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Lesbianism is a plot to deny men sex with hot women before they get old, Red Piller explains

By the time she switches to men .... it'll be too late! (Because she'll be old and ugly by then.)

By the time she switches to men …. it’ll be too late! (Because she’ll be old and ugly by then.)

Scientists may not have the whole “what causes homosexuality” thing figured out to everyone’s satisfaction yet, but one Red Pill Redditor thinks he has an answer.

Shockingly, it has to do with his boner, and the fact that not all women are interested in it.

LionLaw 49 points 17 hours ago*  I feel like being a lesbian is a phase for women, something they all eventually grow out of (for the most part) once the threat of the wall becomes all too real. Maybe not a "phase" per se, but more like an excuse to waste away her youth and good looks before her beta in shining glasses comes to marry her while she fucks chad on da side. Edit: Jesus, I wouldn't touch those women with a stick

The rest of the Reddit thread contains numerous other Red Pillers offering their own theories about lesbians, so, er, go read that if you want to bathe more in the intellectual equivalent of a fetid hot tub filled with red bull, ignorance, and poop.

H/T — r/thebluepill (the good ones)

GamerGaters attack study on video game losers lashing out at women … by lashing out at women

Women ruining the lives of men by invading the male space of gaming

Women ruining the lives of men by invading the male space of gaming

So the #GamerGaters are mad about a new study that suggests that some of the most dickishly misogynistic male gamers are quite literally losers. That is, men playing video games like Halo and Call of Duty online tend to lash out at women players when they’re doing their worst.

Looking at the behavior of a number of men and women over the course of 163 games of Halo 3, researchers Michael Kasumovic and Jeffrey Kuznekoff from the University of New South Wales and Miami University found that Read the rest of this entry

Reddit’s plan to “contain” hate is so ass-backwards that Reddit bigots are begging to be “contained”


Oops. I’m not sure Reddit is winning this fight.

Earlier this week, Reddit announced a perplexing new plan to “contain” the worst bigots on the site. Instead of simply banning the bigots, their subreddits would simply be “reclassified.” Redditors would have to sign into them much as they now sign into the site’s NSFW subreddits, and, presumably to avoid angering advertisers, Reddit would remove all ads from them.

In other words, as I noted the other day, Reddit has decided to fight the bigots … by funding ad-free forums for them.

Well, the folks in the 4/chan subreddit (not 4chan itself; the Reddit incarnation of it) want to get into that sweet, sweet ad-free action. So one enterprising channer suggested that they spam a thread with the n-word to prove they’re as hateful as the hateful assholes of r/coontown:

Read the rest of this entry

Reddit to White Supremacists and other bigots: We’ll host your forums — at our expense!

DailyMotion has helpfully labeled some of Snake Island's most notable features

Much better policy; Send Reddit’s bigots to Snake Island

So the new Reddit CEO — returning co-founder Steve “Spez” Huffman — announced the site’s much-anticipated new content guidelines today, and to say that they are disappointing is a bit of an understatement.

Essentially, he told the site’s many varieties of bigots that they could continue to spout their various bigotries on Reddit without repercussions, so long as they didn’t actually threaten to, you know, go out and murder or otherwise physically harm people whose sexual preferences or skin color or religion (or whatever) didn’t meet their approval.

Only now the bigots will be posting on Reddit s dime. Read the rest of this entry

So it wasn’t Ellen Pao who fired that popular Reddit staffer after all? But the angry mob isn’t apologizing.

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian "can't comment on the specifics."

Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian “can’t comment on the specifics.”

As you may recall, the recent week of hate and abuse directed at Reddit CEO Ellen Pao, which led to her becoming ex-Reddit-CEO Ellen Pao, was triggered by the firing of a popular admin Victoria Taylor, one of the few people on Reddit’s staff who actually seemed to respond to user concerns. The firing was said to be an example of Pao’s supposed “incompetence,” a sign that she didn’t really understand Reddit or Reddit culture — and that she needed to go.

One problem with this line of argument was that there was never ever any proof that Pao was responsible for firing Taylor.

And now it seems pretty clear that she wasn’t. Over the weekend, Reddit co-founder and Chairman of the Board Alexis Ohanian seemed to admit, albeit somewhat obliquely, that he was the person responsible for the firing, commenting on Reddit that Read the rest of this entry

An Air Mattress, a Motorcycle, and a Flat-Screen TV: Living the dream, MGTOW-style

The good life?

The good life?

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam celebrates the simple pleasures of

A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread-and Thou

Reddit’s MGTOW contingent has a somewhat different notion of what constitutes the good life. It involves a motorcycle in one’s bedroom.  Read the rest of this entry

Yeah, well, YOU’RE the real racists and misogynists, one Ellen Pao hater declares

No racism here! Screenshot from an anti-PAo video.

No racism here! Screenshot from an anti-Pao video.

The misogyny of many of those who badgered Ellen Pao out of her CEO position at Reddit was about as subtle as an explosive fart at a dinner party. And it’s not exactly difficult to find evidence of widespread racism directed at her as well.

There was the whole “Chairman Pao” thing, for example, and the blatantly racist “humor” that it unleashed: Read the rest of this entry

Pao! Right in the Kisser: Reddit assholes celebrate CEO’s resignation after a week of abuse

An anti-Pao graphic, repurposing Chinest Communist propagada

An anti-Pao graphic, repurposing Chinese Communist propaganda

Congratulations, assholes of Reddit! You’ve driven another woman away from your internet clubhouse.

This time the woman in question was the site’s now ex-CEO Ellen Pao, who resigned today after a week of “Reddit Revolt” that included racist and misogynistic abuse aimed at “Chairman Pao” as well as the occasional death threat.

Indeed, the abuse was so bad that Pao felt the need to address it in her resignation note: Read the rest of this entry

“Videorecord all your activities, even sex acts, using bodycam,” and other false-accusation-avoidance tips from Reddit’s MRAs

Hey, babe, wanna make out?

Hey, babe, wanna make out?

Is MRA thinking simply beyond satire?

Cartoonist Rebecca Cohen (@GynoStar on Twitter) recently decided to offer a satirical take on the false rape accusation paranoia that’s endemic in Men’s Rights circles, producing the list of tips below, designed to mirror some of the terrible advice that’s regularly given to women on how to avoid rape. Read the rest of this entry

A good portion of Reddit has gone dark in protest of site admins’ apparent firing of a popular staffer

Hey, where'd that subreddit go?

Hey, where’d that subreddit go?

So Reddit is in a tizzy again. This time, surprisingly, it’s not because Redditors are outraged that the site admins have hired a woman, or shut down one of dozens of subreddits devoted to, I dunno, stolen pictures of dead celebrity babies, or some other typically Reddity thing for Redditors to get outraged about.

No, this time Redditors are angry because Reddit seems have fired the one staffer who was genuinely liked by a wide swath of Redditors — that staffer being Victoria Taylor, Reddit’s Director of Talent, perhaps best known for keeping the site’s mega-popular Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads running smoothly, which extended to relaying questions to famous guests and transcribing their answers.  Read the rest of this entry


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