Is War Machine, the mixed martial arts fighter accused of brutally beating his ex, a Men’s Rights Activist?

The "hero" the Men's Rights movement deserves?

The “hero” the Men’s Rights movement deserves?

If the Men’s Rights movement is looking for a celebrity endorser, I think I’ve found just the guy for them: the mixed martial arts fighter, and erstwhile porn actor, War Machine, currently sitting in jail on charges of brutally beating and attempting to kill his ex-girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack.

Men’s Rights activists should be able to look past these criminal charges; after all, as they remind us all the time, women are forever falsely accusing innocent men of all sorts of terrible things.

And in so many ways War Machine is perfect for them. An MMA fighter, he’s already only one letter away from being an MRA. A misogynistic asshole with rage issues, he’ll have no trouble fitting in with the Men’s Rights crowd. And, especialy important for a movement that has a lot of trouble getting any good PR, he’s a bit more comfortable on camera than the Paul Elams and Dean Esmays of the world, with experience on television  (on the reality show The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra), and in seven films (albeit pornographic ones).

Best of all: he’ll need no ideological education from what A Voice for Men likes to call Fuck Shit Up University. War Machine – real name Jonathan Koppenhaver – is already an outspoken proponent of many of the Men’s Rights Movement’s core beliefs.

Consider these selections from a little Men’s Rights manifesto War Machine wrote a few years ago during a previous stint behind bars, serving time for felony assault after two bloody bar fights. His rant, which a friend posted to the internet, would fit right in with the sort of stuff we’ve seen regularly posted on the Men’s Rights subreddit, or The Spearhead, or A Voice for Men. I’ve bolded some of the Men’s Rightsiest bits:

The oppression of MEN is worse than oppression of Jews in Nazi germany, worse than the slavery of Blacks in early America…

There has always been the oppressor and always the oppressed. Before, it was blatant … NOW the oppressor has learned to disguise his evil. You can see man, but you can not see MEN. How easy it is to oppress a minority that is invisible to the eye! How genius of the oppressor! And what a better target too! …

Men challenge injustice from Government, MEN fight for their Constitutional rights, that are slowly being taken away every year. …

And they don’t just oppress us by making more laws and taking away more freedom, they are far more clever than that! Ask yourself what your REAL dream was?? If you gave up on this dream, why? Because of the brainwashing of the Government, that’s why! They taught you to “play it safe.” They told us a responsible man has ONE wife, a house, good credit, good job, and kids. How are you supposed to chase your dreams while maintaining all of that!?

Men are supposed to take risks and be aggressive! What accomplishments have ever come of a man scared to risk it all!? None!? Where would the world be? Still ‘flat!’ Still ‘Earth at the center of the universe!’

If any of you have your Men’s Rights Bingo cards out, I’m guessing you might already be close to scoring a bingo. We’ve got a comparison to slavery that could have come straight from the pages of A Voice for Men, a marriage-is-death-to-male-dreams rant that could have been borrowed from any MGTOW forum, and an evo-psych-esque argument that men are the true risk-takers and the world’s real innovators.

And I don’t think War Machine would have much trouble with Paul Elam’s “Bash a Violent Bitch Month,” either.

[I]t’s Christmas day and I’m laying in my bunk wondering “Why in the hell do American men get married!?” … If your wife is being a bitch you can’t slap her, if your wife is yelling at you, God forbid you yell back … Next thing you know it will be illegal to fuck your wife! LMAO! Maybe then, MEN in this country will get the fucking hint and MOVE! This country forces you to be a bitch!

In another online posting, War Machine touched on another Men’s Rights hobbyhorse, the notion that the justice system is stacked against men:

[L]ook at the prisons, they are FULL of MEN, not women. Are men “evil” and women not? Or do the laws target and attempt to restrict NATURAL MEN’S BEHAVIOR? How many of the HEROES in American history would avoid prison if they lived today? Davey Crockett? Thomas Jefferson? David Bowie? General Grant & General Lee? Shit, George Washington. … Laws target MEN and men’s behavior. Women want to bitch and cry about their rights and equality… LMAO! MEN are the ones locked away like animals, while women run free!

