative.

Election day is here at last! Vote! VOTE!! VOOOTTTTTEEEEE!!!1!!!

Well, if you’re American, anyway.

Americans and non-Americans alike, enjoy these ridiculous thoughts on the Single White Woman Vote from our old pal Heartiste.

[S]ingle women’s prime directive is to fulfill their hypergamous impulse for the highest possible status man they can coax into long-term commitment. The party that is perceived as being pro-unrestricted female sexuality, anti-male sexuality, and anti-drone beta male is going to get their vote.

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Anglobitch: “Misandrist women cannot distinguish between Nobel Prize winners and tattooed psychopaths – all are men and thus worthless brutes in their entitled eyes.”

Ladies love psychos — and Psychlos!

We hear again and again from the angry dudes of the Manosphere that women are status-seeking sluts, spending their twenties riding what has come to be known as the Alpha Asshole Cock Carousel and shutting out the hapless beta males who beg for their attention. Indeed, some Manosphere dudes are so convinced by this narrative that they devote their whole life to learning how to be (or at least how to pretend to be)  the the Alphas males that the ladies allegedly prize so much.

Rookh Kshatriya on Anglobitch thinks these fellows – PUAs and “nice guys” alike  — are all wrong about “Anglosphere” women. Far from preferring Alphas, he suggests, these women would rather hook up with smelly, butt-scratching losers. Literally. Here’s his, er, argument:

Because of the puritanical fictions  that prevail in Anglo-American society, Anglo women have become impossible to please by rational means. … the bar has been set impossibly high. The outcome is either misandrist spinsterhood or, more often, what we see around us: a female obsession with the dregs of the male sex.  …

Since no male is good enough for her, all men are flattened into an undifferentiated, priapic horde in the Anglo female’s mind. A king is a jack is a joker… a classical scholar at Yale is suddenly no better than a murderous baboon like Charles Manson. An illiterate tramp with a ring through his nose instantly acquires the same standing as an architect, physicist or surgeon.

Naturally, Kshatriya provides no actual evidence for these odd assertions, but in the wide world of misogyny that’s never a deterrent for a guy with a new dumb theory about the evils of women.

[T]his is what makes Game – so appealing to the logical male mind – so ineffective in the Anglosphere. Misandrist women cannot distinguish between Nobel Prize winners and tattooed psychopaths – all are men and thus worthless brutes in their entitled eyes.  And so all the Gamers’ striving for ‘Alpha’ status is pointless – they might as well stick rings through their noses, grow some dreadlocks and slouch the streets scratching their butts.  Indeed, as many North American commentators claim, their mating chances would probably improve if they did this. ‘Omega males’ doubtless confirm the Anglo female’s contempt for men in general. If she has to have a man, only the worst knave will do.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen “Anglo females” out strolling with men who are neither wearing dreadlocks nor sporting nose rings nor scratching their asses, but those sightings must be anomalies.

Kshatriya is convinced that social conservatives are equally wrong about the ladies:

Writers like Daniel Amneus consider female hypergamy to be the ‘glue’ that binds male consent to the social order. …. In the Anglosphere, however, rational female hypergamy has short-circuited due to our cultural bloc’s uniquely puritanical socio-moral conditions. While alphas and high betas trudge home to empty beds or divorce threats, tramps and mass-murderers wade through tons of female flesh without breaking sweat. And so the Anglosphere falls apart around our ears. Yet still David Futrelle exhorts us all to ‘respect women’ and be ‘nice’.

Woah, that was a bit of a surprise ending there.

But obviously I must be doing something  terribly wrong to merit such a mention. I guess I’d better start growing out some white-boy dreads and thinking awful things about women.

Spearheader: Women are “feral creatures who want to be thugf#$cked and used.”

Women: Feral, civilization-destroying monsters

Over on The Spearhead, the discussion of, er, “altruism” (and why the men who sacrificed their lives to save their girlfriends in the Aurora theater shootings were “suckers”) continues. All of the comments I mentioned in my previous post now have dozens of upvotes; one has more than a hundred. (All except for the comment praising the dead men as “heroic” which remains underwater, votewise.)

The discussion has inspired one commenter called ck to offer this rather harsh assessment of modern women:

Words cannot convey my sense of dispair, isolation, and acceptance that women are at best amoral beings and at worst imoral. I no longer look at a women and hope they may be the one who vaules a decent, kind, moral man. Instead I see a feral creature who wants to be thugf#$cked and used. They are addicted to a drug called emotion. They want the highs of being thugf#cked and the coming lows of being used and dumped. Then rinse and repeat.

[citation needed]

The stable decent man is too “boring” or “nice”. The lush sociatal enviroment we have created for them is taken for granted. It exists as does the air they breath, simply out of nothing in thier minds. They simply cannot grasp the truth of it takes good men to build, invent and maintain their “posh” world. … My eyes are sadly opened to what women are now.

ck also makes comments that suggest to me that he is suffering from depression, possibly quite severe. He gets upvotes for his misogyny, but no one there offers any comfort or help, except for one commenter who urges him, unhelpfully, to “[t]ry to get as far from feminist women as possible,” possibly by moving to another country.

Evidently the last thing MRAs ever want to do is to provide actual tangible help to fellow men who are suffering.

