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JLaw’s leaked nudes: For men who hate women, the violation of privacy is part of the thrill

Scumbag Reddit strikes again.

Scumbag Reddit strikes again.

If you’re a straight guy looking for “fapping” material, the internet is your friend. It’s awash in freely available pictures of naked women of every size, shape, color, age, or hairstyle you prefer. And if you want more than pictures, the internet is happy to oblige, offering up videos featuring women of every description engaging in every sex act you can imagine, and then some.

You might think this would be enough.

But for some straight dudes, it evidently isn’t. They don’t just want to look at the mind-bogglingly enormous selection of women out there who have agreed to pose naked, or even perform explicit sex acts, on camera.

No, they also want to look at women who haven’t agreed to have their nude photos put on the internet. Hence the popularity of “ex-girlfriend” or “revenge porn” sites, filled with pictures that are (or at least purport to be) of ex-girlfriends who never wanted the pictures they shared with their then-boyfriends posted for the world to see.

Hence the popularity of “leaked” celebrity nudes.

The latest celebrity nudes scandal revolves around a gigantic collection of personal pictures stolen from the supposedly secure online accounts of an assortment of female celebs (and a couple of guys).

The most famous of the celebs in this current batch are Jennifer Lawrence – Jlaw – and Kate Upton; there are many others, including alleged pics of comedian Aubrey Plaza and gymnast McKayla Maroney, which internet “detectives” are scurrying to prove are real. Maroney is only 18; if the alleged pics of her are real, and weren’t taken very recently, they’re arguably child porn.

The pics were first released by an anon on internet cesspool 4chan, and they have found a welcome home on the slightly more respectable internet cesspool Reddit, where they have been posted and reposted, sometimes retouched and color-corrected, and celebrated with enthusiasm by hundreds of thousands of Redditors.

Indeed, the leaks have inspired a new subreddit, TheFappening, which has managed to gain 100,000 subscribers in a day. Evidently Reddit’s admins have no problem with a subreddit distributing stolen celebrity pics, including some that may well be child porn.

Naturally, Reddit being Reddit, some of new members of TheFappening are trying to distract from their odiousness by suggesting that those downloading Jlaw’s stolen pics also … donate to a charity fighting prostate cancer. Either that or start up their own prostate cancer fund – to make sure they get credit for their donations.

TheJanders 224 points 2 hours ago   Holy shit the news would be amazing.. "Spreaders of leaked celebrity nude photos raise millions for prostate cancer!"      permalink     save     report     give gold     reply  [–]BiGBANGTH3ORY 47 points an hour ago   If any group of people could make that happen it would be the Reddit Army and r/TheFappening      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]TheJanders 34 points an hour ago   I shall donate! However we should make our own fund so we can 1.Tell how much we have raised on our own, and 2. Get credit


Sorry, guys, that doesn’t make what you’ve done ok. And if you’re truly concerned about prostate cancer, why on earth did you wait until you needed some good PR to launch a fundraising effort?

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, meanwhile, one concerned fellow attempts to stand up for the hidden victims in the scandal: men. No, really.

Why is everyone assuming the anonymous hacker who leaked the celebs is a man? (self.MensRights)  submitted 8 hours ago by abortionalchild  What happened is fucked up. I understand the rage going on about privacy being violated, but I've been seeing a lot of people saying "This hacker, he is absolutely disgusting" and how a group of men are creating "the fappening".  I don't know if any information was released on the hacker but all I see a lot if man/boyfroend bashing  =/

Even some of the commenters feel obliged to point out that, er, the hacker almost certainly is a dude —  not just because the leak originated at 4chan, or because the overwhelming majority of the pics are of women, but also because, you know, women can’t STEM.

dfgdfgsd444 -4 points 7 hours ago   Implying women know shit about computahs.      permalink     save     give gold  [–]ConanTheHynerian 2 points 6 hours ago*   I know you're probably just joking but statistically, it's a fact that men hold most of the STEM degrees so maybe it is fair to say that most women don't know about computers and the hacker was probably a man.      permalink     save     parent     give gold  [–]FlyBunnyy 1 point 3 hours ago   Why is this getting downvoted?      permalink     save     parent     give gold  [–]elwahrio 1 point 2 hours ago   Because it sounds misogynistic

The strangest reaction to the scandal from an MRA that I’ve run across so far comes from the new Twitter account of A Voice for Men’s PR gal Janet Bloomfied (the one she created, in violation of Twitter’s rules, to get around her recent ban). After mocking celebs for taking private selfies or posing for their partners, Bloomfield posted a topless, headless picture of, presumably, herself, commenting “Is this me? Maybe. I text nothing I don’t want shared. #DontBeDumb.”

