The Feminists: A story so frighteningly impossible, you won’t believe it wasn’t collectively written by the Men’s Rights subreddit

Uh oh.

Uh oh


A tiny group of gallant men (and “their women”) go underground to fight the evil gynocratic overlords. Is this the plot of a terrible dystopian potboiler from 1971, or a description of how most MRAs see themselves, and the world, today?

Turns out it’s both. I found this pic in the Blue Pill subreddit, and now I really, really want to read this book.

Here’s a book review from someone who did.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. cassandrakitty

    @ Argenti

    I’m guessing the non-response from your parents probably was the “I have no idea what you’re talking about, but that’s nice, dear” kind of thing that parents often do when their children are talking to them about something they’re completely unfamiliar with and don’t really understand.

  2. Kitteh — you want a calm or brine shrimp? Or belly rubs? Are those puffer puppy eyes, or puppy ones? Probably prefer cookies huh?

    Cookies and belly rubs!

  3. Headless Unicorn Guy

    Coming into this VERY late, but:

    Notice this dystopia is set in “the Far Future of 1992″. Either it was compressing its future trying to put everything”Within YOUR Lifetime!” or adhering to the trope of the time that “Humanity WILL become extinct before 2000 via Inevitable Global Thermonuclear War”.

    And there was a lot of shlock on the SF paperback scene a few years each way of 1970. Ever heard of Runts of 61 Cygni C? Sticks in my mind just for the subtitle/blurb:

    “An alien world, twin to the sun, where one-eyed runts play endless games of sex.”

    Now THAT’s Shlocky!

  4. Phoenician in a time of Romans

    Notice this dystopia is set in “the Far Future of 1992″. Either it was compressing its future trying to put everything”Within YOUR Lifetime!” or adhering to the trope of the time that “Humanity WILL become extinct before 2000 via Inevitable Global Thermonuclear War”.

    Yes, and they did. What are yo-

    Oh, Christ, H.U.G. – you’ve got the simulator emulation set to extreme AND you’ve set your immersion level way too high again. We’ve told you that you get identity problems if you do that. Last time, you were wandering around thinking you only had two arms for a week.

    Hit the reset buttons, and sit on your tentacles quietly until the nurse can get to you, okay?

  5. I seen at least two bad 60’s sci-fi programs with similar premises. One had a planet ruled by women who wanted to evade earth with a giant dolls house the other had men drugged and working on a plantation in some kind of dystopian future, it had something to do with travelling through the earth in some weird vehicle thing. Can’t remember what either of them were though.

  6. Probably kinda late to say this but …
    After realizing that I had really hit a raw nerve with Katz, which I hadn’t intended but was partly the result of my having carelessly written “Christians” when I meant “Calvinists”, I decided that I needed to take a time-out and rethink my tone if not my ideas. I know that I have a tendency to get riled up and become argumentative in a way that is not appropriate to the discussions you have here. I tend to spend a good deal of time on political blogs which tends to make me a bit insensitive to tone. (On one blog, another poster suggested that, among other things, I am in the habit of pleasuring my mother with sex toys. It’s hard to respond to that sort of thing without becoming a bit intemperate.) I see that I stirred up more unpleasantness than I ever intended, and I apologize for that. I do enjoy this blog, and I will try to behave better in the future.
    (1) I do not believe in god, but I am not an atheist. I have never seen a conclusive argument either for or against the existence of god. I can’t accept the common view that god is a wrathful old man taking revenge on his creatures for alleged misbehavior, but I accept that human understanding is limited and there could be a supreme being or force that is beyond our comprehension. I find Richard Dawkins insufferable for asserting rather that stating his opinion that there is no god. I don’t know, you don’t know, and he doesn’t know. As to the issue of whether atheists are oppressed, I will only point out that there are openly gay people in Congress while no Congressperson (and there must be a few) has been willing to come out of the atheism closet. Barney Frank was an out gay man for decades but waited till he had retired from Congress to come out as an atheist.
    (2) I specifically have a serious problem with the Calvinistic belief in total “depravity” which in effect you can’t be a good person unless you believe in their god. More generally I have a serious problem with religions that unite with oppressive governments to magnify that oppression, to try to force people to conform to their beliefs, to define good people as evil because they do not believe the right things. Religion has been a major force behind huge amounts of war and persecution throughout history. I have never had a problem with anyone’s personal beliefs as long as they recognize the right of others to believe differently, and as long as they treat others with kindness and respect. (Obviously I am not perfect in that respect, but I usually try.) The main problem I have with religion is the intolerance and hatred that SOME believers promote SOME of the time. That, in my view, is evil.

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