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Red Piller: Women are creating “a female Amazonian utopia, where brainless chimps feed them grapes”

What do women want? Grapes

What do women want? Grapes

Bad news, ladies: THEY KNOW.

They know about the Amazonian utopia, the breeding chambers, the grapes — everything.

Last night, on the Red Pill subreddit, REDPILLRECKONING revealed the super seekret feminist plan to take over the world:

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MGTOWs think it’s hilarious that Charlie Sheen may have given HIV to “hypergamous” women



In the interview with the Today show in which he acknowledged that he’s HIV positive, Charlie Sheen declared that HIV is “a hard three letters to absorb.”

Over on Reddit’s Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, the regulars are responding to claims that Sheen may have had sex with 200 or more partners since becoming HIV positive with three other letters: LOL.

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Roosh V: If I were French, I would totally round up a posse and throw out all the Muslim refugees

Roosh V raises an army

Roosh V raises an army

Not long after I finished my post this morning on the Manosphere dudes who are blaming the Paris attacks on the alleged “feminization” of Western culture, Manosphere dude Roosh Valizadeh put up a post in which he blamed the attacks on, well, you guessed it.

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Ingenious misogynists somehow manage to blame the Paris attacks on women

The Paris attacks: Once again women are to blame, allegedly

The Paris attacks: Once again women are to blame, allegedly

Given how many in the Manosphere are proud racists if not literal Nazis, it’s not exactly a shock to see the outbursts of anti-Muslim bigotry that have erupted in this Darkly “Enlightened” corner of the internet in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Skinhead fantasy author and self-professed alpha male Vox Day is calling for “mass deportations” and heralding what he hopes will be the start of “Reconquista 2.0,” a violent backlash against the immigrant “invaders” of Europe.

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Roosh V denounced as degenerate “muzzie” by white supremacists he’s trying to woo

Genetically superior Matt Forney and Roosh V at the NPI conference

Matt Forney and Roosh V: Looking for love in all the white places

Pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh continues his attempts to woo the white supremacist crowd.

This past weekend, he attended the annual conference of the white supremacist National Policy Institute with his longtime pal Matt Forney, the odious fat-shaming blogger who is himself a little big-boned, if one’s belly counts as a bone.

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Roosh V: Gay marriage is part of “a degenerate march to persecute heterosexuals” and destroy society

First gay marriage. Then ... this?

First gay marriage. Then … this?

Bigots of a feather flock together, so it shouldn’t come as a great surprise to any of you that the woman-hating, rape-legalization-promoting pickup artist Roosh V is also a raving homophobe. He’s long banned gay folks from posting in his comments, and in a recent video expressed a weird bemusement at the idea of gay men using his, ahem, teachings to have “buttsex.”

Now he’s decided to take up arms against gay marriage. He’s a teensy bit late on this one — it’s already legal in all 50 states, dude! But that doesn’t stop him from spewing forth one of the most over-the-top, conspiratorial takes on the issue that I’ve ever seen. In a post last week on his blog, Roosh argued that

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Red Piller: Go for chubby girls over sluts, because you can grind down their self esteem enough that they’ll lose weight

Fellas! It's not necessarily the end of the world if your date eats some food.

Fellas! It’s not necessarily the end of the world if your date sometimes eats food. Sometimes.

The Red Pill take on “Fat Chicks” is usually, well, let’s just call it strongly negative.

So I was a little surprised to find a post on the Red Pill subreddit suggesting that fat women aren’t necessarily the worst things in the world. The surprise went away as soon as I saw the explanation:

A woman can lose 20 pounds in three months but she can’t unsuck 20 dicks, ever.

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Impress the ladies by ramming into people on the sidewalk, Red Pill writer suggests

We got a badass over here

We got a badass over here

When I saw the headline on Return of Kings, PUA scuzzball Roosh V’s garbage site, I braced for the worst.

Men Benefit From Acting Potentially Violent And Explosive Around Women

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Red Pill Quote of the Day: “If you don’t treat your women like cattle, someone else will”

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

So in the Red Pill subreddit, the Alpha dudes are circle-jerking over an obviously staged “prank” video by a Russian YouTuber (who has plainly acknowledged that some of his videos are staged) in which women are enticed into taking a ride in his Lamborghini right in front of their boyfriends! Except not really!

But all this doesn’t really matter, because in the midst of the conversation, one of the regulars offers this bit of Red Pill wisdom:

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Here’s my segment from The Majority Report yesterday

I talked to The Majority Report’s Matt Binder about Men’s Rightsers, PUAs, MGTOWs, and the rest, as well as about some of the attempts of white supremacists to recruit in the manosphere (and vice versa). Enjoy!


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