Someone might have to explain to War Machine that David Bowie is not actually a famous American HERO but a famously androgynous British musician who once recorded an album called “Heroes.” (Mr. Machine may be thinking of James Bowie, a well-known 19th century American frontiersman and slave trader, and the guy the Bowie Knife is named after.)

But other than that, he seems ready to go.

There is, of course, that whole attempted murder charge to deal with.

It’s true the Men’s Rights Movement has had few problems in the past rallying behind men with histories of violence. But War Machine might be a harder sell as a Men’s Rights hero. His alleged attack on Mack left her with a cracked rib, a ruptured liver, numerous broken bones, missing teeth and her eyes swollen shut.  (See here for photos of her injuries; obviously this link is NSFW and could be triggering.)

While Mr. Machine denies attacking Mack, he joked to a TV host last year that if she were to leave him “I would just kill her” and get a tattoo saying “Rest In Peace” above the tattoo of her name he has on his neck.

And several hours after allegedly trying to murder her, War Machine tweeted this lovely message about his ex:

War Machine does seem to be at a low point in his life. Even aside from the charges he faces, and the time he seems likely to serve, his career in porn is almost certainly over. The “Alpha Male” clothing line he helped start wants nothing to do with him. Nobody but the prison system seems to want this guy.

In other words: Men’s Rights activists, this is your chance! War Machine may not be the, er, hero you want. But he’s certainly the hero you deserve.



About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. …Just noting something.
    I call myself eclectic Pagan.
    By Pagan I mean “Earth-based spirituality.”
    There’s a lot of other Pagans who believe in a wide range of stuff.
    Some of that stuff I’d be morally opposed to, much of it I just simply wouldn’t find useful.

  2. Oh, and some of them would find me not sufficiently Pagan… Oh well, they can go sit on their Power Crystal and spin for all I care of their opinion of me.

  3. Blahlistic, forgive me, this thread’s been all over the place and I don’t remember all of it: are you responding to something in particular? Or maybe just joining our little Pagan party?

  4. kittehserf - MOD

    I call myself eclectic Pagan.

    I read that as electric Pagan.

    Which sounds rather fun.

  5. I read that as electric Pagan.

    Which sounds rather fun.

    Depends, your wattage may vary.

  6. kittehserf - MOD


    Gives a whole new meaning to Power Crystals, dunnit?

  7. …Just noting something.
    I call myself eclectic Pagan.

    I used to call myself that, but it lead to too many people in the local community believing it meant I hadn’t bothered to pick anything (and would then graciously pick something for me) or else that I was a modified-style Wiccan. Nope. Then I started using animist, since it’s a lot more accurate, but it still sometimes leads to other debates, lol.

  8. Gives a whole new meaning to Power Crystals, dunnit?

    Argh, noooo! You put images in my head. I must laugh & wince now.

  9. kittehserf - MOD

    Argh, noooo! You put images in my head. I must laugh & wince now.

    My work here is done! :D

  10. Argenti,

    Have you seen the movie Errors of the Human Body? It heavily features axolotls and one of the characters dresses as one for Halloween. I’m watching it on Netflix now and it made me think of you.

  11. Or a costume party or something. I got distracted reading WHTM and am not entirely sure.

  12. @ emilygoddess someone was saying something about Dianic Wicca, Z Budapest, and transphobia…
    …So I was just rambling a bit and sort of thinking about how much (ahem) ground the term Pagan covers.
    Many subgroups thereof will snootily insist they are the True Pagans, and everyone else is full of crap…and…
    …Also thinking if you put all those groups together in one fairground how fast that could possibly turn into a situation calling for riot police to separate some of them.
    I mean…I dunno about you, but white-supremacist Norse Pagans make me real Thor….

  13. #notruepagans

  14. kittehserf - MOD

    Many subgroups thereof will snootily insist they are the True Pagans, and everyone else is full of crap…and…

    Now that’s just mind-boggling. Am I wrong in thinking paganism has a lot to do with polytheism, and the whole my gods vs your gods shouldn’t really apply?