Meanwhile, Darryl X offers some thoughts on you, my dear readers and commenters:

I hope the posts on Futrelle’s site and others illustrates for you the cold-blooded and parasitic nature of those kinds of people and that they do not represent civilization and that as more and more honest hard-working and innocent men are killed off by them, they will be living in a cave because they have neither the intelligence nor the initiative to do anything but defraud others and they are running out of victims. Eventually they will start cannibalizing themselves. Actually they already have started.

Evidently, according to Spearhead logic, “civilization” is much more effectively maintained by demonizing half of it.

MRAs: The men who lost their lives protecting their girlfriends in the Aurora theater shooting were “suckers.”

Over on The Spearhead, the regulars are discussing the three young men who sacrificed their own lives to save their girlfriends in the chaos of the Aurora theater shootings.

Needless to say, many of them aren’t too keen on any act of heroism that might benefit a woman.

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Trogdor Goes to the Store [TW: Misogyny, Ageism, Racism, Chicken Taquito Rolls, End of Civilization.]

A drugstore, as yet untainted by whores.

It’s been a long time since we’ve checked in with Trogdoor005, a young Man Going His Own Way with a vivid imagination, a love of bold text, and a deep hatred of all things female. In a recent post on, the Trogger reports on a visit to a local drugstore, where he witnessed a loud argument between two women cunts. The argument is actually the least interesting part of his story; it’s what happens afterwards that really got my attention, suggesting that Trog spends most of his days in a constant state of boiling rage not only towards women but towards pretty much anyone and everyone who crosses his path.

In search of the chips aisle, Trog ended up over by the pharmacy.

As I pass by the pharmacy, I notice that most of the people standing/sitting there are older people … what looks like a handful of 60-75 year olds, baby-boomers getting their last few drop$ of blood drained by big-pharma before they croak. Perhaps a comeuppance of sorts, these are, afterall … the SAME people who embraced and got behind liberalism/feminism back in the day … effectively laying the “foundation” for the Matriarchy that we currently live under, among OTHER things … .

Damn those old people and their MATRIARCHY. Trogdor continues his wandering, and we discover that he hates young girls as well:

As I continued to make my way thru the store, I was particularly disturbed by a lot of the younger girls and their dress/ demeanor. Some of these girls didn’t look a day over 13 and here they were, already wearing those short-shorts that go all the way up to the ass, kind of like the ones described here. They of course, had their little “smartphones” in one hand whilst txting away feverishly … and some of their faces were already showing signs of a developing “thousand cock stare”, which should come as no surprise considering the rotten feminized culture they were raised in, having absorbed countless hours of Jersey shore and MTV poison.

What the fuck is a “thousand cock stare?”

I overheard a couple of brief comments as I walked by some of them, totally superficial bullshit … you can tell right away these girls are (unfortunately) gonna grow up to be more of the same generic, hypergamous, narcissistic American sluts that we are all-too-familiar with, TOTALLY worthless women just like their mothers in all like-li-hood were as well. You can tell just from the tone of their voices and their snobby remarks that these girls have no substance, no redeemable qualities … they emphasize and accentuate their “curves” because … that’s all they are! That’s all they have to “offer” … sex … their slimy hole. The future does not bode well for America with such a bad crop of “native” women having >51% of the vote and being “in charge” of reproduction …

Dude, if all you want is a slimy hole, buy a fucking fleshlight – there’s no shame in it — and shut the fuck up about actual women and girls.

Eventually, after witnessing another skirmish in what has become an ongoing battle between the two women cunts he overheard earlier, Troggy leaves the store. While he’s walking through the parking lot, a car drives by:

[A] busted-up piece of shit full of “gangsta” dressed caucasian younggins passes a couple of feet in front of me. The windows are open and it absolutely REEKS of weed … no doubt another batch of young men raised by single moms who, lacking the stabilizing influence of a father, turn to such things as a way to cope with their lack of direction in life.

I like how quickly he moves past hating on these guys to hate on their hypothetical single mothers.

Of course I also see a few single moms, thug-lets in tow, making their way to the store as I walk back to my car.

Evidently Trogdor has quite a developed single-mom-dar; I myself am unable to tell if a woman with kids is single or married or even the mother of the children in question. I’m also unable to tell by looking at young children whether or not they will end up as “thugs.”

On a last-minute urge, I decided to head over to the nearby 7-Eleven to get some of those chicken taquito rolls. On my way there, I pass a high-school baseball field, which was in the middle of a game. Something that stood out to me was the high percentage of Hispanic youth at this baseball game, virtually all the players on both teams as well as the parents present were Hispanic … a sign of the times and changing demographics.

Dude, I hate to break it to you, but these “changing demographics” are also responsible for the ready availability of chicken taquito rolls  at your local convenience store.

Trogdor ends with some broader reflections on the end of civilization as we (or at least he) knows it:

Gents, when I step back and look at the “society” that we live in, I can’t help but think … “what a fucking mess” … and I’m sure I’m not alone. Anyone else feel the same way?

The whole thing is so warped, so backwards, so corrupted …

It seems that one of the key differences between a declining society such as ours and lesser “advanced”, but longer-lasting civilizations which have actually stood the test of time is that places like China, the Middle East, and India never gave power to/listened to idiots, hence their longevity and stability relative to a place like the United States … which is starting to come un-hinged/fall apart after only a measly 50 years (LOL!1!) of feminist assault.

Dude, the only thing unhinged here is you.

What must it be like to live inside the brain of an MGTOWer like Trogdoor, where everything from old people waiting for their prescriptions to women walking through parking lots with their kids somehow becomes evidence that civilization is in its final days?



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