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One of these days I’m gonna get organiz-ized, GamerGate edition

Travis Bickle: Not actually a good role model.

Travis Bickle: Not actually a good role model.

So one Reddit GamerGater recently took offense when a commenter in the Kotaku in Action subreddit said something that maybe, possibly, just a teensy bit suggested that Gaters weren’t a fighting force as tightly disciplined as the Marines.

LousyDryad 79 points 4 days ago  We can be organized. Bitch please. A lot of us were raiding in wow 1.13 days, organizing 40 man raids. A lot of us are playing eve online, manipulating markets and fighting wars that costs thousands of dollars. If anything, gamergate showed that gamers can and will organize with ruthless efficiency to pursue their goals. We can be organized? We are one of the best organized movements I ever witnessed. With no rigid structure we're capable of designing worldwide synchronized operations on the fly, as need arises. No one's irreplaceable, no one can be targeted and singled out to bring down the movement. And they said that games don't teach you anything.


You want organized? I’ll show you organized. Here is actual video footage of a worldwide conspiracy against humankind. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m telling you, THESE CATS ARE COORDINATING THEIR ATTACKS.

H/T — r/BestOfOutrageCulture and the thoughtful reader who linked me to them

Brain Bleach Friday: Cats up to something

Heh heh heh.

Heh heh heh.

After that last post, I’m thinking a lot of us need some brain bleach. And so here are some pictures of cats who are clearly up to something. I have no idea what. Read the rest of this entry

Announcing the We Hunted the Mammoth Legal Fund to Spite the Honey Badger Brigade

We Hunted the Mammoth Legal Advisor Sweetie P. Jonus, Esq.

We Hunted the Mammoth Legal Advisor Sweetie P. Jonus, Esq.

We Hunted the Mammoth is now seeking “money” to ostensibly pay for “legal advice” in order to spite the Honey Badger Brigade and hold them accountable for annoying me by raising more than $20,000 — no really — to finance a completely ridiculous lawsuit that I will bet a million imaginary dollars will never actually be filed against the Calgary Expo for tossing them out. Read the rest of this entry

This dude grooving to MIA’s Bad Girls with a tiny kitten on his shoulder is the best dude grooving to MIA’s Bad Girls with a tiny kitten on his shoulder you’ll see all day

Even though I’m a dude, it’s hard for me to hear MIA’s “Bad Girls” without wanting to stop whatever I’m doing and strut.

Apparently I’m not the only dude who’s more into that song than perhaps we, as dudes, have a right to be.

BONUS! Here is another dude who’s really, really into it. Read the rest of this entry

Donate, please! The We Hunted the Mammoth First Quarter 2015 Pledge Drive is upon us

Your offering pleases kitty

Your offering pleases kitty

Not that long ago, We Hunted the Mammoth reached a milestone of sorts. Someone here posted the 500,000th comment to this blog.

That’s a lot of comments. Even more amazing than the quantity of the comments is their quality — excepting, of course, those little turds dropped by passing trolls. I’m amazed and humbled by the awesome community that has grown up around this blog.

I couldn’t do this blog without the support of the commenters here, and the support of all of those who’ve stepped up to help this blog, with their time, their creativity, and, yes, with their donations.

Today marks the beginning of the First Quarter 2015 We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! Which is another way of saying “several days in which I beg you all for money.”

To repeat my simple pitch from my previous pledge drives: If you enjoy this blog, and can afford it, please click on the “donate” button below and send a few bucks my way. Or, if you’d prefer, a lot of bucks. You don’t need a PayPal account; credit cards are accepted, and there are other options as well. If you’re outside the US, PayPal will automatically convert your weird non-American money into American bucks.

Oh, and the PayPal page will say you’re donating to Man Boobz; don’t panic! That’s just the old name of the blog.

