The Top 7 Things I Learned From a Week’s Worth of Comments at A Voice for Men

Let me count the ways

Let me count the ways

I have a confession to make: I don’t always read the comments on posts by Men’s Rights Activists.

I realize this might come as a shock to some of you. I mean, one of the main, er, critiques I get from MRAs is that I “cherry pick” comments from MRAs to make them look bad — never mind that it is the comments that make them look bad, not me. But the embarrassing fact is that I often don’t read the comments at all.

In my defense, I have a hard enough time making it through the posts themselves. Life is short, and MRAs are long-winded. And by the time I get to the end of a lot of MRA posts, I’ve pretty much lost my patience with their nonsense. The last thing I want to do at that moment is to read the fawning word-vomit of a bunch of irritating fucks whose comments are likely to be as bad or possibly even worse than the original post.

So today I decided to do a sort of penance for my sins — and to actually read through a week’s worth of comments on A Voice for Men to see what I could learn about the world, and (perhaps more to the point) about the sort of people who actually enjoy reading posts on that terrible site.

I tried my best to do this little experiment as scientifically as possible. But I cheated a little. I didn’t read the comments to every post. And I didn’t read every comment on the posts that I did look at. I mean, what the hell. There’s a limit to my masochism. Seriously, you try reading a week’s worth of this shit in one sitting.

Anyway, here are the Top 7 Insights I’ve learned from a week’s worth of comments at AVFM. In choosing the following, I stuck with comments that were either upvoted or unchallenged by the site’s regulars, or both.

1) Feminists literally want women to be able to kill men with no repercussions.

In the comments to an allegedly humorous post about the female “rationalization hamster,” Angelo sets us straight about the real agenda of feminists and their mangina allies:

 Angelo • 3 days ago  As I already mentioned, brilliant! Also I am delighted to receive my cherished "hamster-hate extremist by the Shyster Posse Liars Consortium (SPLC)" accreditation. ;-)  Vaguely related ...I've re- posted a little montage of a new J4MB post link with a past AVfM post link, in an attempt to make a broad point about the feminist rationalisation hamster and it's allies:  We are aware that feminists openly seek to and with the help of manginas, beta males and white knights, ultimately often achieve their goal of continuing to empower women with the ancient right, ...a "Licensed To KILL" husbands/partners.  Here, Feminists are shown to clearly have all the bases covered. There is no time between conception and old age at which any man is safe from 'Stringla' and the feminist license to kill.

2) Most young females are vile pigs.

This one, from a post about Men’s Rights Edmonton’s harassment of noble human rights activism towards that city’s Slut Walk, is pretty self-explanatory. Take it away, jbantifem:

jbantifem • 7 days ago  Most young females are nothing but vile pigs these days. I'd disown my daughter (if I had one) if she walked around the streets looking like this. Who in their right mind could ever take these women seriously?  Anyone who watches these videos and doesn't believe the morality of society is in jeopardy because of scenarios like this needs to stop smoking crack, or whatever the hell it is they're smoking.  If there is a creator I hope he has mercy on the human race, because we need it.  1 • Reply • Share ›          −     Avatar     Guest jbantifem • 7 days ago      If there is a creator I think he wants his rib back.

3) It is “female nature” to falsely accuse men of rape. In another comment on that  female “rationalization hamster” post, TheMaskAndRose praises AVFM for running articles addressing the important issue of women being dirty lying you know whats.

TheMaskAndRose • 3 days ago  Good summary! The rationalization hamster is also what causes "sex I shouldn't have had" to turn into "he raped me." If a woman gets buyer's remorse, the moment she begins to feel shame is what kicks the hamster into action. It goes through several rotations of "I was drunk" or "I'm angry at my boyfriend" or "he must have raped me" before deciding on an arbitrary outcome as an excuse. I am extremely glad that articles here are continuing to address female nature, it is absolutely inseparable from the feminist nonsense we deal with on a daily basis.  5 • Reply

4) Women are “vipers” with credit cards

In the comments of a post meditating on the notion of privilege (or something, I didn’t read it), l jess warns men not to get involved with women at all. Because of that viper thing.

l jess • 4 days ago  #2 Women do not owe us anything - As long as men do not foolishly get married, have children, or do anything that allows the vipers to sink their fangs into them - then men do not owe women anything - Go MGTOW and enjoy your life - you only owe yourself a life filled with your hobbies. self education, personal time, and whatever else a man wishes for himself - get involved with women and it disappears - the woman has to be placated down to the last nickel on the credit card and men are of no concern. - Do not owe a woman anything, ever!  13 •

5) Don’t marry women because they’re selfish narcissists who won’t let you have a model train set

In the comments to a novella-length post detailing one man’s legal battles with his ex, John Durant reveals that his mother wouldn’t let him have a model train set. And he shares the lesson he took from this childhood tragedy: Avoid women at all costs.

John Durant • 4 days ago  And this is why I have chosen to stay single. I have seen far too many men victimized throughout my lifetime, from my fathers friends who one by one were divorced and screwed by the state to my father who got royally screwed by my mother in their divorce. Then there was my mothers overbearing attitude towards me. Not being allowed to have a model railroad. The dirty looks I would get whenever I would buy anything for my pleasure such as a nice book, or some model trains that I would have to run elsewhere to enjoy. Always being told that I should be saving my hard earned money instead of enjoying it. Then watching my own friends be screwed over by their significant others. For the longest time, I did not date because I didn't make enough money to support a family. Now I see it was for the best. I have no family to support and I can come and go as I please. I have no wife to take me to the cleaners, no children to be used as weapons against me. I see women becoming more and more narcissistic and selfish. The way things are today, MGTOW is the only way.

6) Attractive women have no need nor desire for feminism. Or maybe they do? After praising the  looks of an antifeminist YouTuber, Sway draws the only possible conclusion from this evidence. Or is it the only possible conclusion? I’m not sure what to believe.

sway • 18 hours ago  Of course she's attractive. Attractive women have no need nor desire for feminism.  7 • Reply • Share ›          −     Avatar     MrSonicAdvance sway • 12 hours ago      I see the point you're making, but by that logic, wouldn't attractive women need feminism even more than the boot-faced dykes in order to combat the "rape culture" and "objectification" that women suffer 24/7? Yet amazingly she manages just fine. Patriarchy?

7) Women have too many feelings to be engineers

In yet another comment on that “rationalization hamster post,” Roby 83 compares women — inherently emotional and opinionated — with men — more adept in “objective reasoning.”

Roby 83 • 3 days ago  Most engineers are men because men are more interested than women in understanding how things work. Probably this is why men are more trained than women in objective reasoning: you cannot build a machine that works if you confuse opinions and feelings with reality  9

There is perhaps a teensy bit of irony in the fact that Roby 83 has chosen to post this comment on A Voice for Men, a site run by, and overflowing with, men who think that their tantrums are rational arguments.

And I think that’s my cue to end this little experiment.

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  1. Wow! You know me so well! It’s like you have only ever met me via making huge assumptions about commenters on a blog that focuses on mocking misogynists and their tropes used to degrade and belittle women!

    Everything I do, I do to degrade and belittle men. Really! Where can I get my degree in Misaandry!

  2. Shorter ryan: Yeah, MRAs go too far, but [teal deer of wonky MRA talking points that ryan seems to think are right on the money].

  3. Waaaaait a minute, I never got my license to kill, is her a form or an application I was supposed to fill out?

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