  15. Before I decided I was more comfortable spiritually buggering off and doing my own thing, I bumped around the periphery of the local Pagan/Wiccan scene, and a lot of them seem to have a great sense of …um…grandiosity… in their assorted traditions….which they often assure me are of great antiquity and/or handed down through their family and in the blood so on and suchforth…And it MUST BE DONE in such a way and seriousness and blahblahblahdeblah.

    Not like, doctrinare so much as terrifically self-important.

  16. cassandrakitty

    Ah, yes, but you can still pick the wrong gods, for the wrong reasons, and do your worship the wrong way, and…

    Short version – people can always find something to disagree about.

  17. kittehserf - MOD

    Eeep, that sounds like my brushes with the Spiritualist mobs out here, only worse, with all that ancestry/antiquity waffle. It’s even written in Spiritualist principles that you don’t judge someone else’s experiences, and there isn’t meant to be any “must believe this” dogma, but the group I had most contact with were into being a capital-C Church, and if you didn’t follow what the president and pastor said, you were out. Feckin’ creepy, those two. Doctrinaire and self-important.

    “Spiritually buggering off and doing my own thing” is exactly what I did, too. Having contact with like-minded people would’ve been nice, but it turns out they weren’t. Also, having a Wurlitzer organ playing at services made me want to scream.

  18. And to feel superior about, if they need to feel superior to other people…Hmm…

    *takes look in mirror at that…*
    *adjusts ego…*

  19. cassandrakitty

    Also, having a Wurlitzer organ playing at services made me want to scream.

    So did they think that suffering makes you holier or what?

  20. kittehserf - MOD

    I think they might have.

  21. So did they think that suffering makes you holier or what?

    They didn’t have bagpipes, I doubt it.

  22. kittehserf - MOD

    I like bagpipes, they would have been a great improvement (though maybe not in an enclosed space). :D

    Skeeviest thing about that president: she was busy telling me that Mr K was “very naughty” – her words – ‘cos according to her people who’ve crossed over shouldn’t be in romantic relationships with us who’re still here. That was bad enough; I was ready to blow my stack with you’re presuming to judge a man ten times your age and your superior in eveyr fashion I can think of, but the truly creepy part was her heavy implication that I should be out fucking some earthly man, because, well, how could I deny myself the joys of catering to some hypothetical dude, that’s not LIVING. Being happy with my own situation didn’t count, being in love didn’t count, nope, it was all about fitting her dogma. I’m betting she was only in a Spiritualist church ‘cos a fundamentalist Christian one wouldn’t have let her be boss.

  23. emilygoddess - MOD

    Am I wrong in thinking paganism has a lot to do with polytheism, and the whole my gods vs your gods shouldn’t really apply?

    More or less, although even that isn’t always true (see: Greek vs Roman polytheists). The problem is less “my gods vs your gods” and more to do with thing like initiated Wiccans vs self-taught Wiccans. Or the hard polytheists (“each god is a distinct individual”) feeling like the soft polytheists (“all gods are aspects of the Supreme Reality”) are insulting their gods. Or vegan peacenik types vs devotees of warrior and hunter gods. Etc etc.

  24. Kitteh: Now that’s just mind-boggling. Am I wrong in thinking paganism has a lot to do with polytheism, and the whole my gods vs your gods shouldn’t really apply?

    Depends on who you are asking, and what you mean.

    In the modern age Pagan has to mean a lot of things, in a moderatly narrow band. From the origin (people who lived in the country, as opposed the city pagan/urban), and so followed their own brand of religion, at odds with the State religion (though usually in parallel), to the sense of, “non-Christian”, to the modern, “earth Goddess, “old ways” school it’s meant a lot of things.

    Much of the modern sense of what that word means comes from Victorians in England who were searching after mythical Druidism. It got married to various stripes of “back to nature/reject the patriarchal God(s) of the Abrahamic religions.

