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4channers: Women being sluts caused the Umpqua Community College shootings


The World According to /r9k/

It’s still not clear if the Umpqua Community College shooter, now identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer, posted his plans on 4chan’s /r9k/ board the day before the shooting, or if the post, warning of an impeding shooting at a school in the northwest, was just a bizarre and highly improbable coincidence.

What is clear is that a lot of 4channers, particularly the “robots” of /r9k/, are offering the now-dead killer their sympathy and support. Indeed, in one thread on the board today, 4channers are blaming the shootings on women being sluts. Sluts, that is, who won’t sleep with them.

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Milo Yiannopoulos: “Nutty broads” made me gay, and will drive most men to sexbots

Hey Ladies! Did Michelangelo paint this to impress some chick?

Hey Ladies! Did Michelangelo paint this to impress some chick?

Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart “journalist” and full-time GamerGate panderer, has weighed in on the topic of the day amongst woman-hating dudes: sexbots, and how non-robot women are going to be so sorry when men desert them en masse for sexy, uncomplaining lady robots.

His 1800-word post on the subject covers pretty much all of the standard manosphere talking points on the coming sexbot utopia for men; he even manages to quote (approvingly, of course) our old friend Heartiste, the woman-hating white-supremacist pickup guru.

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Feminists are stealing our sexbots, Men’s Rights Redditors warn

They're coming for your hypothetical future sexbots!

They’re coming for your hypothetical future sexbots!

Reddit MRAs are all in a tizzy about the evil feminist plot to deprive them of sexbots that don’t yet exist.

Playing the part of “the feminists” in this scenario: two European robot ethicists — that is, two human beings who study the ethical issues raised by robotics — who have launched what they call a Campaign Against Sex Robots. Their concern? That sex robots will “contribute to inequalities in society” and “further objectif[y] women and children.”

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17 completely wrong things about filmmaking I learned from The Sarkeesian Effect, the worst documentary ever made

A much better use of money than The Sarkeesian Effect

A much better use of money than The Sarkeesian Effect

“They’re called tropes in games or something like that?”

— Brad Wardell, Game developer and Anita Sarkeesian expert

The Sarkeesian Effect, which premiered as a $3.99 “on demand” video on Vimeo yesterday, and which I forced myself to watch all two and a half hours of, is not so much a “documentary” as an object lesson in why it’s never a good idea to hand over tens of thousands of dollars to hateful, incompetent ideologues barely capable of making mediocre YouTube videos and expect them to produce a documentary that looks even vaguely professional.

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Don’t trust the “womanish” liars who say MGTOWs can’t marry; they might get you KILLED, Dean Esmay warns

Man Going His Own Way, apparently.

Man Going His Own Way, apparently.

So it’s another day ending in “y” and our old MRA sparring buddy Dean Esmay has gotten himself worked up about something again. This time, he’s pig-biting mad at “paranoid … YouTube MGTOW Sectarians” who have had the audacity to tell him, a married man, that real MGTOWs can’t get married.

Given that MGTOW stands for “Men Going Their Own Way,” and that the main thing these guys want to get away from is women, you might wonder why anyone calling himself a MGTOW would get married to one of those awful lady things.

But it turns out that some self-described MGTOWs “go their own way” by marching to the chapel to get married to the women they are afraid will ruin their lives.  Read the rest of this entry

Damon Wayans: Cosby’s accusers are “unrape-able … bitches” out for money

Damon Wayans:

Damon Wayans: “Some of them really is unrape-able. I look at them and go, ‘I don’t want that.'”

Comedian Damon Wayans seems to be a shoo-on for this week’s Shitty Rape Apologist Shithead of the Week award.

In an interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club show on Friday, Wayans attacked Bill Cosby’s accusers — or at least the majority of them — as money-hustling “bitches” too ugly to have been really raped.

Wayans’ explanation for why 50 women have stepped forward with similar stories of drugging and sexual assault at the hands of Cosby? Read the rest of this entry

Women shopping for groceries secretly run the world, MRA suggests in incomprehensible memes



Apparently the Men’s Rightsers of the world think that they can defeat the forces of feminism by overwhelming them with incomprehensible memes.

I found the puzzling meme above on A Voice for Men’s Facebook page. I think it’s safe to say that it will not be winning any awards for logic.

But AVFM’s meme-makers manage to top themselves in incomprehensibility with this followup meme:

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Breaking News: Girls Really Are Icky and Smelly, According to Man Who Hates Them

Ladies: They Are Stinky, New Study Shows

Ladies: They Are Stinky, New Study Shows

You may have heard that girls are icky and stinky and covered in cooties.

Well; it turns out that IT’S ALL TRUE!

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Dalrock: Men can help women by talking crap about them

Man helping woman

Man helping ungrateful woman

Today’s the final day of the We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! Please consider donating through the PayPal button below. Thanks!

The good folks at A Voice for Men have long made it clear that, as far at they’re concerned, yelling at feminists (and women in general) on the internet is their activism. Forget building shelters or setting up hotlines for men with the hundreds of thousands of dollars they claim to have raised over the years; talking shit about women is how, in their minds, they help men. 

Now reactionary Manosphere blogger Dalrock has done them one better. As he sees it, talking shit about women is how he and his commenters help women

Recently, a new commenter to his site — a woman — asked him a simple question:

I know this blog is about the destructive and weak behavior of women in their relationships with men. However, I was wondering if you can think of any comparable examples of behavior exhibited by men in their relationships with women.

Dalrock responded by telling her that, as far as he’s concerned, the biggest problem with male behavior is that men are insufficiently critical of women.

Men are failing women terribly by refusing to speak the truth about bad behavior of women.  Calling out bad behavior of women is difficult and feels uncomfortable, and men are taking the easy feel good path.  This hurts the very women men are refusing to speak the truth about.

Oh, and talking shit about women is the best way women can help women as well.

But there is another way that men’s failure here is hurting women.  Not all women are protective of a push to debauch the culture.  While all women (just like all men) face temptation to sin, some women are actively trying to push for better standards of behavior by women.  In a properly functioning society, much if not most of the day to day policing of female behavior is done by women, and this is a biblical role.

So whenever you hear someone ranting about how women are a bunch of dirty whores, just remember: they’re only trying to help!

Red Pill Redditors hope #AshleyMadison leaks will lead to influx of embittered losers

Take the Blue Pill! The Red Pill turns you into a giant douchebag.

Take the Blue Pill! The Red Pill turns you into a giant douchebag.

So it’s not just #GamerGaters, 8channers, Gawker editors, and divorce lawyers who are hoping to benefit in a big way from the data dump of illegally hacked user information from, the once (but probably not future) dating site for would-be cheaters.

Over in the Red Pill subreddit, the regulars are hoping it leads to a giant wave of angry, newly redpilled recruits. In a post with nearly 300 upvotes, one Red Piller offers his predictions:  Read the rest of this entry


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