Pickup guru Roosh V: Unmarried women who don’t live with their parents are sluts

Evil slut in her den of depravity

Evil slut in her den of depravity

I‘ve been trying to avoid reading, much less writing about, the human stain and pickup guru who calls himself Roosh V. But I couldn’t keep myself away from his most recent post, an appalling little exercise called The Most Reliable Way To Tell If A Girl Is A Slut,which turns out to be even more appalling than its title.

Roosh, you see, has figured out a simple one-question test to determine the sluttiness of any woman. Let’s let him explain:

Many girls go to great lengths to hide their slutty past, knowing deep down the low value it conveys for being a suitable long-term partner, but there is one easy indicator that should tell you beyond a reasonable doubt whether she is a slut or not.

Has she lived on her own?

I believe my response to this is best illustrated by the following video of Don Draper saying “what?”

Let me just add:


Are you exclusively dating high school girls?

If she’s an adult, or at least an adult somewhere in the vicinity of your own age, OF COURSE SHE’S LIVED ON HER OWN.

Yes, yes, I know, given this economy it’s true that some young people – mostly young men – are living at home a little longer these days than in the past, but the overwhelming majority have moved out by their mid-twenties. You’re 35 years old, dude.

Roosh continues:

If she has lived away from her parents for more than a year, she has—at the minimum—slept with many men whose last names she did not know, including one-night stands that did not involve condoms.

Dude, do you even know the first names of the women you sleep with? And haven’t you bragged endlessly about how you “raw dog it” with women? Weren’t you “raw dogging it” even when you were afraid you had AIDS? (Those are rhetorical questions; I already know that the answers are yes, and yes.)

An “independent” girl, removed from the constraints of a nuclear family home and its rules, curfew, and the concern of good parents, will allow the slutty dick gobbler within her to be released.

Women engaging in consensual sex that they enjoy … with someone else? THE END OF THE WORLD. Raping women who are too drunk to consent? According to Roosh himself, it’s “what I do.”

In other words, a natural-born slut who lives on her own will have far more sexual partners than if she lives with parents of average skill who require their daughter to be home by midnight.

Amazing deduction, Sherlock. And if she’s a nun, she’ll probably be having even less sex. The question is: why are you, as 35 year old man, regularly pursuing women young enough to live with their parents?

Give a man leeway in living life and he does great things, but give a woman this same freedom and she fully embraces the whore lifestyle, unable to stop from getting her fill of cock.

Really? Here are some young men who have recently started living on their own; I’m not sure that what they are doing could really be described as a “great thing.” (Content Warning: Drunk dudes hitting each other in the head with boards.)

If you want to estimate a girl’s notch count, simply multiple the number of years she has lived on her own by the number 3. If she has lived on campus in college for four years and then moved to a large city for two more, you can rest assured she’s had over 15 cocks in her vagina, and god knows how many more in her mouth.

Not that anyone’s worth is determined by how many penises they’ve had in their vagina, or anywhere else, but I feel I should note that these figures, clearly pulled from the  Journal of Roosh’s Own Ass, are completely wrong.

According to people who’ve actually studied human sexuality, his number is just a teensy bit high. And by “teensy” I mean they’re off by an order of magnitude. According to one 2005 study, women in their 30s and early 40s report that they’ve had only 4 male sexual partners, on average, not the 36 to 78 that Roosh’s formula would predict for women who move out on their own at the age of 18 to go to college.

There are definite exceptions for girls who are relationship minded and had boyfriends of more than one year in length, but unless she mentions this, you’re interacting with a slut and should proceed accordingly by escorting her home and asking if you can use her bathroom. Then you must fornicate with her like so many other men.

Yeah, that’s really … creepy. You lie to get into her home, then proceed as if, as a slut, she’s already consented to sex?

You may be thinking the following: “Many Western girls live alone, at least 50%. Does that mean that over 50% of American girls are sluts?” That’s exactly what it means. Independence in women drives them to disempowering sexual behaviors that oppose motherly or wife behaviors. You must be skeptical of girls who have lived alone if you want a serious relationship.

At least if you want a relationship with a creepy, judgmental asshole who thinks like Roosh.

[T]here is absolutely no need for a girl to be independent by living alone without a husband unless you want her holes to be used as a real-life enactment of 50 Shades Of Grey by many strange men.

Well, that is, if you assume that 1) all women can magically find men, whether their father or a husband, who will pay all their bills and  2) Roosh’s opinions about any given woman’s sexual life matter more than the opinions of the woman herself.

If you end up having a daughter of your own, I highly recommend you limit her financial independence before she finds a husband. Refrain from giving her Think & Grow Rich advice that would be better suited for your son. Otherwise, she’ll become a slut who gives it up to any man who dances a good clown jig.

So: prepare your daughter to be dependent for her very existence on dudes who think like Roosh.

That may be the worst parenting advice I’ve ever heard. Then again, it’s from Roosh.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. @kitteh:

    The Energiser Bunny has reserve and maturity beyond what MRAs exhibit.

    The Energiser Bunny has more original pick up lines, and doesn’t fake its way into one’s house by asking to use the bathroom.

  2. “The Energiser Bunny has reserve and maturity beyond what MRAs exhibit.”

    Frankly I thought using the words “reserve”, “maturity”, and MRAs in the same sentence was borderline bizarre.

  3. Warning: More Rape Triggers


    I think that there is another emotional dimension to the word when you add “date” to it.

    I think I see where you are coming from, and it’s the reason I reject the term “date rape”. It is a term that is used by many (media, date rapist apologists) to downplay the seriousness of the rape,* and used to try to discredit the survivor.