    Very rarely do the people who call themselves pagans, adhere to cultic practices which aren’t in the general vein of modern Wiccanism (this is probably a good thing). Many of those who do claim it, are being a bit farfetched (there is no repository of Druidic knowledge/beliefs. They didn’t believe in writing those things down. Becoming a fully trained druid took between 20-30 years (depending on which sources [all Roman, to some degree] you believe; though many people took lesser terms of study [seven years seems common; some were longer, some were shorter; all the durations seem to have had some ritual significance; though it’s also possible the things being studied affected the time required too) and so when they were supressed by Rome (it was a capital offense to be a Druid, or a Druid in training) they were completely wiped out in about 100 years.

    The Odin/Thor/Mithras/Zeus worshippers are also working from incomplete (if any) textual basis (since Graeco-Roman cultic practices involved secret rites, and the knowledge we have ofGermanic/Nordic practice is (again) incomplete, and mostly from outside observers, who often had bias).

    As any such thing does, it has movements, various belief patterns, and ways in which local ideas about what the past was, “really like” married to modern worldviews.

    It can be as heated as any debate between 5th century writers on the “One True Way to Follow Christ” debating what beliefs are heretical, and with as much angry rhetoric and damning of all who don’t agree to the realms of outer darkness.

    Part of it, I think, stems from being seen as fringy/flakey/silly. That, as much as anything else is why so many try to lay claim to their rituals being ancient past the memory of man to record them. Since it’s, at root, religion (and as such not really subject to being tested as a truth claim; though it lays claim to Truths), it will look silly to outsiders. Since it’s practice(s) are so variant from the culturally understood/acceptable religious environment, many have a need to point to an outside source to legitmate their beliefs (and some of the most vitriolic responses I’ve gotten in religious discussions came of talking about the modern origins of “Paganism”).

    Me, I don’t care. I figure the devout Pastafarian is as legitimate in their belief; and to be tolerated in their practice, so long as they don’t try to impose on others.

    Here endeth the digression

  25. Argenti Aertheri

    WWTH — I haven’t seen it. I’ve been awake all of ten minutes though and I have seen an axolotl lumbering across the bottom of zir tank! I worried that all the “10g is fine for one” must’ve been nonsense, but watching mine wander about? Yeah, other than me worrying when my little one settled in next to the power filter, this has so far been the most laid back experience I’ve ever had in aquatics. Only time I’ve seen fast movement was when a scallop wouldn’t break into a small enough piece! (But w00t! Non-live food consumed without much coaxing!)

  26. kittehserf - MOD

    emilygoddess, pecunium – thanks for that info, and all I can say is I’m glad I’m not involved in any of that! I think I have my ideas of paganism from the pre-Christian era; even the Romans were, overall, more inclined to adopt local deities, maybe with a name change, or equate them with their own, than jump up and down about who’s right and who’s wrong, afaik.

  27. “I figure the devout Pastafarian is as legitimate in their belief; and to be tolerated in their practice, so long as they don’t try to impose on others.”
    Should I say Amen! or Alleluia!?
    “white-supremacist Norse Pagans make me real Thor….”
    Blahlistic wins the prize for worst pun that makes perfect sense!

  28. Pastafarians say “Ra-men.” :D
    …My puns are only outdone in stench by my farts…

  29. kittehserf - MOD

    Good thing cats don’t make puns. It the puns’ terrible terribleness was linked to their fart power, I shudder to think how bad Fribbie’s would be.

  30. From War Machine to kitty farts in 1434 posts.
    “What a long strange trip it’s been.”

  31. Please forgive me, all. This may sound terrible, but it’s a nonsnarky question. Are there sincere Pastafarians? The few I’ve met are really atheists for whom Flying Spaghetti Monster is their celestial teapot. (They’re good people; I don’t want to give anyone a bad impression)

  32. Essentially the FSM was intelligently designed by mostly science-friendly folks to mock proponents of intelligent design. You don’t have to be an atheist to get a chuckle out of this mockery, but probably most “believers” are non-believers. (There’s a good Wikipedia article on the subject if you’re interested.)

  33. Phoenician in a time of Romans

    GOM: Essentially the FSM was intelligently designed by mostly science-friendly folks to mock proponents of intelligent design.

    A more pointed version of Discordianism really.