As always, your donations are all greatly appreciated, whatever size they are. They keep the cats in cat food, and enable me to keep this blog going, helping to compensate me for the considerable time and energy I put into it. And thanks to all of those who donate between pledge drives as well! Some of you are really going above and beyond, and it means a lot to me.

I also, it goes without saying, greatly appreciate all the non-monetary things you all do to support the blog, from contributing smart and funny comments, designing graphics, sending me tips on stuff to write about, sharing posts on Twitter and Facebook, moderating comments, and so on.

We Hunted the Mammoth has dramatically expanded its audience and influence over the past year, and I’m hoping this year can be even bigger. If current trends continue, this blog will rack up more than 10 million page views this year; I’d like to make that 15 million.

Right now I post (almost) every day, sometimes more than once in a day; I would like to post a consistent two posts a day, or more, this year.

I have plans for other initiatives this year, which I will spell out if and when I get closer to launching them.

I can’t do any of this without your help.


The cats, I’m sure, would thank you too, if they weren’t cats.


My 5 Favorite Overblown Pronouncements from the Return of Kings post “5 Things Wrong With Modern Music.”

Miley Cyrus, destroying civilization

Miley Cyrus, destroying civilization

I always enjoy it when weirdo ideological alarmists try to write about pop culture. There’s something that’s just so, well, adorable about someone spewing forth angry, pompus tirades, full of bluster and overwrought prose, on the alleged culture-destroying properties of, say, Miley Cyrus.

The recent Return of Kings post “5 Things Wrong With Modern Music” is a lovely example of this genre of criticism, even though one of its points, that modern pop music is too clinically perfect for its own good, and could use a few more rough edges, is actually pretty much on the mark. But even when what author G.W. Rees says is more or less correct, the way he says it is risible. Also, he’s wildly incorrect most of the time.

So without further ado, here are My 5 Favorite Overblown Pronouncements from the Return of Kings post “5 Things Wrong With Modern Music.”

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Men’s Rights Activist: “I’m not into music by women, because I can’t identify with getting my period in a business meeting.”

I'm just not into music by human beings

I’m just not into music by human beings

So over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, a charming fellow with the charming name of FuckAllSJWs wants the world to know that

I’m not into music by women, because I can’t identify with getting my period in a business meeting, or sympathize with some waiflike chick strumming a guitar while singing weakly about her feelings.

Or one trying to use her tits to get airplay.

Thanks for your opinion! We are all better for having heard it.

Here’s Yoko Ono with a rebuttal:

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Unable to accept that my site’s been getting more traffic than his, AVFM’s Paul Elam takes a swim in denial

This cat: Not impressed by Paul Elam's obvious bullshit

This cat: Not impressed by Paul Elam’s obvious bullshit

The first stage of grief, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross famously postulated, is denial.

So it’s hardly surprising that Paul Elam and his gang of flunkies and fans at A Voice for Men have responded to the news that my site is besting AVFM in traffic by trying to claim that my traffic is somehow … fake.

Elam’s “evidence” for this assertion? He poked around my site for a few minutes and couldn’t find any posts that felt really “viral” to him.

He explained his, er, logic in a post yesterday. (You’ll have to excuse his terrible prose; he’s apparently running out of ways to call me fat.)

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I’m still here! New posts later today. In the meantime, here are some cats

This cat is up to something; I can just tell.

This cat is up to something; I can just tell.

Sorry no posts the last couple of days; offline stuff came up that I had to deal with. I should be able to resume my normal posting schedule today with a couple of new posts. In the meantime, here are some cats. (See more after the jump.)

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Holidaze open thread (with kitties)

It was dogs. Dogs did it.

It was dogs. Dogs did it.

Since my last couple of posts this Christmas eve were a little Christmas-ruiny, here are some cats who’ve come up with much more adorable ways to ruin Christmas. And here’s an open thread to discuss them and whatever else you want, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

No trolls, no MRAs, no jerks.  Email the mods if anyone gets drunk and sits in the eggnog.

Cat pics commence after the jump.

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