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The Top Ten Completely Untrue Things I Learned from GirlWritesWhat’s Red Pill “Ask Me Anything”

Karen "GirlWritesWhat" Straughan: Everything she says is "true"

Karen “GirlWritesWhat” Straughan: Everything she says is “true”

Karen Straughan, the soporific, pseudoscientific YouTube antifeminist, doesn’t seem on the surface much like a “Red Pill Woman.” She’s a single mother with short hair, well past “the wall,” who makes a point of not wearing makeup in her videos.

But she’s got one quality that apparently makes up for all of her other defects as a Red Pill gal: she tells the Red Pill guys exactly what they want to hear, defending their noxious views, feeding their sense of victimhood, and hand-waving away their blatant misogyny.

So it’s hardly a surprise that she got a warm welcome when she showed up yesterday in the Red Pill subreddit to do an “ask me anything.” Today, I girded my loins and popped a caffeine pill and read through her answers. Well, skimmed them, anyway; I’m no masochist.

I learned a lot. Unfortunately, most of what I learned was not true.  Read the rest of this entry

The Soft totalitarian’s Hole of choice: MGTOW Poetry Korner

It's just a damn citrus fruit, people!

Sometimes a grapefruit is just a grapefruit.

Stickied to the top of the MGTOW subreddit is this lovely bit of … poetry, I guess: Read the rest of this entry

“Women enjoy being forced to do things, just like children,” creepy-as-hell Red Pill Redditor observes

Every Red Piller's fantasy

Every Red Piller’s fantasy

So I was reading through a rant on the Red Pill subreddit that’s so over-the-top ridiculous that it got downvoted to zero by the Red Pill masses. (Or maybe they voted it down because it wasn’t woman-hating enough? Hard to tell, where the Red Pill is concerned.)

Regardless, the rant inspired some, well, revealing commentary from other Red Pillers. Like this creepy and amazing mini-masterpiece of misogyny, from a comment by beerthroway that actually got some upvotes from the Red Pill masses. I’ve bolded some of the best –by which I mean the worst — bits. Read the rest of this entry

Reactionary “game” guru Roosh V divorces The Red Pill, demands full custody of all the pageviews

Roosh V, living the dream

Roosh V, living the dream

Oh dear. Roosh V’s rebranding campaign isn’t going well at all.

The increasingly reactionary pickup guru, who seems deathly afraid of being universally recognized as the creepy old guy at the club that he so obviously has become, is earnestly trying to transform himself into a philosopher of sorts, and a sort of manosphere elder. He recently gave his highly unoriginal philosophy a name — “Neomasculinity” — and proclaimed himself the headmaster of this “new” school of thought. Read the rest of this entry

Men’s Rights Redditors agree: Trans, intersex and genderqueer folks are silly and annoying and hinder true equality

Men's Rights Activists agree: This room oppresses them

This sign oppresses Men’s Rights Activists

Men’s Rights Redditors agree: it’s tough to be a man. Well, a cis man, in any case. And those silly trans people are making it worse.

On the Men’s Rights subreddit, one concerned fellow has discovered a possibly insurmountable obstacle standing in the way of true gender equality: A “Women’s Room” at the University of Queensland that, as a sign on its door notes, is open to “trans*, intersex and genderqueer people as well as cis-females.” The horror!  Read the rest of this entry

Red Pill Redditor angry that people think “any attempt to coerce a woman into sex is automatically ‘abuse.'”

The Red Pill: A Choking Hazard

The Red Pill: A Choking Hazard

A lot of Men’s Rights Activists, would-be pickup artists, and other so-called “Red Pillers” like to complain that feminists have so muddied up the issue of sexual consent that men today can never really be sure if the sex they’re having is actual consensual sex or some newfangled variety of rape.

But in fact the ones doing most of the muddying are them — in some cases because they would like to roll back the progress we’ve made on the issue of consent over the last several decades and return to a world in which pressuring and manipulating and even directly coercing a woman into saying “yes” to sex they don’t want was considered an appropriate “technique” in a man’s dating playbook.  Read the rest of this entry

Ladies, don’t worry about the lack of female film directors. You can always resort to prostitution, MRA explains

From the Men's Rights subreddit

From the Men’s Rights subreddit

Near the top of the Men’s Rights subreddit front page today: a post with 160 upvotes sporting the sarcastic title “Because male film directors (85% of total film directors) getting 87% of the funding is discrimination.

The post is reference to the charge, made by feminist activists, that the fact that the Icelandic Film Centre — which funds and promotes Icelandic films — sends nearly 90% of their funding to men just might be evidence of discrimination against women.  Read the rest of this entry

Red Pill douchebags clarify proper blowjob-demanding etiquette



On Reddit’s Ask The Red Pill subeddit, a fellow called ThreeEyez comes to the group with a romantic conundrum:

I’ve known some guys to say that they just chill with a girl and just ask her for some head so they don’t have to kiss her. Usually I figured you have to escalate with a chick like make out with her, get her horny, etc. In my case, thats what I usually have to do. Has anybody else had success in just asking?

While one rude fellow tries to derail the conversation with some totally irrelevant comments (“You don’t enjoy kissing? Perhaps you suck at kissing”) others rally and give young ThreeEyez some highly useful advice. Read the rest of this entry

Red Pill philosopher: A relationship with a loving woman is a lot like taking a crap

Shall I compare thee to a morning poop?

Shall I compare thee to a morning poop?

So over on the Ask The Red Pill subreddit, one fellow had an unusual question: what to do about a girlfriend who is “TOO GOOD. TOO PERFECT” for him.

It’s starting to get to a point where i’m disgusted with how much she loves me, and how dedicated she is to me. She’s no longer a challange, and i’ve been considering leaving her.

One Red Piller with something of a philosophical bent offered him a rather unique perspective on his dilemma:

Read the rest of this entry

The MGTOWs were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sexbots danced in their heads


She’s just a love machine

Over on the MGTOW subreddit, the regulars are daydreaming about sexbots. And they can’t seem to decide what excites them more: the prospect of endless on-demand sex with robot super-hotties — or ruining the lives of non-robotic women who won’t be able to compete with the aforementioned robot super-hotties.

It’s really kind of adorable.

Let’s let the MGTOW Nostradamus who calls himself EnterPseudonym explain how it’s all going to go down when the sexbot revolution arrives at last. Read the rest of this entry


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