  34. The whole deal with pirates is also mocking pseudoscience, specifically the misuse of correlation as causation. Pointing out that global temperature has raised while the number of pirates decreased, they propose to convert lots of people to the pirate lifestyle in order to cool the planet down again.

  35. If you think discordianism is just a ha-ha, go read the principia again. ;)

  36. dear god, I finally gave up and googled axolotl…Plus chucking my tuppence in that I was disengaging with the site due to the dynamic that was developing and I am glad to see it out in the open. Also agreeing that I wish we could have resolved it as a community which involved Ally. And also that I think TERF is a very particular term to describe a group of feminist who, by the very nature of their take on feminism, are trans-exclusionary. Therefore TERF is apt but now degraded.

  37. kittehserf - MOD

    I’m very glad to see you still here, BigMomma, and hope you’ll be able/want to engage more! I was sorry we were seeing so little of you.

    I don’t think such a resolution would have been possible.

  38. Ta, Kittehs. It’s a shame to lose diverse voices from the community but I certainly could see from the thread implosion that it was going be nigh on impossible to resolve without losses. I know I’m an occasional commenter, but I’ve been following the site for about 5 years, if not more so still have an emotional investment in this place

  39. kittehserf - MOD

    I was frankly surprised that there weren’t more people leaving, myself included. The situation was such that I thought I’d be one of a small minority and just not welcome after saying anything. In fact I’ll go further: I was astonished that there was support, let alone what seems to be general agreement, overall if not in detail.

    You’ve been following the site longer than I have, too; I’d guess it’s maybe two-three years for me. I wasn’t with it in the early days when it was more trolls than regulars, judging by the old threads. But it’s my only social connection these days – not that I mind that, I don’t enjoy face to face social stuff outside a very small group – and it would have been a heavy blow to have to leave.

  40. It is interesting that there was general agreement, as you say. I hope we can learn from it and stop a similar situation from festering. I feel some shame in being a bystander and hope that we take from this how much cohesion we actually have and that it’s up to all of us (lurkers included) to define our community values. When we start to feel uncomfortable, we need to look at ourselves first to check out what the issues are and then deal with them, either internally or by flagging it to the group for discussion. If that doesn’t feel safe, well then, that’s a big red flag.

    I was on here more before when Ami Angelwings, Rutee and Cliff Pervocracy were about. Then I had a baby and then went back to work. Time was kinda at a premium for a bit. And yeah, I live in a small, rural town and this place is a good outlet for the feminist side of me that is a bit lost amongst small town life. If all you regulars had quit, it would be like my friends leaving town.

  41. emilygoddess - MOD

    A more pointed version of Discordianism really.

    I was thinking the same thing! Pastafarians may not literally believe in the FSM, but that doesn’t mean they’re not serious or sincere about Pastafarianism. Parodic religions are complicated like that.

  42. War Machine said that “Men’s Oppression is worse than slavery”…… I said on twitter that Many men are realizing this……. Allegations against War Machine may or may not be correct, he may or may not be an ideal human being- nothing stops his right to think like a Man, express his view like a Man, realize slavery of a Man…… and I endorse his views on slavery of Men.

  43. grumpycatisagirl

    You have weird capitalization habits.

  44. So, you endorse his very well documented brutality as long as he “thinks like a man.” Funny, because feminists don’t think “men=brutality” — that seems to be down to anti-feminists. Why are anti-feminists such misandrists?

  45. emilygoddess - MOD

    Hitler was a vegetarian, but vegetarians have the sense not to use him as a spokesman for their movement.

    There’s also the part where thinking men are oppressed and being a violent misogynist are to closely interwoven in the MRM. In fact, I notice you haven’t actually said that what he did was wrong.

  46. War Machine said that “Men’s Oppression is worse than slavery”…… I said on twitter that Many men are realizing this…….

    Well, I’m a man. A white cishet man, in fact. I’m not oppressed by anything besides a fucked-up capitalist system that promotes a dog-eats-dog mentality and rewards opportunistic, selfish assholes at the expense of decent people working together to keep society running. But as a white cishet man, that’s pretty much all I’m being oppressed by. Women, POC, gay people and transpeople face the same oppressive system, but with the added penalty of institutionalized misogyny, racism, homophobia and transphobia. So tell me again how the suffering of men is worse?

