The #FeministsAreUgly hashtag on Twitter confuses and frustrates some of the internet’s most dedicated feminist-haters

Not actual feminist

Not actual feminist

#FeministsAreUgly is confusing a lot of people, misogynists included. The Twitter hashtag – which took off yesterday and is still going strong, if not quite so strong, today – was originally started not by misogynistic trolls but by two feminists, @LilyBolorian and @Cheuya, who intended the hashtag to be a way for feminist women to celebrate their own beauty, whether it conformed to conventional (and generally white-centric) standards or not. As Bolorian put it,

Women responded at once by doing just that, and the hashtag was quickly flooded by feminist selfies. This being the internet, it was also flooded with comments from misogynists and trolls. Given how many of the latter were posted, many feminists on Twitter initially assumed it was just another outburst of internet misogyny; it took a little while before the feminist origins of the hashtag became widely known.

So how did the devoted antifeminists of the manosphere and the Men’s Rights movement react to the hashtag? Some responded with unabashed glee. The regulars on Roosh V’s forum reposted the selfies of some in women posting in the #FeministsAreUgly hashtage, mocking them as fat, lazy “cunts.”

One commenter offered this helpful observation:

A lot of fat crazy feminists are also obviously on heavy psych meds. One of the tell tale signs is volatile temperment and grandiose delusions. The weight gain is often a side effect of some of the drugs. So next time you run into some fat cunt spouting feminist rhetoric just keep in mind she could literally be crazy (bipolar) too.

Another waxed conspiratorial:

Feminist women are trying to turn themselves Idols to be worshiped.

It all ties into the writings of Alice Bailey and Madame Helena Blavatsky.

But elsewhere in the misogynistic online subculture sometimes called the manosphere the responses were a tad more complicated and conflicted.

On the Red Pill subreddit, the hashtag seemed mainly to make the regulars angry. A fellow calling himself MajorStyles won himself some upvotes for a comment complaining that

these bitches have gained control of the media for the past 40 years. Enough is enough. They have desecrated the moral landscape of this country to a barely recognizable wasteland. Fat tattooed harpies who shit on men of value.

Time to call them on their shit.

Over in the Men’s Rights subreddit, the regulars were wary, many of them afraid that the hashtag was some sort of sneaky feminist trap to make them look bad … I guess by luring them into posting what they really thought?

SleepingSheeple 18 points 20 hours ago  Probably started by feminists trying to manufacture victimhood.      permalink     save     report     give gold     reply  [–]ArchangelOKC 4 points 11 hours ago  A false flag attack, basically

Among the assorted antifeminists I follow or otherwise encounter on Twitter, there were two basic responses. Some flatly declared that yes, feminists are ugly:

Others, a bit more circumspect, suggested that the real problem is that feminists are ugly on the inside.

A Voice for Men “Honey Badger” Hanna Wallen tried to have it both ways, posting a Dworkin joke aimed at a feminist who, like Dworkin, has dark curly hair, followed by a series of earnest and often incomprehensible tweets trying to prove that feminists (including me, specifically) have ugly souls.

I can only imagine how tough it’s been for MRAs to read through this hashtag. MRAs constantly attack feminists as fat and ugly; feminist women who aren’t fat are accused of having “manjaws” or other allegedly unflattering features. But many MRAs are also vaguely aware that constantly attacking their opponents as a bunch of uggos doesn’t exactly seem very statesmanlike. And so, many MRAs bite their tongues.

It’s tough being a men’s human rights activist. Sometimes they have to pretend that their opponents are actually human too.


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  1. One of the issues I had to deal with wrt self image is that the men to whom I am usually attracted look very different from me. So seeing myself as attractive was a challenge. I’m getting better at it, after about thirty plus years.

  2. cassandrakitty

    @ Robert

    It worked exactly the other way around for me, oddly enough. When I realized that many of the women I find attractive look quite a bit like me I was able to stop beating myself up about every tiny little thing I deemed imperfect.

  3. I didn’t even draw dicks on it!

  4. It’s missing something… Rick Astley.

  5. Sorry, you’ll have to copy/paste his face over the kitty yourself.

  6. Trophy! Who gets it?

  7. That’s useful, LBT! Nice one. :D

  8. LBT MADE A TROPHY!!! :: squees ::

  9. It’s missing something… Rick Astley.

    Sorry, you’ll have to copy/paste his face over the kitty yourself.

    Well, okay then:

  10. LOL, that’s great. Should I host them both over at Artistry so they’re easy to find and award?

  11. I think that would be a great idea, cloudiah! I actually made mine with that in mind. I cleaned up some of the sloppy colors and put it up here.

  12. I love the trophy LBT.
    I think I’m going to design and use this on a T-shirt or shopping bag. It’s going to say, “Male Tears”.

  13. I didn’t even draw dicks on it!


  14. I’ve decided on a shopping bag. I even have a flowery one to put it on. It will go great with the “Eat the Rude” shopping bag Hubby made.

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