Apparently Bloomfield doesn’t quite understand the difference between posting nude photos of yourself and posting pictures of other people that have been obtained and posted without their consent. This isn’t particularly surprising, as MRAs in general seem to have trouble understanding the finer points (and the blindingly obvious points) of consent.

The enthusiasm with which so many male Redditors – and skeezy dudes in general – have greeted this latest leak of celebrity pics makes one wonder if it is not the celebrity of the women in question that is the draw but the lack of consent. After all, there are plenty of other celebrity nudes out there that the celebrities in question consented to have taken and published.

For a lot of those downloading and/or posting the pics of JLaw and Kate Upton and the rest, I suspect the real thrill comes not from seeing the nude bodies of these particular celebs – which, after all, are pretty similar to the nude bodies of porn actresses that can be found everywhere online – but from the violation of privacy that these pictures represent.

There is a real sadism here, driven in part, I suspect, by resentment that many female celebrities don’t agree to appear nude in their movies or to pose nude or topless for magazines. Sharing these stolen nudes is a way to punish JLaw and other female celebs who have so far refused to share every inch of their bodies with their male, er, fans.

It’s a toxic stew of entitlement, resentment, and misogyny. And no amount of donations to prostate cancer research will make up for it.



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  1. Phoenician in a time of Romans

    Kittehserf (an Australian) : Likewise, Michelle. I have no desire to stay in a devastated world.

    You’re just fucking with me now by offering such straight lines, ain’t you?

  2. … aaaaand the 20 intervening comments kinda killed the context of that link. Curse the slowness of typing HTML tags on a smartphone! ;)

  3. @Belladonna993, I did the same thing. I added a comment thanking them for returning the donations made in support of hacked photos, and said I would ask all my friends to donate to try to make up the money.

  4. Their next step in being horrible people: declare that they’ll donate to prostate cancer research X dollars per new leaked/hacked nude photo put up on the Internet. That way anyone opposing leaking/hacking nudes photos is misandrist.

  5. I was also quite happy to see that release from the organization, and will donate soon. According to mediaite.com, Redditors raised over $6,000 dollars, right? In such a short span of time?

    That was the point everything I could think to say or write began sputtering to a halt. The more I think about it, the more it reveals something so pathetic and ugly (and joyfully blatant about being so), I can’t put it into words.

  6. @Cloudiah, I too thanked them in the comment about my donation. Then I immediate posted this on my Facebook:

    So, recently, nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence were stolen off iCloud and leaked to the Internet (you probably have heard about this). In response, a bunch of guys on Reddit suggested that if you like looking at nude photos especially well when you know they were leaked without consent (because, you know, some of the humiliation, power, and thrill of rape without the pesky legal problems), you should donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation after looking to alleviate some of your guilt. (Warning: Slanted summation of their position.)

    The PCF’s amazing response was this: “A post appeared on Reddit late Monday afternoon, September 1, 2014. A Reddit user directed other Reddit users to make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation without the Foundation’s knowledge. We would never condone raising funds for cancer research in this manner. Out of respect for everyone involved and in keeping with our own standards, we are returning all donations that resulted from this post.”

    In response to this incredibly classy move, I immediately donated to the PCF. I would urge you, if you have a few extra dollars to do the same. Because class like this deserves to be recognized. And because prostate cancer is a horrible thing, and we need research to find good prevention and cures.

    Although I recently did a mass unfriending on Facebook and whittled my friends down to about 100, so this probably amounts to little more than ineffectual flailing on my part.

  7. @gelar

    The more I think about it, the more it reveals something so pathetic and ugly (and joyfully blatant about being so), I can’t put it into words.

    I understand this.

  8. kittehserf - MOD

    Kittehserf (an Australian) : Likewise, Michelle. I have no desire to stay in a devastated world.

    You’re just fucking with me now by offering such straight lines, ain’t you?

    Fuuuck, I know we’re stuck here with Abbott (who I really hope is One Term Tony) but stop rubbin’ it in, man!