    Not all rapes that don’t involve strangers are date rapes. I was raped, twice, by my then de facto** partner. He got home late both times, and woke me up to rape me. I cried the whole way through both times. The second time he charming told me, while he was doing it, that he wanted me to have his baby.

    Both times were rape, not date rape. Both times had an emotional dimension to it. Therefore the term “date rape” doesn’t include all rapes with a non-stranger.

    * in NZ, the crime is sexual violation, which is defined as rape or unlawful sexual connection, section 128 of http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1961/0043/latest/whole.html#DLM329051 refers. There is nothing in the definition of the crime that refers to the relationship or non-relationship between the offender and the survivor. The only reason the date factor would be brought in would be by the Defence, to argue against “without believing on reasonable grounds that person B consents”, person B being the survivor, using the “date” dimension to argue reasonable grounds for consent. How is this helpful for survivors who wish to prosecute?

    ** not sure what you call this in the US/Canada. Is it common law marriage? No marriage, and no civil union ceremony.

  4. Phoenician in a time of Romans

    * in NZ, the crime is sexual violation, which is defined as rape or unlawful sexual connection, section 128 of http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1961/0043/latest/whole.html#DLM329051 refers. There is nothing in the definition of the crime that refers to the relationship or non-relationship between the offender and the survivor

    The main motivation for this redefinition of the law, IIRC, was to move away from focusing on the technical definition of rape. In NZ law, “unlawful sexual connection” is just as bad as rape and now is the very same crime – this change followed a few unsettling cases in which defence lawyers threw doubt on rape charges by grilling the victim on the stand and having them admit to being unsure of actual penetration by a penis. A legitimate defence tactic, and one which any professional lawyer should pursue in court with the law as then written, but precisely the last thing a survivor or the justice system needed.

  5. Because it contradicts the MRA prediction/prescription that women ruin themselves by having a lot of sex. It didn’t seem to matter either way – I saw no correlation in how people ended up by what they did in their youth. It’s the MRAs who think that sexuality affects a woman like driving affects tire tread. Actually it was a bit surprising because attitudes towards women and sexuality were still having a hangover from the 50s. There were still separate job ads for women vs. men into the seventies (it was legal that long) and some companies’ job applications wanted to know when your periods started, how regular they were, and when was your last? Some Ivy league schools still were taking nude photos of coeds through the sixties (http://www.nytimes.com/1995/01/15/magazine/the-great-ivy-league-nude-posture-photo-scandal.html). And in the Ann Landers/Dear Abby columns, someone would periodically ask if a woman could wear a white dress for her wedding if she was no longer a virgin. Really, it was like that. I guess you had to be there and live in those times to understand how weird attitudes towards women still were.

  6. Oooops, I meant job applications, not job ads. But really, they were something to see. And if you didn’t answer the questions, guess what?

  7. I have been thinking of Roosh’s “philosophy of women” for the last couple of days, because it seems to me that when there is such an obvious chasm of inconsistency in someone’s views on a subject, there is bound to be a disguised motive which cannot be openly admitted, and I believe I have found it..

    I think that Roosh’s underlying belief is quite simple. The first step of it is the tired old virgin/slut dichotomy. But the second step is something that many men MAY think but few are willing/stupid enough to say openly — that once you can classify a woman as a slut, you are free to do whatever you want with her without any moral qualms. “Give a woman this same freedom and she fully embraces the whore lifestyle, unable to stop from getting her fill of cock.” See, she probably won’t admit it, but all she really wants in life is a cunt full of cock, and when you fuck her heartlessly, you really are satisfying her deepest needs. What a useful belief for a PUA. The question that then occurs is “Aren’t “nice girls” who live with their parents merely sluts without opportunity, who are therefore also fully entitled to Roosh’s ministrations?” So all women are sluts at heart and therefore fair game, it seems.
    But it may go even further. After all, if women are all thinly disguised “slutty dick gobbler[s]”, who only want a cunt full of cock, then is it even possible to rape them? After all, if you are giving them what they really want regardless of whether they are willing to admit it (i.e., consent), how can it be rape?
    Seems like a remarkably convenient view of women for a guy who wants to fuck whoever he wants when ever she wants. “See, Judge, she might have said ‘No’, but really she was just begging for it.”

  8. ** whenever he wants (that may be the worst typo I’ve ever made)

  9. Grumpy: And that is exactly what they used to believe about rape victims, unless they were “too young” (pre-pubescent) or “too old” and saintly (like an elderly nun).

  10. Grumpy: And that is exactly what they believe about rape victims.

    Sorry, but, FTFY.

    …Child sex abusers usually manage to convince themselves the kid wanted it, and it’s not *that* unusual for families to blame the kid.

  11. Drat, forgot to blockquote that first line, sorry.

  12. i was refer to the attitude of society and specifically law enforcement. Your report wouldn’t be taken seriously unless you fell into what they considered to be an “innocent” demographic.

  13. I blame Freudian pop psychology – everybody thought they had the inside scoop on people’s motives. Everybody was an amateur psychologist. That meant that everything had to be questioned for deep, interior motives that often turned out to be ridiculous in broad daylight.

  14. Also I stand corrected on the coed photos issue – turns out the guys had to strip too. I found Dick Cavett’s account.

  15. I mean, it is possible to be fully an adult – even Roosh’s age – while not living on your own.
    Because disabled people exist, and some of us can’t live independently.
    It happens, it doesn’t make us less adult, and there’s a general implication in society that it does, which this post ends up playing into a bit.

  16. *Straight/ bi women

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