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Is Roosh V’s empire crumbling? Not so fast.

Don't look down.

Don’t look down.

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So there are posts up on the GamerGhazi and BluePill subreddits asking if we’re seeing “the end of RooshV,” and declaring that  traffic on his sites

and the [sales of his] how-to-rape guides … are collapsing in a freefall. More than half of his followers are not even real. Noone wants to associate with this serial rapist douchebag.

I’ve seen similar claims — at least about Roosh’s allegedly plummeting book sales — on Twitter as well.  Read the rest of this entry

Segregation now, segregation forever, declare Red Pill Redditors

Mighty white of you (Screenshot from University of Alabama's Alpha Phi recruitment video.)

Mighty white of you (Screenshot from University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi recruitment video.)

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Yet another reminder that Red Pillers aren’t just insufferable misogynists; they also tend to be racist as hell.

For proof, look no further than this comment from a TOP ENDORSED COMMENTER in the Red Pill subreddit with dozens of upvotes. The topic at hand: that video from a virtually all-white University of Alabama sorority that looked a bit like a recruitment video for the Stepford Wives.

Naturally, the Red Pillocks love the video, especially its unbearable whiteness of being. Don’t cut yourself on the “edgy” racism below.

FLFTW16 31 points 5 days ago ANY group that racially segregates formally or informally has my support. Our liberties are being attacked and chipped away so they must be defended at every opportunity. One fundamental liberty is the freedom of association. Be friends with whomever you wish. Whites are more comfortable around other whites. Newsflash! Blacks have black only fraternities and sororities. Hell they even have black only universities. They self-segregate because it gives them an advantage. Latinos do the same. Some of you might not know this but there are Jewish fraternities as well. There are also what one might call "One percent-er" fraternities, such as Skull and Bones. The rich and powerful prefer to associate with the rich and powerful, so they have barriers of entry that prevent poor losers from gaining access. That's their privilege and liberty and it must be defended. Sheboons and femtards want to gain access so they can do what sheboons and femtards always do: shit all over the place. The only people who protest this group are people so pathetic and malformed that no self-respecting social group would accept them. They are so disgusted by each other that they don't even want to form their own group of outcasts, they prefer to just fling poo at the pretty white girls for being too pretty and too white.

Hey Reddit, you know you can just ban blatant racism. There’s no rule saying you have to provide a platform for the world’s worst shitheads.

Oh, wait, I forgot that Reddit’s key demographic is the world’s worst shitheads. Never mind.

H/T — r/TheBluePill

5 Untrue Things I Learned from AVFM’s 8th Post Defending Bill Cosby

Cotton Mather: He came in liketh a wrecking ball

Cotton Mather: He cameth in like a wrecking ball

When you have nothing to say, say it about Cosby.

Yesterday, Men’s Rights garbage site A Voice for Men doubled tripled quadrupled quintupled sextupled septupled octupled-down on its Bill Cosby apologia with an overwrought, overwritten, often barely comprehensible 3000 word opus titled “Why I despise Mass Media and love The Coz” by self-described “libertarian/market anarchist” B.R. Merrick.

Read the rest of this entry

Hitler-loving dudes named Andrew agree: Roosh V is a-OK! (Even though he’s not white.)

Hitler: Roosh V's biggest fan?

Hitler: Roosh V’s biggest fan?

So our dear friend Roosh V is getting support in some unexpected places. And by “unexpected” I mean “completely expected, what, are you kidding?”

Consider this little exchange last night on the Twitter: Read the rest of this entry

Are Roosh V’s “Bang” books how-to guides for rape?

Roosh V explains the mechanics of sex

Roosh V explains the mechanics of sex

If the almost universally despised pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh is able to deliver his planned talk tomorrow at some as-yet-undisclosed venue in Toronto, he won’t just be talking about the unoriginal blend of warmed-over misogyny he perplexingly calls “neomasculinity.”

He will also be selling his infamous “Bang” books, a series of pickup guides aimed mostly at North American tourists hoping to score easy sex in an assortment of countries in Europe and South America. These guides seem to have been Roosh’s main source of income for the past several years.

So it is worth asking what exactly Roosh is selling here. Read the rest of this entry

Pickup guru Roosh V thinks he’s beaten those opposing his talk tomorrow in Montreal. In fact, he’s proved their point.

Roosh V: Bro is definitely mad

Roosh V: Bro is definitely mad

Tomorrow, pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh’s four-country “world tour” comes to Montreal, Canada and it’s fair to say it has hit a few snags.

The first little snag, as you may already have heard, was a petition asking the Canadian government to bar Roosh’s entry into the country as a literal hatemonger. It drew nearly 14,000 signatures, while a counter-petition, demanding that Roosh be let in, has so far managed to get six.

The snags continue. Though the wily Roosh has apparently been able to make his way over the border, he wasn’t able to keep the Montreal hotel originally scheduled to hold his event from cancelling on him, in the wake of complaints from local activists and some less-than-adoring media coverage of the terrible Mr. V.

Read the rest of this entry

PUA douchebag Heartiste: “A typical American fatty has no chance against a sexbot with a pretty face [and] a slender BMI.”

Sexbots: The early years

Sexbots: The early years

The success of the Channel 4 renegade-robot drama Humans — playing on AMC in the US — has gotten people talking again about what some see as the key question of our time:

Robots: How soon can we start having sex with them?

One of the more ardent cheerleaders of the coming “sexbotopia” is our old friend Heartiste, the floridly racist and woman-hating “pickup guru.” Weirdly, given his enthusiasm for the subject, he doesn’t seem all that interested in indulging in robot love himself. But he can’t stop chortling about the potential misery he thinks sexbots will cause for non-robot women. Read the rest of this entry

Roosh V shutters Reaxxion, his dopey game site “for masculine men,” due to people forgetting he even had a game site

It is with heavy heart that I bring you this news: Reaxxion, the dopey video game site that racist skeezeball PUA and rape legalization proponent Roosh V set up at the height of #Gamergate, has been shut down.

Wait, did I say “with heavy heart?” I meant AH HA HA HA HA HA HA! Read the rest of this entry

“Is it just me? Or are women biologically inferior to men?” Red Piller asks

Just like a woman, always complaining

Women: Always complaining

A Red Piller wonders aloud: Do women totally suck, or is it just me?  Read the rest of this entry

The Daily Stormer defends its hero Donald Trump against the Elders of Zion (and the Daily Beast)

Trump waves hello to his growing army of neo-Nazi fans

Trump waves hello to his growing army of neo-Nazi fans

Andrew Agelin, grand wizard of The Daily Stormer, is given to, well, colorful headlines. Notable recent ones include

Devious Jew Vermin Abe Foxman Finally Steps Down as Anti-Defamation League Head

Jew Flood: 150,000 Ratlike Parasites to Apply for Spanish Citizenship Following New Law

Fed Jewess Janet Yellen Refusing to Share Documents with House Committee

He also has, as you might have noticed, a teensy bit of a preoccupation with Jewish people. Indeed, he’s something of an expert at working the fact (or the fantasy) of a person’s Jewishness into stories in which said person’s Jewishness is not really the story at all.

But Anglin’s attempts to inject a Jewish angle into the story of Donald Trump’s alleged rape of his then-wife Ivana deserve some sort of award. A terrible, terrible award. Here’s the headline: Read the rest of this entry


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