    The men who are “realizing this” are not realizing anything besides the fact that they’re slowly losing privilege, and that makes them angry. And sometimes violent. They’re the bad guys, here.

    Allegations against War Machine may or may not be correct, he may or may not be an ideal human being-

    Umm… You do realize that beating up your girlfriend beyond the point of recognition makes you pretty much the opposite of an ideal human being, right? Leave it to an MRA to doubt any and all accusations of violence commited by a white cishet man with a history of abuse and violence and an attitude of utter entitlement…

    nothing stops his right to think like a Man, express his view like a Man, realize slavery of a Man……

    I thought about making a joke at using Man – Middle-Earth’s way of differentiating human being from man (written without the capital “m”), but fuck you. Seriously. Don’t you realize that the toxic nonsense that War Machine spews is the exact reason why many men are so fucked up? He embodies the worst aspects of the male gender role: Entitlement and the will to dominate through threatening with and using violence as a weapon.

    Feminists are trying to get rid of gender roles. You MRAs are enforcing them with your poisonous nonsense about the supposed sanctity of the image of men as a group of violent control freaks and rapists who are being unfairly held down by a “feminized” society. You’re promoting the exact image of men you claim you’re opposed to. You’re the problem.

    I’m a man. I’m not violent. I have no desire to compete with or dominate anyone. I view women as equals. You are allowed to call me a feminine man or a mangina. In turn, I’m allowed to point out that your name-calling is reliant on the misogynistic belief that women are somehow worth less than men, and call you a misogynistic douchenozzle with massive entitlement and zero empathy. As I should.

    and I endorse his views on slavery of Men.

    Well, good luck with that. You’re entitled to your own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own facts. And saying that men are enslaved seems to me like a solid claim of fact. A positive claim, in fact. So start handing out the links to the research proving that men are “enslaved”*. The way I see it, we’re not. Not by a long shot, and you’d be an idiot to think otherwise.

    *Before promoting it, let me say that I’ve already read WTF’s The Myth of Male Power. Not only is it full of unsupported assertions and backwards logic, it’s a goddamn stupid piece of writing as well. Anybody swayed by the ridiculous ego-stroking of entitled men in that book is about as gullible and narcissistic as any Ayn Rand fan.

    Anyway, the fuck is it with you guys and your complete inability to use ellipses correctly? Did the leftover dots in your text spill over from your fellow MRAs?

  47. @Anarchonist…Punctuation and capitalization rules are a feminist conspiracy; he’s taking a valiant stand against them!

    Plus, he’s oppressed by having to pretend women aren’t subhuman when he is out in public. That’s very difficult for him, but he has to these days, to keep a job.
    He’s further oppressed by not having been automatically supplied a domestic female. I mean, every adult phallus bearer should own at least one domestic female to clean, cook and service him.
    Instead he had to go out and rope one out of the wild herd, if indeed he’s managed! I mean, that’s just not proper!

  48. I guess a four dot ellipses is a refreshing change from the usual two dot MRA ellipses.

  49. This is the thread that doesn’t end!
    Yes it goes on and on, my friends!
    Some people started commenting, not knowing what it was
    And they’ll continue commenting forever just because…

    But anyway. “Men’s oppression is worse than slavery”. Eh?

    Men not getting to beat women = worse than being whipped.

    Men not getting custody due to not being the primary caregiver = worse than watching your family members sold off.

    Men not getting to rape = being lynched with a false accusation of rape to cover for it.

    Men not getting to control women’s reproduction = worse than being raped with no chance of recourse and carrying your rapist’s child.

    Men not getting to use slurs and make rape jokes without pushback = worse than not being able to vote.

    Men being accepted into and not socially deterred from dirty or dangerous jobs = worse than working for no pay at all.

    Bloody privileged fool.

  50. Pull your head out, little MRA troll. War Machine is about as far from an oppressed slave as you get and still be in this reality.

    You’re not in this reality? That would explain a lot.

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