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Drama! Another A Voice for Men staffer jumps overboard amid mutual recriminations

Paddle, paddle, paddle

Paddle, paddle, paddle

Another rat has deserted the sinking ship that is A Voice for Men.

Attila Vinczer, the site’s former “Activity Director,” has now joined the swelling ranks of former allies on the outs with AVFM cult leader Paul Elam.

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Paul Elam’s Drunken Party Tape Makes The Majority Report, Inspires Meme Game

In another grand public relations coup for the Men’s Rights movement, Paul Elam’s drunken party tape has been featured on The Majority Report with Sam Seder, a sharp and funny political podcast I’ve started listening to on a fairly regular basis (and that you all might want to check out).

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His popularity waning, Paul Elam tells MRAs who hate him that he doesn’t want them anyway

I can't HEAR you!

I can’t HEAR you!

It’s not exactly news, at least to long-time readers of this site, that A Voice for Men’s tinpot dictator Paul Elam can’t take criticism — especially when it comes from fellow Men’s Rights activists.

But who knew Elam was so allergic to criticism that he would declare that MRAs who expressed any sort of uneasiness with that embarrassing video he posted to YouTube earlier this week, featuring a drunken Elam and a small group of equally drunken acolytes making crude sexual remarks about two prominent feminist writers, were a bunch of “cowards, cunts [and] concern trolls” who would no longer be welcome at AVFM.

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VIDEO: Go Home, Men’s Rights Movement, You’re Drunk. (Seriously, folks, watch this one.)

Is the Men’s Rights Movement a bunch of middle-aged creeps obsessed with the sexuality of women young enough to be their daughters?

Judging from this video, shot at the first A Voice for Men “family reunion,” the answer is “yes.” Also, the Men’s Rights movement is drunk.

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Don’t trust the “womanish” liars who say MGTOWs can’t marry; they might get you KILLED, Dean Esmay warns

Man Going His Own Way, apparently.

Man Going His Own Way, apparently.

So it’s another day ending in “y” and our old MRA sparring buddy Dean Esmay has gotten himself worked up about something again. This time, he’s pig-biting mad at “paranoid … YouTube MGTOW Sectarians” who have had the audacity to tell him, a married man, that real MGTOWs can’t get married.

Given that MGTOW stands for “Men Going Their Own Way,” and that the main thing these guys want to get away from is women, you might wonder why anyone calling himself a MGTOW would get married to one of those awful lady things.

But it turns out that some self-described MGTOWs “go their own way” by marching to the chapel to get married to the women they are afraid will ruin their lives.  Read the rest of this entry

In deleted post, AVFM’s Paul Elam threatens to spread dirt on journalists “like gonorrhea in a whorehouse.”

Paul Elam: Still unhappy with his GQ photo shoot

Paul Elam: Still unhappy with his GQ photo shoot

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So in my last post, I noted that A Voice for Men’s excitable founder Paul Elam was threatening to dig into the lives of alleged “yellow journalists” he thinks have libelled him in an effort to discover the alleged “skeletons in [their] closet[s].”

Unfortunately, he’d deleted the post in which he gave the details of this new, er, initiative, so I couldn’t give more details.

But now one helpful We Hunted the Mammoth reader, Alice Sanguinaria, has dug up the Google cache of his original post, and has conveniently saved an archived version of it.

So here are some highlights of that post — that is, some of the things that Elam decided he probably shouldn’t actually be saying in public. Read the rest of this entry

“Better hope there is [sic] no skeletons in your closet,” Paul Elam warns those who allegedly lie about MRAs. “Playtime is over.”

That guy looks familiar

That guy looks familiar

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So earlier today, A Voice for Men’s head honcho, the neither lovely nor talented Paul Elam, threatened “yellow journalists” who allegedly lie about his so-called Men’s Human Rights Movement with, well, something pretty dire-sounding. I just can’t tell you exactly what.

[UPDATE: An archived version of Elam’s deleted post has been found; see here for a post on what it contains.] 

In an angry and ungrammatical tweet (archived here), Elam warned: Read the rest of this entry

Eager for excuse to call women whores, Paul Elam attacks Valentine’s Day 6 months early

Love is all around

Love is all around

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It must be strange indeed to live inside the head of Paul Elam, founder of Men’s Rights garbage site A Voice for Men. What must it be like to be so filled with hatred of women — and flowers, and candy — that you find yourself writing a 1300-word denunciation of Valentine’s Day, not on the holiday itself, but six months early?

In a recent post with the lovely title “Time for a National Whore’s Day or something,” Elam warns us of the impending approach (some six months from now) of the dreaded holiday, which he describes as “another manufactured binge of male shame-spending on women who claim to love them.”

And he’s just getting started.  Read the rest of this entry

MRA Paul Elam: If a feminist pours a drink on me, I’d be justified in killing her

Paul Elam: Might kill you for pouring a drink on him

Paul Elam: Might kill you for pouring a drink on him

Apparently jealous of all the media attention being paid to the Montreal misadventures of PUA shitweasel Roosh Valizadeh, the recipient of an unwanted beer bath at the hands of an angry feminist this past Saturday night, MRA shitweasel Paul Elam has announced to the world that if any lady feminists try that with him, he’ll punch their lights out.

Hell, he adds, he might even kill them. And he thinks he would be completely justified in doing so.  Read the rest of this entry

What happened when A Voice for Men’s News Director tried to publish an anti-Cosby post on that terrible site

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's all true, you piece of shit.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s all true, you piece of shit.

A Voice for Men, the World’s Greatest Grandpa of Men’s Rights sites, prides itself on the intellectual and political diversity of its writers.

The site has published articles by Holocaust-denying marital-rape advocates — and from dudes who think that the Holocaust happened and that marital rape shouldn’t happen. It has published articles lauding the rape legalization proponent and “pickup artist” Roosh V as a deep thinker” deserving nothing but respect — and articles denouncing him and other PUAs as excessively chivalrous flatterers engaging in “a scripted game of women-worship.” AVFM publishes articles attacking “bitches” alongside articles dissing “whores.”

What they won’t publish? Articles suggesting that Bill Cosby probably is guilty of some or all of the rapes he’s been accused of. Read the rest of this entry


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