MRA Graphix Challenge! Design a meme more misogynistic than this one from A Voice for Men


Real AVFM meme

Here’s a meme posted recently to A Voice for Men’s Facebook page. I know, a graphic suggesting that any man who enters into a relationship with a woman is bound to end up “miserable, or divorced and broke” is pretty darn misogynistic.

The creator of this graphic, who has imaginatively picked “John Galt” as his pseudonym, explained his thinking thusly in several comments on the Facebook page:

In making it I was in fact thinking of the Nash Equilibrium in Game Theory, popularized by Russell Crowe in the Movie ‘A beautiful mind’. In a society where the hypergamous instincts of many women are driven to cruel extremes by feminism It is ever more relevant to highlight to men that being shamed or encouraged to compete for something that is repeatedly demonstrated as worthless is not only important but very healthy. …

[I]t is in fact Marriage I had in mind but these days cohabitation is the same as marriage under the law. Effectively it is impossible for men to trust even a purportedly good woman simply because of the law, but then it is up to women to change that – all we can do is defend our own freedoms and rights and that is what is most important to me. Of course competing for the right to be treated like garbage is the main point and intentions mean nothing without actions…for men that action must needs be self interest first – ironically the one thing we have been trained and bred to ignore.

So, yeah, in addition to being nearly incoherent, this is pretty much misogyny turned up to 11.

But I think we can do better. Let’s consider this graphic a challenge. I invite any readers here who have graphic talent — and those completely lacking graphic talent whatsoever — to come up with a fake AVFM meme that’s MORE misogynistic than this. BONUS POINTS if you can incorporate an actual quote from an AVFMer in the graphic.

To inspire you, here are some completely unrelated gifs of tiny animals being adorable. (I found them all here.)

If you don’t want to make a graphic, you can always post some more cute animal gifs. It’s been a long week.


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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Anyhow, I am so stealing that StankFace McAlphaMale graphic.

    He’s one of the prefab images on this meme generator site:
    If you can think of other funny stuff to make him say, he’s in there.

  2. Regarding the 14-year-old MGTOW…

    Nearly all of the comments are MRAs and MGTOWs praising his “brilliance” and “clarity”. Has the internet been overrun by the manosphere? Or have the normal people just not found it yet? Please tell me it’s the latter…

    The latter, luckily. Although these attitudes are floating around in less extreme form both on and off the Internets, and probably have been ever since the first Neanderthal troglodyte got friendzoned by the first lady Cro-Mag. These guys occupy a small niche, and I’m hoping ridicule makes it shrink to the dimensions of a second belly button.

  3. Jeez, Baby MGTOW makes me sad. This is (one of many) reasons this bullshit is dangerous, impressionable kids with no real understanding of the issues involved getting sucked up into it.

    I hope this kid grows up and gets a healthy dose of reality and awareness.

  4. I wonder if they realize how homoerotic that poster is. I mean, if the more nutty of our local pastors saw that he’d probably say it was a poster tht was proof of “the gaystapo recruiting our childrens”.

  5. I need to ask my other half what his one was again. It was so much better.

  6. Don’t know, this one just popped into my head.

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