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Donald Trump: Not guilty of rape by reason of polling better than Jeb Bush?

Donald Trump on the man who reported Ivana Trump’s allegations: “He is a guy that is an unattractive guy.”

People in glass Trump Towers shouldn’t throw stones — or, perhaps, throw around accusations of rape, as one Donald Trump did recently in his now infamous remarks suggesting that Mexican immigrants are a bunch of rapists.

A must-read story yesterday in The Daily Beast points out that Trump is not only a rape accuser of sorts, but someone who was once very publicly accused of rape — by his now-former wife Ivana Trump, who, in a deposition in her divorce case against the Donald in the early 90s, said that she’s been attacked one night by her then husband in a fit of rage, screaming at her and pulling out her hair before ripping off her clothes and raping her.  Read the rest of this entry

Hey, Cosby defenders: Look these women in the face and tell me they’re lying. All of them.

Click image to see a larger version.

Click image to see a larger version.

Anyone who, at this late date, is still defending Bill Cosby needs to take a long hard look at the portraits of 35 of Cosby’s 46 accusers in the latest issue of New York magazine.

Look these women in the face, and tell me they’re lying. Read their accounts, and tell me they’re lying. Watch the videos in which six of these women tell their stories to the cameras, and tell me they’re lying. Each and every one of them. Read the rest of this entry

Larry Wilmore’s brilliant takedown: “Bill Cosby Says the Darndest Things.”

From Comedy Central’s Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore: A brilliant takedown of Cosby’s creepy evasions and excuses, featuring newly revealed details from that 2005 deposition. Wilmore also plays clips from an early Cosby comedy album and from the Cosby Show much later in his career in which Cosby jokes about … drugging women for sex.

Evidently, as Wilmore points out, Cosby thought that his hobby of repeatedly drugging and raping women was hilarious.

And here’s Nightly Show writer Holly Walker delivering her verdict on Cosby, rap style. Why rap? Because Cosby hates rap music.  Read the rest of this entry

Petition to keep sleazeball PUA Roosh V out of Canada as a disseminator of hate

From the petition page on

From the petition page on

There are two more stops on sleazeball PUA and Rape legalization advocate Roosh Valizadeh’s “World Tour,” both in Canada. He’s scheduled talks in Montreal on August 8 and Toronto on the 15th.

Some folks are trying to make sure he doesn’t enter Canada at all, setting up a petition on demanding that the Canadian government “DENY ‘Roosh V’ Entry to Canada for the purposes of disseminating hate.”

Here’s their basic case: Read the rest of this entry

Repellant pickup artist Roosh V is giving a talk in New York tomorrow. Here’s what to expect.

Deep Dream captures the real Roosh

Deep Dream captures the real Roosh

Roosh Valizadeh — the racist, woman-hating, fat-shaming pickup artist and rape legalization proponent — is trying to reinvent himself as a philosopher of sorts, a man with unique insights into the perils of masculinity in “a degenerate world.” He seems undaunted by the fact that his unique insights are neither unique nor, well, insights; he’s little more than a regurgitator of a lot of old, bad ideas, and a not-very-competent regurgitator at that. If he were a mother bird, his chicks would all die.

Part of Roosh’s attempted reinvention is a “world” lecture tour this summer that started in Berlin in late June and that will, barring mishaps, end in Toronto in mid-August.

Tomorrow, he’s making an appearance in Manhattan, where he will be making a canned speech on “The State Of Man” followed by several hours of Q&A and mingling with his fans. Or at least that portion of his fans who have managed to stay awake through 40 minutes of Roosh droning on in his characteristic monotone.

Read the rest of this entry

Men’s Rights jackass Paul Elam: Cosby’s accusers “just a bunch of drug whoring star fuckers?”

Two of Bill Cosby's accusers, with attorney Gloria Allred

Two of Bill Cosby’s accusers, with attorney Gloria Allred

Apparently looking to score clicks from controversy, Men’s Rights douchebag-in-chief Paul Elam has resorted to an old tactic of his: acting like the world’s biggest asshole. This time he’s attempting to gin up traffic on the backs of Bill Cosby’s 40-plus accusers.

In a post on A Voice for Men yesterday that is repugnant even by his standards, Elam asks if the women who say Cosby drugged and raped them are really victims, or “just a bunch of drug whoring star fuckers?”  Read the rest of this entry

“Videorecord all your activities, even sex acts, using bodycam,” and other false-accusation-avoidance tips from Reddit’s MRAs

Hey, babe, wanna make out?

Hey, babe, wanna make out?

Is MRA thinking simply beyond satire?

Cartoonist Rebecca Cohen (@GynoStar on Twitter) recently decided to offer a satirical take on the false rape accusation paranoia that’s endemic in Men’s Rights circles, producing the list of tips below, designed to mirror some of the terrible advice that’s regularly given to women on how to avoid rape. Read the rest of this entry

“Did you know that there is no proof that punishing rape is actually beneficial for a society?” 4Channer asks


It’s amazing just how quickly a visit to 4chan’s /pol/ board can strip you of any lingering faith in humanity.


Consider the following 4chan “infographic” posted recently on Twitter: Read the rest of this entry

Prominent MRA tries to blame Charleston shooting on feminism and its alleged “lies about rape culture.”

Dylann Storm Roof's Facebook profile picture; the patches on his jackket depict the flags of Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa

Dylann Storm Roof’s Facebook profile picture; the patches on his jacket depict the flags of Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa

Less than 24 hours after an apparent white supremacist murdered nine black churchgoers in cold blood during a prayer meeting in a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, one prominent MRA is trying to put the blame on feminism, because of a remark the killer reportedly made about rape.

One of the survivors of the church killings reported that, before he began shooting, the killer told those in the prayer group that “you rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”  Read the rest of this entry

“Philosophy of Rape” site argues that “whores and feminazis need to be put in their place through rape,” offers tips to aspiring rapists



Last year, I wrote about a repellant little “community” on Reddit: the PhilosophyofRape subreddit, devoted to promoting what it called the corrective rape of “filthy, unmitigated, sluts … [t]hat badly need to be punished. Badly.”

Reddit being what it is, the subreddit remains up to this day. And now the folks behind it have taken their repugnant “philosophy” to the web. Earlier this week, one of the subreddit’s numerous moderators, a veritable cauldron of bigotries who calls himself European88, announced the grand opening of a new Philosophy of Rape website. He urged his fellow “philosophers” to “[s]ubscribe and submit your rape tips … !”  Read the rest of this entry


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