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Alt-Right dinguses really very excited that one of them punched a woman in the face

Defenders of Ee Ech in Berkeley

So there was a bit of a battle in Berkeley on Saturday between a motley crew of alt-rightists who wanted to give some speeches and a bunch of anti-fascist (antifas) who didn’t want them to.

Things got a bit, well, heated, with the alt-right anti-antifas going on a bit of a rampage.

Yes, that’s right, that was one baseball-hatted defender of “free speech” carrying a golf club on the off chance that he might stumble upon a golf course in the middle of the protests, I guess.

I don’t know if that guy used his golf club on any of the antifas, but there were definitely a lot of alt-rightists using their fists.

The “Proud Boys” considered the day to have been a glorious victory.

While capturing flags is, I guess, quite thrilling, what has the alt-rightists most excited is that bit at the end of 🇺🇸MAGS4🌹Trump‘s clip above — in which one anti-antifa dude, identified by assorted observers as white supremacist Nathan Damigo, punched an antifa woman in the face.

The punch was quickly memeified.

Meanwhile, some of the biggest celebrity alt-right fellow travelers — who have gone to great lengths to deny being alt-rightists themselves — cheered on the violence. Some were there.

Southern, ostensibly a journalist, was one of those who was there to witness the “victory” in person, wearing a MAGA helmet and accompanied by “Proud Boy” bodyguards.

Meanwhile, one fellow who’s a bit more honest about his allegiences than many of the alt-right fellow travelers looked toward the future with cautious optimism.

So how was your Saturday?

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weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee


Why are you splaining what tradition chivalry is when the context you used the word in is clearly the meaning that Viscaria described?

Unless you think feminism is about getting rid of medieval chivalric code?