  9. Phoenician in a time of Romans

    Kittehserf: Fuuuck, I know we’re stuck here with Abbott (who I really hope is One Term Tony) but stop rubbin’ it in, man!

    I’m sorry, dear – let me offer you a love sonnet I found on the Internet as an apology:

    “The game of love, we intimately know –
    its laws and maxims mastered by our hearts;
    thus, I propose to be your only beau
    with passions that no other could impart.
    These feelings that weigh heavy in my breast
    should in your soul be similarly sown;
    I pledge these vows, most earnestly express’d,
    to make my deep affections truly known:
    that never shall I vacate from thy side,
    nor ever shall I disappoint you hence,
    nor will the day approach that wounded pride
    could rise from some unfaithful dalliance.
    — My actions leave your face unstained by tears,
    and ledgers of my lies shall remain clear.”

  10. They’re not tryng to donate to breast cancer research as it appears they have not learned anything at all from this whole thing.



  11. *now

  12. I’m all for donating to cancer research but the fact that they made it specifically prostate cancer, is just insult to injury. I bet they think they got us good with that one. I guess. But at the end of the day…..they still donated to cancer research. My guess is that even though it was a good deed for all the wrong reasons, they’ll have to take an acid bath later to retaint themselves.

  13. JB can suffer consequences for being an asshole; she shouldn’t have to suffer any consequences just for being a woman. Posting her image somewhere to be harassed and mocked would be the latter, no matter what the context.


    On the prostate cancer thing, and the petition, if these guys really wanted to donate money, they still could. They just can’t do it while crowing about how happy they are to see JLaw naked without her consent. The foundation simply took down a page one of these dudes set up to raise money in “honor” of JLaw’s stolen pics, because they don’t want to be used as part of a PR move by some of the internet’s worst scumbags.

    These guys could also donate to another worthwhile charity.

  14. So classy of PCF. I actually just donated to them a few days ago. Wish I could go back and add a note.

  15. kittehserf - MOD

    Phoenicians – awww, innit sweet! :D

    Though on a more serious note, the bit

    These feelings that weigh heavy in my breast
    should in your soul be similarly sown

    Is quite creepy. Just cos Hypothetical Person A feels that way, doesn’t oblige Hypothetical Person B to feel similarly. Crumbs, even Mr K and I never suggested that, of each other, and we go back a looong way.

  16. Phoenician in a time of Romans

    Phoenicians – awww, innit sweet! :D

    No, not really… I don’t DO sweet.

    Brief clue:

    These feelings that weigh heavy in my breast
    should in your soul be similarly sown

    “I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
    Gotta make you understand”…

  17. kittehserf - MOD

    LOL didn’t really think so!

    I knew the sonnet was pinched from a pop song, but I don’t recognise the lyrics. I googled them and I’ve never heard of Rick Astley, either. If something was written post, oh, 1985, and isn’t by Bruce Springsteen, I’m not likely to. I have nil, zip, zero interest in recent music.

  18. Phoenician: She doesn’t listen to pop music.

    I would never have figured out most of those either unless the couplet was really obvious. They were tricky!

  19. Phoenician in a time of Romans


    The one starting “From western Philadelphia I hail” is particularly funny.

  20. So, I’ve spent the last few hours clicking around the cesspool that is the Fappening board on Reddit. I am now stupider. A majority of the posters there seem unable to grasp the concept that good PR is vital for a charity. A few even explicitly said it’s just a PR stunt (yes, yes it is).

    Honestly though, the threads complaining about the PCF are tragic. Making me simultaneously enraged about their attitude and almost sorry for their obliviousness. Some of them seemed genuinely amazed that the PCF wouldn’t welcome their relatively small donation.

    Some of them are casting around for another target for their sticky money, and someone has set up a page at give.water.org called ‘Thirsty Redditors’. I just sent a note to the charity via their website contact alerting them to the history.

  21. kittehserf - MOD

    I recognised the song titles YMCA, Stayin’ Alive and I Will Survive of that lot of pop sonnets. Most of the others I’d never heard of them or their singers. Like katz said …

  22. @kittehs, seriously, you’ve never been rick-rolled?

  23. So basically they are all criminals criminalling together and think they deserve praise for their criminalling. The number of people surprised by this is zero. Wankers.

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